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on 6 June 2009
When i first heard that we were getting a proper live Clash dvd i was very excited at the thought and then when i heard it was going to have unreleased material i was overjoyed. But unfortunately Revolution Rock is a bit of a let down. Most of the material is already available so if your a Clash fan you will have most of the recordings.

That it starts of with Complete Control is not a good sign as a better sounding version is already available on The Essential Clash dvd. There is a good smattering of songs taken from the rude boy dvd (which is still the best live Clash dvd that you can own).

Then you get to their American tv appearances, Fridays and the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, and your hoping for the full performances but all you get is Guns of Brixton from Fridays, when they actually played four songs on that show (london calling, train in vain and clampdown are the ones that get left out). The Tomorrow Show does include Radio Clash and The Magnificent seven which where both performed. Your left with the first official release of Brand New Cadillac from Tokyo as one that wasn't officially released before. There's also Know Your Rights from 1983 final performance with Mick Jones that hasn't had an official release. The sound quality isn't that great either so its obvious not a lot of effort has gone into this live dvd and it does feel like a bit of a quick cash in as it doesn't even have that much way in extras just a couple of interviews and tv appearances. You can also turn on a narrative feature that has BBC radio dj Zane Lowe talking over the performances.

A band like The Clash really do deserve a proper live dvd and this isn't it. So instead id recommend you get Rude Boy for some proper live footage of the only band that mattered.
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on 14 July 2008
I Had such high hopes for this, but i get the feeling that this is an anti-bootlegging cash-in exercise, for a band supposedly as principled as the Clash its a sordid little release, as a live album its a joke.

the tracklisting claims that 8 tracks are previously unreleased which would be bad enough out of 22 tracks but in reality its 7 tracks.
The first track (complete control) is a montage of common footage set to the audio from Bonds Casino, its already been released without the annoying caption on "the essential clash" DVD.

track 2 is I fought the law and this does sound genuinely better than the version on "From Here To Eternity", but any clash fan will already have this track on the rude boy dvd

track 3. is yet another track that clash fans will already have on the Rude Boy or "punk in london" DVDs

tracks 4 & 5, finally some decent material, this is the Manchester 11/77 footage shot by Granada TV, its great that its finally been released, but why not give us the whole thing? (4 songs were filmed)

Track 6, is the white riot footage from beaconsfield, this is already available on "the essential clash" so its inclusion here feels like desperation.

Track 7 is I'm so bored in the USA July 2nd 1978 Manchester apollo, this has been knocking around as a semi-official VHS release since the early 80's , the sound is awful, just an open mic, but they made it so much worse by adding fake crowd noise to the audio track.

Track 8 isn't even a full song! its Londons Burning from victoria park 4/78 it cuts after about 1 minute and its got studio overdubbed sound, hardly great for a supposed live album whichever way you look at it.

track 9 is 1977 see track 6, another lazy inclusion

track 10 is White man in.... from the Glasgow apollo, now this genuinely did sound better than other versions i've seen/heard but it cuts off before the song is finished!
since its known this song is known to have been overdubbed in the studio, its not a welcome inclusion on a supposedly live DVD

track 11 is worst of all, its just the promo vid for Tommy Gun!, whats live about that?!?

track 12 is another Rude Boy track

track 13 is London Calling from Bonds 9/6/81, it cuts off halfway through and is already available on at 3 clash DVD's! Westway to the world,essential clash & london calling

track 14 is Clampdown from the lewisham 1980 show, already released on Essential clash & london calling.

track 15, finally some genuinely unreleased material! Guns of Brixton from a US TV appearance, why not give us the whole thing instead of some of this other rubbish?

Track 16 see track 14 for details

tracks 17 & 18 another worthwhile inclusion, this 1981 us tv appearance has never been officially released and this time we get the whole performance

track 19 is Brand New Cadillac from tokyo 82, leaving aside the fact that this show is famously awful, the picture quality here is atrocious, any bootleg DVD of this show will look and sound better than the version used here, sound is so thin its hardly there.

track 20, shea stadium, the 3rd official release for this track, this version even sounds like it may run a fraction too fast, picture quality is nothing to write home about either

track 21 is my fave track on the whole disc, and the only reason i'm not throwing this disc away, give us more of this please epic!
excellent picture & sound on this one

track 22- see track 20 for details
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2008
How could I not give this Five Stars..!*****
This is another compilation of Full On Clash..Live Performances which does
a pretty good job of displaying the style changes musical and fashion from 78-82
Ok..so most of you will have seen some of this before - Rudeboy Live scenes..Lyceum ..Music Machine and the Mighty Victoria Park ..up to The Shea stadium...so it kind of draws together the live stuff from Essential Clash, Rudeboy...and for the more discerning viewers...some high quality stuff from US Television Us festival and Japan TV ...which have all done the rounds in lets say "Unofficial Format"...so it's good to have the footage in top notch quality. Nice that you can knock off the narration as ...well.. I think the guy is an Aussie or New Zealand chap..well he sounds like it in places..I think it's Zane Lowe..would have been nice to have an English Chap...Kosmo maybe???
This is a great dvd for fans...but also a good introduction to what a great kick ass live band they were...play it to...sorry AT your children..They need to see this...get them away from pop idol and all that crap.
Would love to have seen some tracks that weren't previously available...like some more of Shea Stadium ...but chances of getting the 100 Club or RCA footage are obviously pie in the sky.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2008
I've already reviewed the US Version of this...but my UK version arrived today...so...Track Wise it's the same...The Clash: Live - Revolution Rock [2008]
I still stand by review number one...I know some people think it's a bit of a rip off as most of the material has been available before..you do get some extras from US TV which unless you are a Clash Anorak like me ..you won't have seen before as they were only on "Unofficial" releases.
I think it's a great release especially for people who never got to see the band live..you don't get the full impact...but you certainly get a good idea of how passionate they were about what they were doing.
I still find Zane Lowe voiceover/commentary a little irritating...but you can turn that off.
So ...like the new Clash book..it takes an opportunity to take a chronological walk through their career from '79 (??) back to '77 through to the Shea Stadium '82

For the format boffins...two versions..one in a nice digipack which has a nice insert with track details on...the other version in a standard dvd case with a mini poster of Apollo Theatre Manchester gig

Get it...play it loud and often
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on 26 January 2016
It is NTSC. Very nice package. Good performances.
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on 14 February 2015
Great DVD and good service.
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on 27 November 2016
Excellent item
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on 24 September 2016
Very good DVD
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on 31 December 2015
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on 5 February 2012
Brought this as a present, which was very much appreciated, product as advertised, and enjoyed by the reciever, so a good buy.
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