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on 23 January 2017
This is a wonderful Movie about Mary the forgotten Boleyn Girl. I really think Anne was a wicked Girl. I believe she has been portrayed in this manner in most Movies because of her scheming & self centred manner. The manner with which she treated her Sister Mary also showed how jealous and vindictive she was.
Anne got caught in her own spiders web in the end. She was very ambitious to say the least and I do not think she loved Henry at all. AS for her Mother and Father well they were the pits too. The only other who I feel sorry for was her Brother and the other Men who lost their heads for looking at her.
I wonder what became of Henry's Son and his Family Tree into history.
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on 28 March 2016
About four years ago I was surprised to learn that there was another adaptation of Philippa Gregory's novel, and although not immediately impressed by it I nevertheless saw it as a necessary counterweight to the atrocity that is the Hollywood version. Since then I've rewatched it three times and now appreciate it on its own terms.
The Hollywood version spent millions on lavish sets, beautiful costumes and gorgeous cinematography. But with an incoherent script marked by an inconsistent storyline, poor pacing and weak, one-dimensional characterizations, the whole film ends up falling flat from start to finish. By contrast, this film was shot on a small TV budget with mostly hand-held cameras and a recycled set design. But it is this very simplicity that works in the film's favour, as it only has the important parts going for it: the story and the characters. It is a film that knows what it wants to achieve and its audience to feel.
The main strength of the film lies in its thematic solidity, according to which the Boleyn sisters are two sides of the same coin. Mary is the newlywed longing for a steady family life of her own. Anne is the romantic yearning for love. Mary's greatest wish is to have children. Anne becomes a mother because circumstances demand it. Mary eventually finds happiness as a commoner, while Anne meets her doom when the court turns against her.
The performances are overall very good, however special commendations must be given to Jodhi May as Anne and Jared Harris as Henry VIII. May makes Anne's part of the tale a believable journey through a whole range of emotions: joy sadness, pride and finally utter despair. Her rise becomes above all a struggle against the limitations imposed on her by a male-dominated environment, and one feels happy for her despite knowing her ultimate fate.
Harris is likewise wonderful as Henry. So many versions of the tale, including the Hollywood production, make Henry out to be just a brutish tyrant. Harris' Henry is a much more complex character; there is a certain sense of adventourousness to his normatively authoritarian personality. During his and Anne's initial flirtations she insists on playing table games with him. An important symbol, since their entire relationship is in its essence a game itself, with Henry ultimately holding all trump cards yet allowing Anne to set the rules for a while. And she, albeit briefly, wins.
All in all, a simple but engaging little film well worth a place in your video collection.
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on 26 March 2016
The quality of DVD is very poor; pale grainy picture, poor sound quality. Unusable. It looks like a BBC product, but presumably isn't. How is this possible? It seems to have been posted from Holland. I complained to the supplier, who immediately refunded the price in full. But why sell such a shoddy product?
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on 14 November 2017
The quality of this dvd picture is very bad ,however it never said it was anything but old,and was very cheap so I cannot complain ,I took my chances ,,delivery was excellent however
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on 15 April 2014
I love Philippa Gregory and so much enjoyed this book. So many history books make Mary Boleyn out to be a dolt and easy meat. I do not believe she was such a fool having read this and anyway all of her books take you right into the period as if you are there and you see actions from a different perspective. Mary Boleyn survived, many other of her scheming family did not.
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on 9 February 2015
I like this BBC film adaptation of Phillippa Gregory's book because it shows the notoriously known historic events at the court of Henry VIII from another perspective. This adaptation seems to me very compact and I also appreciate the intimate settings and athmosphere even though one can sometimes feel that some scenes loose touch with historic reality. Both leading actress gave a very convincing performance and especially the role of Anne was performed with great psychological insight. As a foreigner I have to appreciate the English subtitles without which I couldn't understand all dialogues properly.
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on 12 April 2015
I cannot see how anybody gave this 5stars. We all have different tastes, but, this had such terrible filming, the camera didn't seem as if it was held by a professional but an amateur, the acting was wooden and stilted ,nothing like even normal BBC films. I have also seen the other brilliant version, and cannot even compare the two. A waste of money.
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on 9 January 2011
I bought this because I like the work of Jodhi May and other actors who partake. The film could have been up to the high BBC standards, but the slightly artsy-fartsy approach without any relation to the story destroys it. People who don't want to see a work of art about Anne Boleyn and her times but who prefer to be posh and talk about posh camera-techniques of the time might like it, maybe. Or maybe not. The actors do their best, but the movie is a disappointment. Like in other films of that kind the actors are somewhat degraded by a director who wants to show off. The result is not posh enough for the sarcastic and slightly bored postmodern art-scenes, as everything seems like a BBC director wanted to repeat what those indifferent postmodernists did years before. And there is not enough place for the actors to develop a great story either. It is something in between, and the worst BBC adaptation I saw up to now. Compared to many good adaptations I'd recommend to avoid this one.
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on 7 May 2018
EXCELLENT - Thank you very much :-)
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on 5 May 2017
Didn't care for this at all and has gone to the charity shop. Dreadful camera work.
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