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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 November 2010
While some would argue that buying a toothbrush sanitiser is perhaps overkill, I opted to get one after reading a recent article on the BBC website stating that gum disease has been found to have a negative effect on the heart. Yikes! After that, such a cheap & easy-to-use device seemed like a sensible investment.

This model has attachments which make it suitable for sanitising various Philips Sonicare & Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush heads. So if you buy a different model of brush in the future, it shouldn't be a problem.

It couldn't be any simpler to use - put toothbrush head in sanitiser, close door, press button. That's literally it! It takes about 10 minutes & the front display lights up slightly while in use. Because it's just a UV bulb, it doesn't make any noise, either. It has a 2-pin plug which can cope with different voltages, so can presumably be used abroad.

It's slightly too large to fit on a bathroom sink but as the manual is keen to point out, perching electrical items on the edge of something filled with water isn't a particularly good idea! But it's not too hard to find space elsewhere for such a compact unit.

In short - this is a hassle-free gadget you can simply use & forget about, which offers affordable peace of mind. What's not to like?
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on 28 September 2015
Does its purpose, didn't realise it has to be plugged in (blonde moment!) so not sure how much I will use it as I don't have a plug in the bathroom, but I feel better that when I do use it my tooth brush is clean!
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What possible reason could anyone have for buying something like this? After all, we've been brushing our teeth without the benefits of proper sterilisation for centuries and the majority of us don't seem to have suffered particularly badly from it. Well, for those of us with the Howard Hughes disposition (or who just hate the thought of germs infesting our brush heads), the Philips Sonicare sanitiser seems to be quite a good idea. A plastic oval unit about 18cm high and 10cm wide, it holds either two Philips Sonicare brush tops or two Oral-B FlossAction or FlexiSoft brushes in the included adaptor trays. I don't know if the ProBright heads can be cleaned although they do fit on the trays so I don't see why they shouldn't be.

You place brushes on the trays inside the unit with their heads facing a small ultra violet lamp in the centre, then switch it on and after a 10-minute cleaning cycle the unit turns off and your brushes should be sterile and free of bugs. The inside of the sanitiser is coated in a reflective material so the UV light gets right around the entire brush, and it's supposedly able to kill of E.coli (nasty), Streptococcus mutans (a significant contributor to tooth decay, according to Wikipedia) and the very unpleasant Herpes simplex virus. I can't comment on how effective the sanitisation is but my Oral-B Triumph brushes certainly have a dentist-fresh, sterile smell when I take them out. I do find that FlossAction brushes take on a slightly brownish tinge after several weeks of cleaning them in the sanitiser, which is possibly the UV light reacting somehow with the plastic, although this seems to be purely cosmetic and doesn't seem to harm the brushes at all.

As Oral-B brushes are smaller than their Philips counterparts there's enough room inside the sanitiser to clean more than two of them so it would have been nice if provision had been made for another two adaptors to be included. The unit also feels pretty cheap and a fall from any kind of height will undoubtedly reduce it to pieces so in that respect the three-foot electricity cable could perhaps have been a bit longer. The cord itself comes with a two-pin shaver plug, rather than a standard three-pin plug, at the end so you'll need to find either a shaver point to put it into or buy an adaptor.

Purely as yet another bathroom gadget, this at first seems to have little use, although when you begin to investigate how germs grow and spread on brushes it starts to make more sense. It's relatively cheap and (being nothing more than a plastic housing with a UV lamp inside) uses little electricity, so for the peace of mind of having a properly clean brush every day I wouldn't be without it. Just please don't blame me if you buy one and turn into a toothbrush hypochondriac overnight.
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on 15 June 2009
This brush head sanitiser is well made (although a bit plasticky - hence 4 stars) and can hold several types of brushes, two at a time. This is about how much I can say about this product as I have no means to say how well it kills germs for obvious reasons.
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on 28 August 2017
Really useful for ensuring your toothbrush head is fully cleaned and sterile between uses. I purchased this alongside an Oral B 6000 series toothbrush and the Phillips UV Sanitiser will also charge an Oral B/Braun brush at the same time which is really useful so haven't had to use the charger that came with the toothbrush. Have noticed a few people asking if it charges toothbrushes as well and it does. Doesn't have to be a Phillips I can confirm Oral B charges too.
review image
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on 28 December 2010
Lets get this out the way, us everyday people can't prove it works, but if it didn't work in some way, this wouldn't be for sale. Technically speaking, the UV radiation is going to kill of the germs which are living on the heads of our toothbrushes, we may have been living for decades without this cleaner, but everything gets improved! I mainly bought this as I have had many problems with my teeth, so I try to take the best care of them as I can.

The SoniCare range of toothbrushes is fantastic, and when you're spending high amounts on your toothbrush for your best Oral hygiene, another £10 is going to help you even more!

First things first, you don't see, or feel any difference in cleanliness using this, but by using it, it makes you feel happier inside knowing that anything which could have been harmful is no longer lying on there ready to 'attack'.

This is very simple to use, and compatible with many different toothbrush heads (normal toothbrushes wouldn't fit) to clean, including Oral B and Braun. Just pop your brush head in (the base is magnetised to stop your brush head slipping about), close the door and push the button, wait 10 minutes and once the light has turned off, you're done! It also works as a handy storing cabinet for your brush head, which leaves it much cleaner than sitting on the bathroom side.

Most toothbrushes are left on a bathroom side, and that usually means: Near a toilet. And by flushing a toilet (especially with an open lid) germs from your toilet will become airborne, with the possibility of landing on your toothbrush, this means that not only the germs from your mouth are going to be landing on your toothbrush, but other foreign germs too; this is where the UV Sanitiser comes in! By using the sanitiser, this kills of the majority of the harmful germs which are lying on your toothbrush, therefore further improving your oral hygiene.

At the end of the day, this truly is a guessing game hence the loss of a star, it's not too badly priced for anyone like me who is a bit of a germaphobe and appreciates all those subtle little cleaning techniques, I'd recommend this for anyone who cares for their oral hygiene! I'd rate it highly to anyone, because it is a very handy sanitising tool!
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on 26 May 2012
I purchased this sanitiser based on a friend's recommendation and have been really impressed. It's fairly compact and simple to operate - initial setup is simply a case of slotting into place the correct style holders for your type of toothbrush head and plugging it in. It takes two toothbrush heads at a time - place them on the slots, close the door and press the button - the front lights up and ten minutes later you have sanitised toothbrush heads, great.

I use the sanitiser about twice a week and while I can't give any scientific evidence regarding how well it sanitises, toothbrush heads certainly smell clean (that 'dentist fresh' smell) after use and I've noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of mouth ulcers I get. I used to suffer from them frequently, but can't remember the last time I had one since getting the sanitiser.

Only downside is that it comes with a 2-pin shaver plug, rather than a 13amp plug. So unless you have a shaver socket somewhere, you'll need to buy an adapter to use.

Overall, strongly recommended - especially at the c.£10 price I purchased it for - although it seems to no longer be available on Amazon, shame.
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on 1 November 2011
Good quality, feels sturdy and does what it says on the box i.e. desinfect your toothbrush bits for your electric toothbrush (but not handheld ones).
Oh and don't pay attention to the sceptics who think they can see or smell bacterias! That being said, I don't think that the likelihood of getting a gum infection with a toothbrush considering that toothpastes contain antiseptics is that high!
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on 16 April 2011
Great wee product for giving me peace of mind that I am not filling my mouth with wee beastie bacterias everytime I use my brush head.I was concerned about this before I purchased the sanitiser.
Ijust insert the brush into the holder close the door and switch on. Two minutes later it is gem free. It has 4 different size brush holders for Oral b and Sonicare
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on 29 November 2010
Personally i love this product. I got it for 25% of the original price so it was good value. Even if the UV thing doesnt actually work, it still acts as a very cool looking container for my toothbrush heads. I LOVE the smell of my toohbrush heads after the 10min cycle. The plug is the same as the toothrush.
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