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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2010
Sweeney Todd has a smashing cast, a big budget, and a genius director... but somehow manages to be less than the sum of its parts. I love Tim Burton, musicals, goth-yness, and most of the cast, but I came away from this film disappointed.

Sacha Baren Cohen in particularly is excellent, Alan Rickman is suitably repellent, Johnny Depp brooding and Helena BC suitably mental. The singing is ropey in places, but generally very good. The sets and costumes are all suitably lavish and convincing - sometimes, particularly at the start, the film over-eggs the gothic darkness and becomes, well, dark and difficult to see anything in. But, for the most part, it looks excellent.

I did notice that the first half of the film seemed to drag a bit compared to the second. The ending was quite exciting (althought the 'twist' was a bit predictable!), and there was a lot of suspense leading up to the climax. However, I felt the film dragged a bit at the start.

The biggest let down is that the songs are gubbins. Yes, they may be technically very accomplished, but the fact remains that there isn't a memorable tune anywhere in this film. The lyrics can be a bit repetitive, and the structure seems to rely on the same word or rhyme being used over and over. For me, a particular low point was Alan Rickman reduced to sitting in the barber's chair chuntering "bum bum bum bum"... why??? I don't have a problem with through-sung musicals, but this film desparately needed a few decent melodies to hold it together.

The other bit it needed was, I don't know, more of a sub plot or a character with some redeeming features. The "heroic" young bloke wasn't on screen a lot, and him and Sweeney Todd's daughter seemed a bit wet and insipid, and not at all memorable. The whole episode where she got rescued from the asylum was very silly, even for a musical. Maybe they could have got more screen time instead of either having countless throat cuttings and lengthy songs about pies.

Is it worth a look? If you're a fan of musicals, then yes - overall, I'm glad I finally got around to watching it, and it was reasonably entertaining, particularly at the end. However, it's far from the best musical I've ever seen, and I'm more likely to lend it out rather than watch it repeatedly myself.
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Stephen sondheims famous musical about sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street comes to the cinema screen. Starring johnny deep and helena bonham carter in the tale of the barber and the pie shop owner who kill people and put their remains in pies whilst plotting revenge against the judge who sent sweeney to australia years before. a cautionary tale about how revenge can consume you, this features superb performances from all the cast and some excellent singing. The musical has had several songs altered and some cut in order to make it work for the big screen, so it's not quite what theatre goers will recall, but the majority survives fine.

Note that:

This is a musical. characters burst into song quite a lot of the time. But don't let that put you off because it works superbly. they are very good singers as well.

It's a 18 certificate, because it doesnt skimp on the gory details of throats being cut by sweeney.

But beyond that, it's a masterpiece of design and acting and great music, and a compelling spectacle that is one of the best films of the year.

This two disc edition features an english language track, and subtitlse in english arabic greek hebrew and icelandic. on both the discs.

the first features the movie, with direct scene access.

and the second has a good array of extras:

a twenty five minute long documentary on the making of the film, which is very comprehensive, called burton + depp + carter = todd

documentaries on the stage show, london of the time, and the actual history of the character [as to whether he was real or not] all absolutely fascinating.

a documentary on grand guignol, a type of rather gory theatre that were plays similar to this. interesting but a bit preturbing.

documentaries about the design of the film, how the effects for the throat cuts were done, a photo gallery of stills from the film the making of it and the design of it, and razors refrain, which plays snippets of the songs over more stills.

great film. and an excellent package for it
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on 6 March 2014
I liked the film, and I thought the movie as a whole was in good quality, so that's why its 3 stars.
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on 10 April 2016
This is my favorite film ever! It's a good quality and only took a couple of days to get delivered.
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on 23 November 2014
Great little film , dark , moody , the cast is excellent and really bring this quirky story alive
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on 11 October 2013
I love the film and the disc worked perfectly in my dvd player. I am very happy with my purchase!
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on 26 December 2008
Tim Burton's fascination with the gothic and macabre is well-suited for his adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, producing a musical that combines both fountains of blood and gore and moments of great comedy. Central to the success of this film is his understanding that this is a musical which works as well in an intimate studio setting as it does in a large theatre.

Burton creates a claustrophobic London, all dark alleys and dirty sewers. The locations are unpleasant and the dark gloomy colours of the film help to create the drab and threatening atmosphere of the city in which power has been abused and corrupted. The only bright splashes of the film come in the dreams and memories of its two main protagonists.

Johnny Depp is a memorable Todd. His face expressive of pain and of his desire for revenge. His singing voice is impressive, reminiscent of Bowie, the London accent prevalent. Bonham Carter is funny and amusing, her performance reflects her maturity as an actress whilst Alan Rickman turns in another villain, a performance which he obviously enjoys.

This is a certainly one of the more impressive revenge films to have been produced recently, the strong acting of its leads making it much more a study in character than many musicals and the vibrancy and energy of Sondheim's score creating dense musical textures which Burton explores with expertise.
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on 15 April 2013
Great film - best I've seen in ages - love the music - very good value for money xxxxxx xxxx
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on 19 March 2016
Inspired from Monte Christo this film is typical Tim Burton film e.g. Weird but captivating
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on 27 February 2015
Blood and gore galore! Don't take this film too seriously, it's great for a lazy afternoon!
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