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on 1 February 2015
Contrary to other reviews, this device will work with Windows 8, though I did have to re-install a driver. I use it to play music via my bluetooth speakers, though it occasionally gets interference from other signals e.g. my phone / wifi, causing the sound to become choppy.

Below is a simple guide of how to fix the driver. Disclaimer: This worked for me though I make no guarantees for you.

* Plug in the adapter, Windows automatically starts installing some drivers, wait for that to finish.
* Open 'Control Panel' >> 'Device manager'
* Expand 'Bluetooth'

Here should be "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" or something similar. If it's there, and the bluetooth icon has popped up in the tray then you are good to go. However in my case, Windows installed "Generic Bluetooth Radio" instead. So...

* Right click "Generic Bluetooth Radio"
* Select "Update driver software"
* Select "Browse for driver software on my computer"
* Select "Let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer"
* Now "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" should be on the list, select it and click 'Next'
* Correct driver will now install, may need to restart computer for changes to take effect.

You can now pair your PC with your bluetooth device. This is really beyond the scope of a product review but I'll include it anyway.

* Open up 'Control Panel' >> 'Devices and Printers'
* Right click 'Generic Bluetooth Adapter' >> 'Bluetooth settings'
* Check "Allow bluetooth devices to find this PC" >> 'OK'
* Put your device (e.g. phone/speakers) into visible / pairing mode
* Now click the bluetooth icon in the tray
* 'Add a bluetooth device'
* ALTERNATIVELY: in METRO mode, Open 'PC Settings' >> 'PC and Devices' >> 'Bluetooth'
* Wait for the device to be found, then click 'Pair'.
* NOTE: this seems pretty temperamental. My speakers were found after about 30 seconds, though my phone took several attempts to find. If your device is not found, try moving it closer to the adapter then try again.
* If you are asked to enter a password, try 0000 as this is the default for most speakers.
* Finally, uncheck "Allow bluetooth devices to find this PC" in 'bluetooth settings' if you want.
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on 31 July 2015
I was in two minds about how many stars to give this product, it's either a very good product, or a pretty poor one. Depending on how you view it.


It does what it says on the box, and it does it for an extremely cheap price. I connected my Taotronics A2DP headset to it, and good sound quality from it. The range was good. 20 metres without obstruction, 8-10 with a wall in the way. More than enough to cover any reasonable sized room, or to cover your garden if you put your laptop out side.


I had to use three separate help guide to actually get it to connect.

First of all, I used the 4 star review by Jabe on 1 Feb. 2015 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R1MXJ36U6BXQLL/ref=cm_cr_dp_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0013BFQUE&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=340831031&store=computers#wasThisHelpful) to get the correct software to install. I then used a comment on this forum to activate the bluetooth on my Windows 7 (64-bit) PC (you may not need to do this).


I needed to enable Bluetooth Support Service, and then set it to run automatically, because installing the dongle didn't do it.

I then used this forum to get past an error message that I got (Basically, it detected my headset at 2 feet, but needed to be about 6 inches away to actually pair).

This is an awful lot of messing around to set up a headset. It shouldn't take 30 minutes of Googling to install a Dongle and to pair it with a headset. IT took me less than 2 minutes to pair the same headset with my Windows 8 tablet, and that included finding out how to pair a bluetooth device on Windows 8.



OK, here's the big catch. This dongle gives me terrible lag. Maybe 4 seconds. So it's useless for watching movies or playing games. The same headset gave no lag on my Windows 8 tablet through its built in bluetooth. This is on an gaming PC. So it's not the PC that's causing the lag.

The dongle is good to listen to music through, or to connect a keyboard\mouse to. But not for videos or games.

There may be some settings to get around this, but I haven't found them yet.
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on 6 April 2016
I bought his to connect my Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) laptop to a bluetooth speaker (Sony SRS-X33) - and it works perfectly out of the box. Ubuntu detected it immediately (Bluetooth icon, Bluetooth Settings..., + etc) then in Sound Settings the speaker is listed - select High Fidelity Playback (A2DP), the Test (a couple of clicks on the buttons to make test operate). Quality is really good.

The unit is so tiny that it is barely noticeable in the USB socket. Unlike other models it is easy to grip if you need to remove it (not that I'd bother)

I have no doubt that this would work equally well with many other Linux distributions (eb Ubu 12.04 and later) and other Bluetooth speakers - the standard seems well established now. This is a Bluetooth 2.0 - with EDR - Enhanced Data Rate, so it should connect anything (there is now the higher quality bluetooth HS, and also the Sony LDAC (proprietary Sony standard - not coming to Linux soon/ever) but for me this unit does the job fine).
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on 29 April 2015
Configuring Bluetooth isn't easy at the best of times, and this adapter certainly doesn't make it easier. The main problem seems to be it identifies itself as being manufactured by 'Cambridge Silicon Radio', but uses a chip from 'Broadcom', which is a different manufacturer. Attempting to install the Broadcom drivers on Windows 7 doesn't complete, as I assume it doesn't recognise the manufacturer. As I don't use Windows much, I moved it to its intended home: a Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian. Here, it seems to work OK, but the range of it is nothing to write home about. Connecting more than 10 metres through a single concrete wall resulted in dropouts, whereas an iPad or Moto G connected to the same Bluetooth speaker through multiple walls maintained the connection. Perhaps this is standard for USB dongles, I don't know.

So if you're using it for connecting across a room, with Linux, if you cross your fingers you should be OK. I'd assume there are better solutions out there, however.
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on 3 February 2014
I did not encounter any issues to get that dongle works. It was really simple.
1) Just plug on my PC (windows XP and Window 2000).
2) window discovers it.
3) Click on Bluetooth icon on the right bottom corner
4) search your device and connect it (for some you may have to pair them)

I connect my Bluetooth headtset (2.1 version), My sony xperia SP phone and my keyboard (3.0 version) one at the time.

I have to say I did not try on it windows 7 and ubuntu but I don't expect to be difficult. I ordered this dongle for a PC which does not have a Bluetooth capability. My laptop (win 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) already has a Bluetooth capability it was "useless" to plug that dongle on my laptop and see if it works.

I was told that Microsoft makes it hard for Bluetooth device and a special driver may be needed for windows 7 but again I have not try on Window 7 (something to bear in mind before purchase). For me the main criteria are:
- easy to use
- no need of manual
- compatible with lot of Bluetooth devices (version 2.0 to 3.0)
- compact.
- can be use with a wireless mouse on a LCD TV (test on a Samsung 32" TV)

It's really cheap (£1.65) and so far works with every Bluetooth device I have (except for the PS3 controller). The dongle comes from Hong Kong. Why do I mention it? cause if you expect a fast delivery then you may be disappointed. Note that I don't complain if it takes one or two months cause I am not that impatient but I know people will be willing to pay £10 and have the next day rather than pay £2 and wait for 1 month.
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on 1 March 2015
This device is good for the price but there has been a few errors with it not working after plugged in but there is a fix although it doesn't work for everybody.

Below is a simple guide of how to fix the driver. Disclaimer: This worked for me though I make no guarantees for you.

1. Plug in the adapter, Windows automatically starts installing some drivers, wait for that to finish.
2. Open 'Control Panel' >> 'Device manager'
3. Expand 'Bluetooth'

Here should be "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" or something similar. If it's there, and the Bluetooth icon has popped up in the tray then you are good to go. However in my case, Windows installed the incorrect driver and it displays a Bluetooth icon with a yellow "!" next to the Generic Bluetooth Adapter in Device manager to fix this:

1. Right click "Generic Bluetooth Radio"
2. Select "Update driver software"
3. Select "Browse for driver software on my computer"
4. Select "Let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer"
5. Now "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" should be on the list, select it and click 'Next'
6. Correct driver will now install, may need to restart computer for changes to take effect.
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on 4 May 2015
In these times of austerity, one often finds themself needing Bluetooth on their budget laptop, the manufacturer of which negated to include such a feature.

Fortunately, there is a solution. This USB Bluetooth dongle is small enough to be left plugged in and almost so unobtrusive that you could fool yourself into thinking you had bought that more expensive device. Without spending an arm or a leg, additional functionality is achieved. Even the range using a demising protocol is perfectly acceptable.

The adapter found my devices quickly and paired fairly easily. I does for a few moments struggle to start sending/receiving data quickly (hence 4 stars), however once it gets going it performs flawlessy. This is most problematic when, say, streaming music - the connection is intermittent for the first 10 or so seconds.

Overall though it does a good job for an exctional price.
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on 18 February 2015
It got it two days after ordering it, I plugged it in to my Windows 8.1 system and it began to work after installing the correct drivers.

Sometimes there audio skips, but apart from that it works brilliantly, the range isn't so good, but is perfect for people who casually sit at their desk listening to music.

All in all, you get what you paid for, a bluetooth adapter which doesn't quite work like a high end bluetooth receiver, but for someone who likes listening to music and doesn't mind some stuttering every once in a while this is for you. I would not buy this product again, this was more of a test to see if bluetooth adapters work with my PC, but I would recommend this to someone who's looking for an extremely cheap product and can handle a few flaws.
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on 8 December 2012
This device is controversial amongst those of us who bought it because it is missing the OBEX file transfer protocol drivers for windows 7. The manufacturer should have offered us OBEX protocol drivers and any other bluetooth protocol drivers out there in bluetooth land.

I've installed OBEX commander which has a nice and easy to use interface.

OBEX commander will allow you to connect from your PC to your Phone (HTC in my case) but not visa versa. So from your PC, you can send and receive files but I could not connect from the phone itself to the PC. OBEX commander indicates that the speed is in the kbits/sec not Mbits/sec.

It takes 15 secs for 1 Megabyte from phone to PC.

So it is slow, it is awkward to use as the windows bluetooth management system it relies on is very basic (thankfully OBEX commander is a great improvement on management of file transfer). For the price it is passable. A more expensive bluetooth dongle will give you the same headache if you don't get the drivers with it.

I gave it two stars cos it was a pain in the butt to get it to work due to lack of driver support, the windows bluetooth management system it relies on is rubbish and the device is slow at transferring data.
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on 20 April 2013
I've owned several of these and have a habit of giving them away to friends.
In my latest HP Pavilion G7 it has built-in Bluecomm but the signal from it is unbelievably weak. The minute i plug in one of my mini dongles everything fires up. Bluecomm & HP annoy me with this, why even both having it if it's gonna be like that?
If your system uses any level of Bluetooth and has a USB socket then it will work. I use several Bluetooth dongles over several systems using the superb value for money Bluesoleil software. This comes complete with an idiots guide advanced operating window in Classic View mode so you just cannot fail to make full use of your dongle.
Bluesoleil is available to buy via download via the same-name website, it really is value for money and reaches the upper limits of everything Bluetooth is capable of doing.
Enjoy it my friends.
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