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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£19.99+ Free shipping

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on 18 April 2017
I've used the wrist curler every day now for a week.
It does what it says on the tin.
All I would add is that the foam sleeves move and need to be pushed back on. You'd expect they to be glued in place.

BUT, it's cheap and does a great job. I can recommend.
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on 19 May 2017
Product is a little flimsy and the foam handles keep slipping off but it definitely works!
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on 29 August 2017
This is a very good bit of kit especially for use at home.
Only a few minutes a day or even before bed this is ideal my for arms feel like rock
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on 26 April 2017
Cains the forearms surprisingly easy on the wrists.
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on 1 July 2015
Ok, I've spent years, on and off, messing about with hand grippers. Often wrist strains, forearm pain lasting for weeks and what feels like inflamed tendons stops me using them after awhile. These problems arrive especially when increasing the resistance of the grippers. These injuries obviously impact the quality of other workout exercises.

I bought this last week and it arrived a couple of days later, very fast delivery which wasn't expedited either.

I tried it on a workout day a couple of times with low weight to start with to ease the forearms into this new routine. A few reps in the afternoon and a few more before I went to bed. It felt it needed more weight but I didn't add any until at least one week has been done with this introductory weight. I hate sprains, strains and anything else which stops me being able to work out.

On the second arms day I learnt I cannot use this with form (arms out) during rest days because it hits the deltoids which need the rest. If you work your shoulders to failure like I do, this sure complements the shoulders when done with arms outstretched. This posed a problem because forearm exercises don't have rest days. This is because they are a muscle which is used all the time regardless of how much you try to rest them, it is why they take so long to develop too.Turning door hands, holding things, twisting tops off jars, pushing yourself out a chair, lowering yourself into it, steering wheel in a car and a ton of other stuff works the forearm .... so the forearm muscles cannot be rested. To develop them they have to be hit periodically throughout the day and every day - for six months. Obviously this has to be done without impacting other muscles on rest days and that means not using form on those days.

For rest days I have figured out sitting and resting elbows on knees works. Obviously shorter cable means do more reps.

Effectiveness of the device? It is easily the best thing I have bought for a long time. I do multiple sets spread over the day at random times and after each set, my forearm muscles go icy cold for a second and then glow like hell. It makes me laugh out loud often. Something so simple and so effective too. I have no forearm strains or sprains, no screaming ligaments or tendons, just glowing forearms. I find the sets being done over the day are increasing, and I have a few times said that's the last time I'm using it on a day and still used it more.

I am going to stick to the same weight for another week (I'm super careful about risks) and just increase number of reps for now. I already feel my grip has improved and I know by the time I have mastered the technique (one hand twisting faster than the other, weight abseiling down the string when grip is weakening, etc) and added more weight, my forearms are going to be like Popeye. I know from how much I like this device and how dedicated I was with the hand gripper that my forearms will be ridiculous by Christmas.

Powerful forearms improves the effectiveness of every other upper body exercise you do which is a bonus. I recommend anybody who wants forearms to look no further. I am relieved I don't have to use those grippers again.

The last point to make and it is left until the end to emphasise how excellent it is - the entire foream is worked. Both sides, the tops and bottom and from the base of the bicep to the lower end near the wrists. Grippers hit one part or another depending on the position of your forearm, meaning many reps in different positions. This will work everything at the same time in fewer reps and less sets. I averaged about 3 hours a day with hand grippers ... using them whenever adverts came on, when I farted (as a punishment), when Arsenal scored, when I finished a chapter in a book, during waiting times (train, taxi, etc) and other cues. With this device I can achieve more in one hour of use spread over a day than I would using a hand gripper for 3 hours spread over a day ... and likely more in that one hour than the hand gripper over 2 days. It is THIS GOOD.

Note: Get a screwdriver and prise open the housing on the cord and tie the cord to the 'lobster claw' clasp with a REEF KNOT. Weight is not limited then. It will depend on what you think the cord can handle without snapping. I've added a couple of photos to show you the bit others are whining about. Some people are downgrading because the housing doesn't hold the silly amount of weight they should have predicted.
review image review image
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on 23 March 2016
Works good
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on 18 September 2016
easy to use and does what its designed to do.
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on 21 January 2012
I received this last week and have used it about four times since, it's a bit early to detect any muscle growth but if the post-workout burn is anything to go by this is a winner.

Build quality:
I was impressed by the comfort of the handle bar it's padded and comfortable for mine and my girlfriend's hands. The handle bar itself is about the size of a rolling pin and welded together very well, it doesn't show any signs of having a weak point.
The rope's diameter is about 8mm and seems sufficient for any realistic person's maximum usage for this exercise.

The exercise itself:
I have read that Daniel Craig used this exercise for when he bulked up for Bond, I have absolutely no problem believing that. As other commenters have pointed out, this exercise is viscious. I personally started with 5Kg and found the exercise achievable but not easy, a rather embarrassing 3kg weight is enough! As mentioned above the rope could support far more weight easily.

That's all I have to say, or type rather, as my arms are too tired to comment further. Easily deserves every 5 star rating it has gained, it may be simple but so's a dumbell and this seems far better for your joints.
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on 2 August 2013
This is a mean piece of kit. It leaves you with that great feeling of knowing you can only gain from using it - which is definitely the case. If you are a young single guy it will ruin your sex life for a while after using it. Beware.
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on 6 June 2013
it hurts , its hard, my eyes fill with tears and i don't want to do it , results are great im popeye with just 8 kg on , 3 rolls up 3 rolls up other way and my forearms feel so tight and floaty and i cant pick stuff up for 10 mins
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