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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2008
I have just received my new 450D (Body Only) from Amazon and must say what a fantastic purchasing experience. I have spent a couple of weeks reading reviews and other customer comments and after much thought took the plunge and I have to say I am not dissapointed !!!. First of all the price is the best you will find it online -I only went for the Body only as I already have a couple of lenses from my previous Canon 300D. The camera was ordered on Friday morning and I had it in my hand by 12.00 on the Saturday !!!. The camera itself is fantastic with it feeling smaller than my previous 300D but certainly punching alot more. The 3" LCD is a welcome addition with the increased size making things alot easier to view and with liveview gives a whole new dimensionto taking photo's with a digital SLR. Initial results have been great with crisp photo's but early days yet. Certainly worth investing in quality, fast lenses as the std lens Canon supply is not great. On the whole great camera, fantastic quality with excellent results. Cannot fault the service from Amazon !!!
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on 11 December 2008
I've been using the 400d for two years & thought it was time for a upgrade but I was very disappointed.
The first was sent back because it showed a blue Hot Pixel on the image & the second suffered the reported focus problem which many have posted about on various forums. It focused OK about 60% of the time using the Canon kit lens but badly missed focused when using a Sigma 70-300mm APO which works fine with my 400d & looking at the exact same shots using a tripod I compared my 400d against the 450d & my copy was not focusing as well as the 400 & it over exposed in many shots when the 400d didn't.

Not happy with it so sent it back for a refund which is a shame because the 400d is brilliant.
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on 29 January 2009
The 450D is almost exactly everything I was expecting. Moving up from the 300D that had served me well I knew my way around most of the knobs and buttons and was pleasantly surprised by the improvements as well as the increased spec.

My one and only disappointment is the so called 'Live View' feature which has not lived up to expectations in that it most certainly is NOT the same as digital compacts with their live active viewfinder screen. It has some serious limitations if you use 'Live View': you completely lose autofocus for 'point and shoot' amongst other things and it is a rather clunky image. So you have to invent a 'work around' in order to make some sensible use of that feature. I now rarely use Live View at all. For me it is a limited gimmick. But that's just my "view".

Overall it is is still a brilliant piece of kit that has revitalised my interest in digital SLR photography when compacts also have been getting so good and competitive.
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on 26 February 2009
I had a EOS 300D and wanted to upgrade. Initially I bought a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera - Body Only, although not from Amazon. Its advantages are the much faster burst rate (6 fps) and more versatile controls on the rear of the camera, which make it easier to select AF points. It also feels substantial and beautifully made. The downside of the 40D is that it's a lot bigger and heavier than this camera--which although it's made of plastic still feels very well constructed. Since my 40D was faulty I returned it and ordered this instead. It gives me everything I want. Spot metering is a really useful option (which wasn't there on the 400D, but is there on the 40D) and (upgrading from the 300D) the AI servo focus mode for moving subjects makes a huge difference. Live view works really well. It takes a bit of digging to enable it in the menus, but once you've done this if you want it at any time you only have to press 'select' to activate it, and then the * button to focus. I find the 450D almost impossible to distinguish in image quality from the 40D, but both are much more crisp and contrasty than the 300D, and I really feel happy about upgrading. If I was really trying to fault this camera I'd say it's just a fraction _too_ light when attached to an L series lens (though it isn't in any way flimsy, and with EF-S lenses it balances much better), and it's a pain that my old batteries and CF cards don't work with it; but those are the only respects in which I hanker after the 40D. Unless you really need the machine gun speed of the 40D's burst mode for serious sport or wildlife photography I would recommend this camera instead.
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on 12 February 2009
This was bought an upgrade for my 400D mainly due to the updated sensor and Liveview. While I checked out the camera I was impressed with the improvments, especially the rear screen. Liveview is also excellent, although mainly for use for macro or tripod based shots ( it isnt designed to be used as per a point and shoot camera ).

I had no focus problems at all and focus was quick and accurate.

Unfortunately the sensor had rather too dust spots or debris to be acceptable in a brand new camera, in fact it was worse than my 2 year old 400D. So I had to return it to Amazon for a refund. Amazon were as always excellent to deal with and I have been refunded.

I will be buying another 450D tho, it has not put me off what is a technically excellent camera and I would definitely recommend one!

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on 29 January 2009
Purchased the Canon 450D from Amazon, thrilled to bits with the camera and very pleased with the service from Amazon. The camera ( body only ) does what it says on the label and it works a treat with the Canon lenses I already possess. If you want an excellent camera buy this one, brilliant.
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on 27 February 2010
I am the most proud user of this camera. :D
I don't know how to begin with saying how perfect it is.
My first (and previous) DSLR was an Olympus E-410 with a 14-42mm lens. It was very hard for me using this camera since it didn't listen to me. The flash popped up whenever I disabled it, the colors and depth were horrible and it was an awful experience for a beginning-photographer.
I really liked the Canon brand and finally decided to sell my olympus and buy a Canon. When I was searching on the net for good camera's I came across the 500d, 550d, 50d and nikon d5000 and d90.
After days and days of reading reviews and watching videos, I decided to buy a canon 50d over the nikon and other bodies. While the nikons have better image quality, I started to dislike the brand (I'm not hating it! I believe its just as great as Canon). I read some information about Nikon that the brand was much 'better' 10 or 15 years ago then it is now. I really don't care about the detail, I just like the canon family. I like the straps, the form of the bodies, the white L lenses. It was a personal decision.
So yeah, I was thinking of buying a 50D at first. It is a great camera but if I purchased this one, I had to buy a cheaper lens and I did not want to buy the kitlens(es).
Lenses are way more important than DSLRbodies and that changed my mind.
It didn't matter for me which body I would buy, I wanted a 50mm f/1.4 lens.
So I bought the most expensive body I could buy with my crappy budget.
I could also buy a canon 1000d but that was too much of a entry-level camera.
I'm not saying thhe XSi/450d is a professional one, but it doesn't feel like an entry DSLR and the pictures prove it.
The images are almost perfect with the body and the lens. I'm a harddie photoshop user and this saved many hours for me!

I am glad I bought this camera and this lens. Even iff you got some more money I wouldn't suggest you to buy a 500d or 550d (only if you want the video-mode). Save just a bit more money and buy another great lens.
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on 28 July 2009
I love it! I previously owned the 350D and loved that model. However, I found it a little difficult to find my way around the various functions and settings. The result was that I mainly used the camera on automatic settings - which still achieved great photos. The 450D is so much easier to use. There is easy access to all functions, and I have found myself experimenting much more with different settings. I couldn't be happier :)
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on 4 August 2015
Bought this for a very good price from a very honest internet seller. The camera works perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. I had a number of old EOS lens - which I can now use in the digital domain. Also have got a 42mm adaptor for Canon EOS so that I can use some old prime lens (Pentax)
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on 30 June 2014
I have owned my 450D for 5 years now, having upgraded from a 300D. I have been very happy with it as it has been capable of producing excellent images, especially when teamed with a decent lens. It had a very happy partnership with a Canon EF-S 17-85 IS lens, and more recently a 17-40 L lens as I am planning to move into full size sensor photography which would make the EF-S lens redundant. The combination of a respectable lens with this camera has produced some stunning images for me and I'll be sad to see it go.
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