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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2007
We suffer from banging beats and one-listen hits that last a month then die. Jesus walks - a classic. How many hip hop classics like that are there? This album is packed full of genius and quality. If you are five years old, Stronger and Champion wil appeal to the simplicity in you. If you are forty, they will appeal to the distinguished in you. Each track has the mass appeal with lyrics and beats but beneath you get wisdom, a soul vibe and pure musical genius. I accept this isn't for everbody in the same way that caviar isn't neither is champers. Drink thug rap only if you like. If you like some good juice every now and then, feast my hommies.
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on 1 November 2007
Now this may offend others, but for me this is Kanye's best album to date.
The albums for me have got progressively better, and this have some truly great tracks.
I have to mention Flashing Lights first of all, some reviews have not picked up on how great this track is. It's basically a slowed down dance track (which appeals greatly to me, being a mad dance fan that i am) Kanye's always good with his samples, and its so evident here.
My close joint second favourites are Stronger and Homecoming (which features a certain Coldplay star).
Other great tracks include... you know what, the whole album pretty much.
You don't have to be a hip hop head to appreciate Kanye's skills, this is a terrific album, buy now!
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VINE VOICEon 13 November 2007
I loved "Stronger", the first time I heard "Good Life" I hated it, but it is growing on me. I think that is the key to these new style hip-hop/rap albums, they need a while to grow on you.

The instrumental backing tracks are a lot less inventive than in years gone by, but this album does work! I'd push this one long before the disappointing 50 Cent offering, out the same day.

There are some notable tracks for your consideration, "Stronger" and "Good Life", "Homecoming" (which will be a single).

I think the problem with hip-hop is the genre is slipping in quality because the artists get their money so easy, people buy their albums and accept them simply on reputation or as some form of street cred.

This album isn't going to set any records and be recognised as a classic, but it is a worthy attribution to the album releases of 2007.

New style works, Kanye just would like some more heart and interest, seems to be lacking any oomph!

No different to what Snoop was doing ten years or more ago.

But not a complete disappointment!
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on 1 September 2007
I've had the pleasure of listening to 9 of the tracks from this album and can say that this is without a doubt an excellent hip-hop album. Kanye shines both as an artist and producer. The sythesized sounds on the production are on another level! Buy It.
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on 22 September 2007
This album I didn't honestly expect to be very good. His 2 singles were both wicked. Loved them! But, still didn't expect much from the album after his previous album "Late Registration" which i see as elevator music...didn't see anything good about it at all.

This album has really surprised me. When Kanye brought out his debut album, I had it soon as it came out along with the pre-release version of the album. Then "Late Registration" came around, huge disappointment. His lyrics and beats just weren't what i knew of Kanye.
Graduation goes back to "College Dropout" in a original way. He was put-down in the media for his use of synths. Yes, synthesizers are used a hell of a lot on the album but, why not? It sounds brilliant! He's not used them in a 80's cheese way like he could, he's made them sound on most tracks in a way in which all i can describe as...fuzzy, giving his beats that real powerful yet lush feeling on the ears.

As i said, he has gone back to "College Dropout", which i believe is why he has called this one "Graduation". "Late Registration" had a completely different feel than "College Dropout". The lyrics weren't creative and the beats were sooo dry.
This time around he has an original sound to his beats bringing something sorta new to what we've heard from him and possibly anyone really mainstream. Plus this time, he is more lyrical.

The lyrics on this album are humorous through most of the tracks which is what I liked about "College Dropout" because there is too much seriousness in Hip-Hop these days. But, he hasn't been that creative with the concepts of his lyrics on his tracks.

Straight from go, the first track "Good Morning" sounds amazing beat-wise and i feel is nice lyrically, obviously not over-lyrical but, this is just an opener to the album. Obviously he Keeps it strong lyrically on the third track "Stronger" and has some very humorously-original-serious tracks such as Drunk and Hot Girls featuring Mos Def and also has other greats such as "Flashing Lights" featuring Dwele and "Everything I Am" featuring DJ Premiere which i am a great fan of but, then you have the ones which i wasn't so keen on such as "I Wonder", "Big Brother" which lyrically i feel is a bit on the edge of awful and boring plus even "Good Life" featuring T-Pain (T-Pain is one of my most favorite artists) wasn't what i expected at all.

So, to polish up, if your looking for something with perfection throughout lyrically, i wouldn't recommend this.
But, i must mention that i feel lyrical ability is a bit over-rated these days...especially in my home country of Britain, not everything has to be about lyrical ability...thats serious Hip-Hop, this is not serious Hip-Hop, if you want that, buy Kano's album which i picked up along with this, which i very into, lyrical ability is so sweet.

But, if your looking for something which you can chill with your mates to, play in the car and blast or jump around to (such as Stronger) or like me, you loved "College Dropout" and are a bit bored of the real serious rappers out there (not including Kano) such as 50Cent (not trying to get Kanye more shine than 50, i just genuinely not that in to 50), then please do buy this album.

You will most likely not be disappointed with this album.

Though i would like to buy and recommend buying this album on LP. It isn't released in that format yet, but my God this would sound crazy on LP! Will be coming out soon.
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on 25 September 2007
I don't listen to rap/hip hop music that much, but when a friend recommended this album I thought I would be open minded and give it a try. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I's odd because most albums you buy start off really well, with loads of really good songs at the beginning and then it sort of trails off at the end. With this album I found the complete opposite. "Stronger" and "Good Life" are excellent but I really like the last 5 songs, "Flashing Lights" "Everything I am", "The Glory", "Homecoming" (I was very skeptical about having chris martin do vocals on this but actually I think it works) and "Big Brother".

I have to say though, I'm not a great fan of the rest of the songs, but then, I started off absolutely despising songs like "stronger", mainly because I'm an avid daft punk fan and I felt he just ruined it, but now I love the song. It's an album which continues to grow on me with every listen.

It's nothing special or outstanding but it's a really good album to just stick on and do other stuff to while dancing to it haha, I'm packing for uni and it was a very worthwhile companion!
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on 12 September 2007
I was expecting a good album, but wasnt expecting this. Kanye easily recaptures the quality of his previous albums. I havnt heard much of the Curtis album by 50 Cent, but from what I've heard, this wins by some way. Some superb collaborations, in particular Homecoming featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Stand out tracks: Champion, Good Life and Homecoming.
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on 25 February 2008
This album is almost as good as his first and much better than his second really solid tracks and you wont have to use the skip button,kanye could use every song as a single so that should show you how good this album is
definitely one of the best if not the best hip hop albums of 08 BANGIN.
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on 18 September 2007
I bought this album never having bought a Kanye West album before. In fact, I didn't like him. However, all that changed while on holiday recently in Turkey and one particular song was played a lot where we were staying - "Stronger". I loved it so much and I was shocked when I found out it was Kanye West. When I came back off my holiday, every time I heard it, it reminded me of my hols. So, I decided to go and buy the album. I LOVE it!! It is the best album of the year so far without a doubt. I like every single track on there but I turn the volume up a few notches for the likes of "Stronger", "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Home coming". I also like "Barry Bonds" - is this a micky-take of Eminem?? Anyway, I am now a Kanye West convert, so much so that I have now bought his previous CDs as well. His previous work does not compare to Graduation though. Bow in the presence of greatness!!!!
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on 21 July 2011
If you are looking at this album, and are reading reviews...then you're looking for someone to tell you to buy it. So buy it. It's a great album, by a great artist.
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