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on 16 September 2017
Good series.
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on 1 March 2009
This is a great addition to the Terminator franchise and a must-see for mainstream sci-fi fans. However, this UK DVD release is spoiled by the lack of extras beyond the 'Terminated Scenes'.

I ended up taking the plunge with my first Blu-ray player in order to watch the feature-rich UK Blu-ray box set instead; alternatively, if your DVD player can play region 1 discs, consider buying the US Import Region 1 version as the special features are worth it - disk 1 alone has two cast and director commentaries, three production featurettes, and a gag reel on top of the deleted scenes included on the UK DVD.
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on 9 September 2017
I love this series, far better than any of the Terminator moves past T2. As others have said it was perfectly cast, well written and although there were a few "filler" episodes it still made up for it with the others.

Perhaps now that Game of Thrones (Lena Headey plays both Sarah Conner and Cersei Lannister) only has a single season left will be the time for this series to be picked up again? Surely with a Sci Fi, time travelling story like this there is room to explain the way the characters have aged?
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on 7 October 2008
I've been a fan of Terminator for years, ever since it was first shown ok UK TV in fact, I put up with the T3 travesty and thought no more of it.

This series has taken me by as much surprise as the new Battleststar did however. The acting is brilliant and believable, the special effects are top notch, the camera work is emotive and moody - I can't say enough good things about this show.

There have been some genuinely chilling moments, just as you start to feel that Cameron is taking on human qualities, she walks away from an innocent being murdered, but then we see her trying to Ballet dance and being watched by a hiding human.

I really cannot express what a pleasant thrill it was to sit down and watch something so good.

5/5 - go get it now :)
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on 20 March 2009
another one of those shows you start to watch to see what it's like (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and find yourself a fan as it grabs you, and i agree with so many people, that this is a great alternative to T3 (A Film that in itself had only two major leauge excellence's - Kristana Lokens Shadowed Bum/Leather Clad form, and the ending that personally for me picked up my ineterst where they don't stop Judgement Day... it comes full circle to the whole thing that i think is anot only mentioned in T3 but T2 also - Judgement Day is Inevitable) and has little in common with the series... (Despite the fact that this is supposed to be different - Sarah Connor Being Dead in the year 2007 seems to have been nicked from T3...)

The Extra's on Blu-Ray are miles better too, where the DVD had a few measly deleted scenes... (don't belive the Blu-ray Special Features on Amazon.co.uk... they have more on the disc than they let on...)
firstly you hhave more deleted scenes (as well as and extended cut of the first seasons 7th episode: "The Demon Hand"), as well as Commentaries on "Pilot", "Turk" and "What He Beheld", 3 Part Making of Featurette: "Making the Chronnicles", Cast Audition Tapes, Storyboard Animatic, Summer Glau's Ballett Rehersal (Listed as Dance on the case) and a Gag Reel (Poor Summer Glau - Every time she's in something a Gag Reel is on the DVD: ANGEL: Season 3 (Though she doesn't appear in Outtakes Reel), FIREFLY: The Complete Series, SERENITY, and Now T:TSCC)

all in all i would say to any TERMINATOR Fan, Buy this if you have a PLAYSTATION 3, Blu-Ray Player or a Blu-Ray Laptop (all three if your lucky people)... buy the Blu-Ray rather than the DVD - You Won't be dissapointed...
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on 13 June 2017
This is better than the entire Terminator movie series, the plot is ridiculous just like film's plot is, but there is tons of action and it's a fast-paced TV series.
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on 29 March 2011
The Story
The Sarah Conner chronicles follows on from the terminator 2 storyline. It changes where instead of Sarah dies from cancer before judgement day she is still alive due to a time jump into the future. Thus the story is focused on Sarah and John in their mission to stop judgement day whilst trying to keep John alive. What makes this story interesting though is the development of John as a teenager and his preparation into becoming the leader that he is destined to be while Sarah is battling to change his destiny whilst trying to delay hers with her battle with cancer.

John's development takes a twist though as the terminator assigned to guard him changes his decisions in the future due to his increasing closer relationship in that terminator. This is counter balanced by a new character introduced as his uncle who tries to remind John that the machines are the enemy.

This show deserves to be apart of the terminator franchise. (minus the third and last terminator films which I felt they could have done better)

The Cast
I loved the cast. It was a very good choice since they played their parts so well.

Sarah Conner is played by Lena Heady (the actress who plays Leonidas' wife from 300). I felt that she did a very good job being Sarah as the benchmark was already set high by Linda Hamilton in the films. She is tough and she will do anything for John whilst also trying to prepare a teenager John for the future.

Thomas Dekker plays John Conner and he does a good job. John is still in his teens and he is vulnerable to influence from different role models from his uncle and from his mother. Cameron adds to this conflict as she knows future John very well.

The assigned protecting terminator named Cameron Phillips is Summer Glau (River from Firefly) is not only HOT but she plays a very unique and convincing terminator. The terminator role was written for her and it was a great choice as it plays on the typical alpha male protecting. She does a great job in portraying a terminator trying to understand humans and tries to emulate one as close as possible.

Brian Austin Green plays an entirely new character (Derek Reese) introduced for the series as John's uncle. John's uncle has been living in the hell post judgement day and as a freedom fighter sent back he constantly reminds John of the suffering the people in the future experience everyday from the terror of the machines.

Richard T. Jones plays Agent James Ellison who is with the FBI trying to catch Sarah for blowing up Cyberdyne systems. He is an interesting character as he is an external observer to what is happening to the Conners and pieces together the story but is unable to accept the evidence due to his faith in his God.

The series
The script is great and there are a lot of emotional scenes which shows the human side but also there are many scenes that show Sarah's love for her son. The music is terrifying when the terminator sound comes on whilst also achieving a emotional response in scenes of beauty or hardship. The action scenes are a nice touch with stunts that looked convincing as it was really done most of the time. The CGI is of a very good quality and something you wouldn't expect from a series. The writers also inserted some jokes which work as the terminator or actors/actresses pull it off really well (more about this in my fav lines/scenes section).

About the Blu-ray
Picture quality is great, the bandwidth for normal scenes is around 20Mbps. Sound is output for dolby digital 5.1 at 48khz is around 640kbps. In other words it is fine for a series but not Dolby TrueHD or DTS-MA quality like in some films.

The Blu-ray that you get contains a blu-ray box with a cardboard sleeve. Three discs are included with pictures of the cast on them. The extras give an extra dimension and time to viewing the series which I thoroughly enjoyed as a fan of the series.

Sci-fi guest stars I noticed in this season
Jaffa master Bra'tac from stargate SG-1 as an old ally of Sarah
Zoey Graystone from Caprica as a suicidal student
Sam Adama from Caprica as a cop

Personal favourite lines/scene
"Class dismissed" - Cromatie exiting the classroom
"Much better... when you wear clothes... much better" -Sarah after noting Cameron walking around the house with no clothes
"It's freaking big"- Cameron describing the graffiti
"You've reached the future leader of mankind"- John making a voice mail account
"You mean this news could've waited..."- Derek in the shower disrupted by Sarah

I would highly recommend Terminator: The Sarah Conner chronicles for those who enjoy the terminator franchise, those who enjoy action, those who enjoy a solid script and acting and those who enjoy sci-fi. Enjoy your copy.
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on 7 May 2017
This is a well written & produced series, with only 9 episodes it does a good job of introducing the characters & plot line. Well worth the money.
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on 8 April 2017
A good show that deserved to run longer than two seasons.
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on 28 April 2017
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