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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:£24.02+ Free shipping

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Rabbits are dear to me and so I was keen to have a go on the DS Bunnyz game.
Overall, I quite like it. You can choose from a selection the type of bunny you would like to have, name them, and teach the bunny words to say. You need to keep the hutch clean, brush and pet the bunny. Additionally there are games to play in order to win further food, water, treats, toys and different hutches for your bunny, even little hats and things! You can take your bunny for a run outside the hutch and pick up little gifts from time to time. Also I believe you can interact with others who have the game.

There are several little games and they come up to be played randomly whenever the bunny says 'Play With Me!', and there are different levels to these games, none are very complicated. There is not an awful lot involved in using this game though, and you cannot choose when to play the games, they just come up every now and then.

I think this game is fun to play for a few minutes each day and is not demanding. If you are looking for something to keep you very busy and playing a lot then maybe choose something else. This is maybe something to have alongside other games you play too, which have more action involved.
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on 21 April 2017
my daughter loved this . It will suit the younger nintendo player . Artwork on case looked nice . Great little game
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on 20 November 2008
I was so suprised to see this game have such low rating reviews that I thought it would only be fair to put another perspective on this game.

I can see exactly why this game would quickly lose it's appeal for children aged 7 upwards and holds little challenge in the mini games, for younger children it is a very different story. So, while I agree that it is probably not that great for older kids, please don't let that make you think it is not worth considering at all.

My daughter was given this game a while ago when she was still 4 yrs old. There are very few games really suited to the 4-6 yrs age group without requiring a lot of adult intervention and this is one of those easier games. There might be only 4 different types of bunny, but she has spent hours and hours happily renaming and playing with her bunny, delighted when her virtual pet plays with the toys she has chosen or eats the food she has selected. The accuracy required is lower than many other games when grooming and cleaning, which is a big bonus for the younger player. The mini games are short and limited BUT for a 4-6 yr old this is exactly what they want. It gives her a little challenge that is still achievable in a relatively short time frame. Other games have been too long and involved, losing her concentration, or so hard that the constant starting over and trying again leaves her disillusioned and upset. We have many nintendo games in the house much loved by our children but this is one of two that our youngest really plays for hours and hours at a time. We really got our money's worth from this one.
If you are looking for a gift for an animal loving younger child that is easy to understand and low on text based gaming, this is well worth considering.
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on 27 January 2009
I enjoy this game very much,I liked watching it hop on top of the cage and roll over and I love that you can choose the bunny and name it :) at the moment I have used the name Singe for my bunny,I am an adult and I can only do so much at a time and this game is fantastic for my needs as I dont do games that are really challenging eg puzzle games which get me annoyed and upset when I cant progress futher whereas this one is relaxing and I can take my time and not get too stressed out.Buy it today.
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on 20 January 2009
This game is definitely better than the rating its got so far...I think people are taking too much stock in their small child's short attention span, and maybe that's the real issue...

Bunnyz is soooooo cute....you play with, feed, stroke and teach words to your bunny. As it learns more words it starts asking you how to answer certain questions (e.g. "what would I say if I want some food?").

The most cute part is when it puts it's little paws up and asks you to throw a ball to it!

The mini games are fun, such as air hockey, I really wish you could play them whenever you want though...that's the only bad thing. Sometimes you do something wrong on one, but it was only because it was your first try and you can't have another go to do it right.

The Bunnyz mannerisms are so realistic too - for a little computer game which is shown on a small screen, they really do look and act the part.

I say if you want something 'whizz-bang' and challenging, go elsewhere. If you want cutesy, calming, nurturing, and less messy than a real bunny (tee hee) then this is a very nice little game!
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on 14 January 2010
I am an adult so in the correct over 3 years catagory for this game.
I kept rabbits for 30 years and due to circumstances I can now longer have one.
This has left a big void in my life so to me having a virtual rabbit was a good idea.
This game is great. Its not a game you can spend just a few minutes playing as the more you play the more you get.
There are several hutches to collect and many toys, hats, glasses etc.
Just when you think you must have it all now, something new appears. Yesterday my bunny gained a new toy where he was flying in the air and came down with a parachute, I couldnt stop laughing. Then the dear little thing announced that it "loved me" that made my day. Anyone thinking "get a life" sadly due to long term health problems I dont have much if a life.
The movements of the rabbit are so real its most uncanny.The mini games you get to win food etc arent that taxing but I have to say there are 2 I cannot master and neither can my partner. These are the dribble shot and the balance one.
You can take your rabbit out of its cage into the house where there are parcels to unwrap to obtain futher gifts. By using the hold key you can navigate your rabbit to the gift wrapped parcels or it will run off in the wrong direction.
You can check to see if your rabbit is hungry or dirty on the main screen.
You can teach your rabbits words. I have had two different sets of words to teach it to date.
I have 3 rabbits "in training" currently, all at different stages. So the game is never boring.
Over all great fun even for adults.
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on 27 August 2008
i love rabbits so as soon as i saw this game i got it. but dont get it if you get bored quick its nothing special but for me adictive! The outher reviwes say all you do is feed it and clean it but what else do you do with a rabbit i have 2 real 1s and you do the same with them and im not bored with them i love them too bits.
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on 2 August 2009
I have seen some very poor reiews on this game that i dont think are right for it, the down point for me is u cannot go to a shop and buy food or water if u fail on the mini games u win nothing so if ur out of food and water and cant win a mini game ur stuck i think there should be a shop. the rabbits are sooo cute and u can teach em words so when u tickle them they say hmmmm thats the spot, im hungry im thirsty, leave me alone if there sad or u can teach em ur own words you can choose from a few different breeds and one reason y i love this game is a few years ago when i had a rabbit he was white but looked like a snowy owl as he had grey ears and markings mitted in his fur he was gorgeous and there is a bunny on this game spitting image of him so thats the one i picked. I think you should buy this game as its very good to me i wasnt sure what to expect as some reviews where poor about it but im enjoying it i give it thumbs up the only game i would tell u never to buy is tigerz
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on 7 August 2010
At last a pet game devoted purely to bunnies.
I may be older than the intended market for this game at 26 years but for a bit of light hearted fun then this game is very cute. Having read other reviews I expected the game play to be pretty limited but I was pleasantly surprised by the options available. I find it a perfect way to relax for a spare half an hour... ...come on watching your rabbit (safely) parachute in sunglasses- amazing! I would recommended this game to anyone who like rabbits and just wants some uncomplicated bunny related fun, x
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on 28 February 2013
I didnt expect much when buying this game, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Game is not so easy you are bored within minutes and its not so hard you get frustrated. Sometimes you can find it hard to please your bunny. The only downside is that, You probably can only play it a few minutes a day, the bunny kinda does it own thing for the most part :) Worth the price and is just a cute little break when you need it
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