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Customer reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
Nutrisport MRP 60:30 Chocolate Malt Powder 2.5Kg
Flavour: chocolate|Size: 2.5kg|Change
Price:£29.53+ Free shipping

on 4 September 2017
This product quality excellence, regardless of the cost, I am very happy to be able to buy such cheap things of beauty.beyond my expectations, I would be glad to buy it on amazon's website.

As soon as I started to use it, I like it. Well satisfied at the moment. An absolutely wonderful item I am very pleased and would definitely recommend this product! Perfect condition, easy to use
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on 5 September 2017
Usually in the store, price of products are more expensive than online, but I found the same price and quality in the Internet is such a good product, very good in general. So far this has worked great for us So pretty! Just what I expected. Does exactly as hoped These make life so much easier Really well made and easy to put together
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on 4 July 2015
Excellent Meal Replacement Powder. Mixes great with water and tastes good too. It has a nice compliment of vitamins and minerals, is low in fat, sugar and salt. Very similar to NutriSport 90+ with some added complex carbs and vitamins and minerals. I use this product if I want to replace a meal when I am in a rush or when I am too busy to make a meal. The best way to use this meal replacement powder is to get a NutriSport shaker, one is currently included with this product, (they come free with other NutriSport products, search Amazon for "NutriSport Shaker") and put the powder in first, add water up to a pint, 568ml, then mix with a fork, then put the top on the shaker and make sure it is screwed on tight, but not to tight as it will jump a thread. Close the mouthpiece, then shake and drink. If the lid is on tight the shaker does not leak. The meal replacement powder tastes good with water and mixes the best with water. You can try skimmed milk if you wish to improve the flavour.
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on 2 August 2013
If i could return this i would in an instant , i read the reviews and some were good and some bad , but you get that with most products. hell i wish i took heed of the bad. This stuff is truly truly vile, i put 3 scoops as recommended into a blender thinking you know this will make it mix better , yip it did mix really well went for a taste and nearly puked , BANANA!! must be the malt or something as this is no banana , i managed to get down most of the 500ml recommenced amount but retching all the way. all i was thinking imagine drinking this after a hard sesh on the weights after the gym or one before bed. Also the smell alone should off put me off enough after opening it having one drink iv had to fa-breeze the flat to get rid of the stench. The contents is great ie protein amount but surely they can make it taste a tad better than 3 week off banana mixed with wall paper paste yum yum.

In summery if you have a liking for minging tasting powders and will go to any length to get that much needed high protein intake then crack on but don't say i never warned you, if there was an option for no stars then it would get it. Worst 30 quid iv spent in a long time, although it comes in a handy bucket to puke in , peace and good luck
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on 22 May 2013
I have tried many different brands and types of protein supplements over the years, so have a good knowledge of what's good and bad.

The nutritional make up of this product is really good, no creatine or other tweaks, just quality protein and carbs with vitamins.

The taste unfortunately is extremely malty due to the barley and even feels heavy on sediment no matter how much you shake it. If you can handle extremes of tastes (for example powder form HMB = awful) you will be fine. However if won't like anything other than the taste of banana Yazoo, buy another product.

10/06/2013 Update - the taste is too much to stomach and I threw away the last of the tub. I've changed to a less nutritionally adequate supplement, but tastes devine! 2 stars only
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on 7 May 2016
Tastes ridiculous" makes me wretch disgusting"
But it does the job" getting it down ya neck is the most difficult part" if your a serious trainer am sure you've done worse I'd actually recommend it its great value for money!!
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on 5 January 2011
This product may seem like good value for money, but i found it positively disgusting. Like other reviewers have said it tastes very chalky and i couldn't recommend this to anybody. Threw it away after trying to stomach it twice. Avoid!!!
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on 13 November 2013
been into the gym game and done personal trainer course svq2 about 12 years ago was taking nutrisport protein way way before then and there products never change.
why do you think because they are good value for money
and the same goes for mrp alternativley you could go on the slimfast diet and feel what malnutrition feels like.
or you can get a suppliment that fills you up for a good 4 hours and get protein and carbs to keep go going strong.

you can do amazing things with this suppliment add half a scoop to porridge and add a teaspoon of peanut butter
people complain about the taste i dont i love it
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on 6 February 2013
I bought this item to fill one meal a day for just after I train in the evening. It has all the hallmarks for a good balanced meal replacer. I bought the 2.5kg knowing it would last for a couple of months. I have given this a 2 star rating only because if it didnt taste like vomit then it would have had a 4 or 5. The nutrients are perfect and it is filling which is great but I dread drinking it. I had it for 5 nights and had to buy some other because I couldnt stomach it. I have now run out of the other and I have this staring at me. I know they are not supposed to taste like michelin star dinners but they are also not supposed to taste like michelin tyres either. I will pretty much eat & drink anything but this just makes me gag. If the taste was a little sweeter or better then it would be highly recommened but its just not im afraid.
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on 12 August 2015
I just bought it and it's less then half a tub
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