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on 9 April 2016
MaxiMuscle 700ml Review
Right so i bought this product about a year ago for rugby and the gym and it has served me great ever since although being beaten in kit bags it manages to not spill everywhere except for once when i didn't put the lid on properly.

Good Points:
- Works well as a shaker and the ball and grid broke up the powder very well and not once have i ever had a lump through this.
- When The lid on is on it stays on well and retains all of the liquid inside.

Bad Points:
- The thread on it is a bit weird and hard to screw the lid on and you have to screw it quite tight or it will fall off (lid)
- The ball and mesh are very easy to lose
- The lid can quite easily be knocked off if hit hard enough...

Extra Points:
- this is great to make quick cup meals (Oats and other things like that)

All in all its a great budget cup that you would use for the gym, protein shakes and many other uses, even works well just as a plain waterbottle, honestly i don't see why you would invest in a more expensive one than this, this does its job as a shaker perfectly and can hold a lot of liquid with minimal downsides.
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on 16 April 2016
This product does what it says on the tin. It is a standard branded shaker with removable mesh to blend shake compared with the more recent 'balls' you can find in other shakers. The mesh means you need to shake quite vigorously to remove lumps and it can be quite frustrating. I regularly get small lumps of residue on the mesh guard that I need to scrub off. In addition, to tighten the lid there is quite an awkward thread around the base which means you can feel like you have it screwed on tightly when it fact it isn't. This can lead to leaks and wastage of your expensive protein so one needs to give it more care.

All in though, for the price you can't really complain. If you want something that guarantees a smoother shake, maybe get a shaker with balls. But if you're not really all that bothered, the MaxiMuscle shaker will more than do the job, and at a reasonable price.
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on 8 August 2014
You have to be very careful when screwing the lid down, as the plastic threads are not very tough and it's incredibly easy to cross thread it (which will make it leak and go everywhere when you shake it!) If you cross thread it too many times it will probably always leak. The product does not include a metal wire ball, which is standard for other brands to include and is really good for getting the protein broken up and dissolving quicker. I got a spare one from a friend and it made a huge difference, so I wish that it had been included as standard. The shape at the bottom also tends to leave a lot of protein powder stuck around the bottom edge, and if you have larger hands it will be really hard to clean! Adding the wire ball helps to reduce this problem, but not eliminate it entirely.

On the plus side, it is mostly waterproof, and the drinking cap on the lid seems fairly tough and unlikely to break. Not having a wire ball means you get to work harder shaking it up - and at the end of the day any extra exercise is good, right?
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on 3 January 2014
Anyone whose used multiple shakers like this knows they're all pretty much the same (just different names on the side), I'm a maximuscle fan which is why I decided to buy this one. For different functionality purposes there are many shakers on the market with mixing balls instead of mesh grills, pill compartments or other such devices.

If you want a simple shaker, then one like this is perfect; it's easy to use, fast and easy to clean and looks great. If your not fussed on brand names you could always buy another one, but to be honest at this price I don't see why you would!

I would recommend this to anyone, hope this helps.
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on 3 November 2013
this is a 700ml shaker as described, this might seem an obvious point to make but ive had a few in the past advertised as this and they only come up to 500ml. Anyway, if you're a first time buyer i wouldnt suggest getting anything below 700ml because it allows more space for the contents of the shake to actually move when shaking and this gets you a smoother shake.

I would advise replacing the plastic filter with a steel coil ball - much more efficient.

Sturdy plastic, the 'maximuscle' logo only wears slightly over time and probably MOST IMPORTANTLY this does not leak!! the top gives a satisfying click when pushed down so you know when its locked in place, and the actual red head of the bottle screws on neatly and tight enough to prevent and spills.

Couldn't be better really. does the job. maybe a coil ball could have been included but i wont rate it down for that.
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on 6 January 2017
It's a generic shaker and is the same make as many of the other shakers on the market. The Maximuscle logo wipes off after a few months and makes your hands dirty which isn't great. The lid has a tendency to not screw on properly which results in some leaking when you shake it up. It's a very average shaker.
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on 6 February 2013
I use this shaker twice per day with my Cytosport muscle milk protein shake. I have one for breakfast and one post workout at night. The shaker breaks up all the powder lumps really well and makes a decent shake. It cleans easy peasy too which is a bonus. I usually just squirt in some dish washing liquid and some water and give it a shake then drain it and pull apart to rinse and dry. Every couple of days I give it a wipe with a cloth as it tends to build up a bit of a layer inside that shaking the washing fluid doesn't seem to remove. Overall a good shaker!
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on 1 December 2013
It's a great shaker. It has that net which enhances shaking. It closes quite firm, although not 100% safe.

Only thing i don't like is that when you are opening the top cap in the gym to drink it with your hand you need to more or less touch the part you are drinking from which is not really hygienic in the gym. Alternatively, you can open it with your teeth, but that's not so practical.

Revising this review from 4 to 2 stars.
After a long time the plastic smell still didn't go away. I need to wash it every time to get rid of the smell. If you leave water in this over the night it will have the weird smell. Other than that, it is a functional shaker, but I would not recommend it to be used for drinking, rather for shaking only.
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on 12 July 2016
Main concerns of shakers are that the lid may not stay on or that it will leak, this meaning you will end up with an unshooken mix of water and whey protein all over yourself and surrounding area.

This was not the case with this shaker, and the good quality I have come to expect from Maximuscle.

No spillage can only mean 5 stars
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on 27 March 2014
It mixes your shake fairly well although sometimes the top doesn't screw in that well. I think you can get better designs with the option to store the powder and liquid separately and mix when you need it. My advice, add the liquid first then the powder otherwise your shake doesn't mix as well as it could.

Update, I accidentally dropped this the other day. Not from a great height but the bottom smashed. This shouldn't happen with a modern plastic, I've dropped loads of water bottles and they never break. Very poor.
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