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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return (Wii)
Price:£24.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 29 December 2008
I loved this when it was an arcade game and paired with a wii gun, this is simply acadetastic!
As mentioned by others, the graphics are a bit dated, but hell, who needs to see zombie detail. We know they're rotting and need to die - anything else?
I've had this for two days and already I'm looking for another gun to get that two player mode played.
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on 16 June 2009
Addictive, gory and hilarious in 2 player co-op mode. House of the Dead 2 is showing it's age, but don't let that detract from a classic shooter that sees you tearing zombie scum apart limb by limb. Of course, this game has some woefully bad voice acting, but that only adds to the ceaseless charm of the whole thing.

House of the Dead 3 is very pleasing on the eye, with the shotgun being a true joy to use, blowing those corpulent zombie stomachs open would be horrifying if it wasn't so much fun. Again, these games are better with 2 people co-operating, but as a single player game there is still plenty to do. Time Trial Modes, Boss Battles, Arcade and Classic Modes and High Score tables to best.

You can't go wrong for the price, and they are perfect for use with the Wii Zapper.
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on 14 April 2009
...it surprises me that there aren't more gun games on the wii, its perefect for them.....i probably had more fun with this than HOD:overkill...its old skool and on rails but who cares...its funny, bad acting, gross zombies, big bosses and has a lot to unlock.....great value for money.....we just need Virtua Cop now..!!!
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on 28 March 2008
This is the first game that has re-enforced my decison to purchase this console over the other two machines. The wii design lends itself perfectly to the arcade emulation of the 10 minute 'no brainer blast em up' and this is realised no where better than with HotD 2/3. O.K so the graphics on 2 are dated, but the mechanics are superb with instant reaction to the wii remote in reloading and in its pin point accuracy via a calibration option. Whereas in Umbrella Chronicles I felt like I was handling a pea shooter, here, the wii remote feels like a 'weapon' with appropriate sound effects whether in the pistol of 2 or the shotgun in 3. My only gripe is the lack of credits - in the arcade it was always another £ in the machine, but here when you're dead you're dead. The options are cool as well - ranging from the level of gore to whether you prefer your zombie blood to be green or red. I thought Ghost Squad was the definitive shooter for nintendo's latest but feel this game adds longevity to the mix and offers that 'just one more go' feel that left me skint in the arcades. Maybe its a generational thing but I like my games to be a mix of mayhem, fun and mindless shell pumping action. If you liked Virtual Cop, Time Crisis and the ilk, take a look at this. Hats of the Sega for reminding us that no one does arcade action better.
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on 7 May 2015
Two classic Shooting games from the arcade ported to the nintendo Wii. The problem with light gun games is that you can't play them on a modern Tv, however House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return doesn't work that way. The game works well and is very simmilar to the arcade version, with the exception that you are not using a light gun. Both games have various modes in which you can play differently to what you could in the arcade, For Example: Unlimted lives, Machine Gun and Unlimted ammo to name a few. This game is a must buy for both zombie lovers and arcade games fans.
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on 10 February 2012
As someone that remembers House of the Dead in arcades, I didn't take too much persuading to grab a copy of this. But is it still any good, and how does in translate to the Wii?

While my memory may be faulty, this feels like the real experience to me! Graphics are fine (you can't expect too much one the Wii, anyway), not sluggish at all, great fun with a wii zapper to be shooting at the screen. It's tough, and easy to die, although the game rewards you with more credits and easier settings as you progress. But who wants an arcade blaster to be easy, anyway? You should be working to save all the survivors without getting hit! You can make the game less "gory" with green blood and similar if you have younger children, and wish to prepare them for the inevitable zombie apocolypse. The game isn't scarier than many cartoons are, anyhow.

As far as the Wii experience goes, no complaints whatsoever. Some slightly slow loading times, but that just makes it more like the real deal ;)

There are a few different game modes if you decide you need some variety. But who needs variety when you're blasting zombies in the face?!
If you come to it expecting what it is - an arcade game, with the tricky, short-term-frills and vaguely repetitive nature of such things, you're likely to have a good time.
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on 1 March 2009
I used to play the arcade version in various game halls around the globe and purchased the WII version as soon as I had learned of its existence. It is a must for HoD and shooter fans. Sure, you do not need much skills and brains but it is a perfect game for the hours after dusk. I deducted one rating-star because both games can be finished pretty fast if experienced and trained enough.
I have just purchased 'Overkill' and cannot wait for my next free evening.
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on 22 March 2015
You will need a set of motion controllers to play this with 1 or 2 players, as well as a Wii / Wii U and a motion sensor.

Before the decline of arcades around the UK and probably most of the rest of anywhere that isn't Japan, these titles were some of the most popular and fun ways to sink your, or your parents, hard earned coins into the arcade's coin slots.

The cheesy plot and dialogue, the action, the adventure and the legions of undead made this a classic on its own. Having a friend play along with you, someone to cover you while you're reloading was the making of friendships. Everything from the arcade and more has been brought over to this title, which sits on a single disc. You can play both games from the same hardware and there are even bonus options and mini games which may aid you throughout the arcade campaigns.

The only cons to purchasing this title which is playable on both Wii and Wii U, is that it doesn't come with it's own set of pistol peripherals. A quick search on amazon will let you pick up a variety of pistols useable with the Wii Motion controller. I would recommend the new Wii motion + controllers and it will be as if you're back in the arcade with infinite coins in your pockets.
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on 6 June 2008
Ok so i brought this game purely for the love of the arcade classic, and it certainly presents a great arcade feel, perfect for the Wii.

However, if you're not the type of person who can happily stand pressing a trigger over and over then yes, it can get slightly repetitive. Great for a short burst of violence, or multiplayer fun, but not so great for a long term challenge.

The different modes in both games give you more to do, especially the boss mode, which is good practice, as well as the timed challenge which helps work on aiming because you increase time by shooting in the head.

I would say the aim isn't 100% accurate on both games, as it is fairly easy to shoot anywhere on the screen and be able to kill all the zombies, As the game progresses aim is more important and you have to work on it, which makes you concentrate more, but the pointer tends to move pretty fast so it takes a steady hand.

Graphics on HOTD2 are pretty basic, like the original, which doesnt really affect the gameplay, but you can tell the improvement when it comes to HOTD3.

Overall a good, fast moving no brainer, great for multiplayer games, and just enough gore!
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on 11 February 2009
Graphics aren't the best, it just simply a Great shoot em up! My adult sons husband and I played it at Christmas and had great fun.
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