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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Size: One Size|Change
Price:£9.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 1 June 2017
The zip ties are a poor design choice. They cannot be pulled tightly enough to stop the unit from slipping round the bar when cycling off-road. As others have said, you end up with the unit hanging underneath the bar after a few bumps. It may possibly be remedied by a fitting a rubber shim underneath, but if that's needed (and it definitely will be if you ride off-road), then why isn't it supplied with the mount?

On the plus side, it appears to hold the GPS unit tighter in the mount than the earlier Etrex mounts (the ones with the circular lug fitting) insofar as it does not easily pop out. I tested it on a very rocky all-day Welsh mountain bike ride and it stayed put in the mount for the whole ride.

In summary then: a decent enough mount let down by the cheap and ineffective tie mechanism. It's probably OK if you never cycle on rough ground but mountain bikers may want to consider other options.
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on 4 June 2015
Bought this to secure an Etrex 10 on basis of other reviews. On my new Etrex 10 the fit is disappointing as the device can rock on the unit when fitted. This means that the ridge on the mount that fits into the groove on the back of the unit (to prevent the unit sliding off) has no tension. Perhaps on other units the fit is better but for an Etrex 10 on a bike this isn't a secure fit. The zip ties supplied are also poor quality. I only tried one and it snapped on first tighten (finger tight, not even tight enough to use). Disappointed. Small and light weight though so may work better for other devices, and would be fine for an Etrex if a very secure fit is not important.
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on 28 April 2012
Beware the Etrex mount listed elsewhere does not fit the Etrex 10/20/30, so you need this one.

It fits nice & securely on the stem and my Etrex is locked tightly even mountain biking, so this is a great mount.

I didn't give this five stars as trying to get my Etrex off the mount was a nightmare! I looked at it carefully and when locked in, the top of the mount is touching the Etrex body and unclipping it, makes it touch more. I got around this by filing the ends of the runners to make them a little thinner, just at the end (top of Etrex) and now it is easy to remove, yet still just as secure.

I assume the reason for needing to do this is because this mount is not designed for the Etrex, but I guess it has the same battery cover.

Oh finally, when fitting this mount to your Etrex, whatever you do, make sure the battery cover screw is locked in the closed position, else you'll be swearing, believe me!!!
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on 24 March 2017
Works well though the fitting for the GPS is a little slack
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on 17 April 2014
Very happy with this the gps stays in place in all conditions, easy to mount and unmount it. I'll get a 2nd one for the motorbike
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on 6 February 2013
Far too expensive for a bit of plastic and why oh why doen't it come with a proper clamp? Moving it from bike to bike is a real pain with those cable ties.
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on 19 September 2012
It works in principle, but... This is the only handlebar mount listed as compatible with GPSMap 62, so I kinda didn't have a choice, and bought it. What do I get for my ten (used to be thirteen) pounds? A piece of flimsy plastic worth about ten pence and four cable ties. Ah c'mon Garmin people, SERIOUSLY? It's bad enough that official maps cost as much as the unit itself, but charging a tenner for THIS?
In fairness, the description on Amazon is accurate and I knew what it would look like - but again, does Garmin give me a choice?

Besides, I don't know what bright engineering mind decided that cable ties are good fastening for a high vibration application. No matter how tight I pull them, the GPS still moves gradually and has to be re-positioned every so often. Taking the unit out of the mount takes a relatively noticeable effort, too, and the mount moves again.

So I don't know. For three quid it would be a star buy, but for the asking price - meh.
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on 23 July 2009
A simple design and works very well, is light and simple to install and use. It is possible to adjust the angle while cycling - needed due to the poor screen readability in bright light with the Oregon.

The only down side is the very high cost for a small and simple bit of plastic that I guess only cost a few pennies to make. Its a shame Garmin does not just bundle this with each Oregon (which are not cheap or budget end devices) and make the customers happy with Garmin rather than extracting a massive profit on every small optional extra.
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on 4 January 2011
The first thing that struck me when i took the mount from its package was just how little there is of it. As viewable in the product image, it really is a very small piece of plastic for such a valuable item as a GPS unit.

At first i was nervous of using it, but the weeks of trial its had so far have put my mind at rest. An example of excellent design and engineering my Dakota (mount also compatible with the Colorado and Oregon) clips straight on sitting on top of the mount with no lateral play or rattling. So firm is its grip it took me a worrying few minutes to work out that to remove the GPS, you just have to push the bottom of the mount downwards and slide the GPS back up, a process so easy you can do it with one hand.

I have it attached to a folding bike with small wheels and no shock absorbers, so it does take some fair pounding at times over potholes, cobbles and curbs with no complaints. The mount fixes with grip-ties which thankfully fit to any tube - my folder has very small tubes and i have experienced issues fitting bike lights to the frame but i had no such trouble here. The foot of the unit is square, with rounded tube indentations to fit snug. At about 3cm a side, I'd say that it would likely fit tight to square tubing larger than that, and smaller at an angle due to the indentations for round tubes.

Although costly for the small item it is, its design is sound it does its job well.
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on 4 June 2013
The description should say that it also fits the NEW Etrex models.

In response to Grrr: yes I daresay it does cost less than 50p to manufacture, but we have to accept that Garmin doesn't open a window for less than a fiver.

For sure the OLD Etrex bracket has a "proper clamp", which may or may not fit your handlebars depending on the diameter and shape, won't fit the stem at all, and soon begins to wear so the unit rattles incessantly unless you stick bits of tape in it.

THIS bracket fits the new Etrex not just snugly, but very firmly indeed. And although that makes the unit hard to remove in cold weather, it does not rattle.

I think it's a good decision by Garmin to attach with zip-ties, since the designers of bikes seem incapable of deciding what size to make handlebars, and since they went 'oversize' the bit adjacent to the stem is often tapered, so a "proper clamp" does not fit properly.

Although the certain knowledge that one is being ripped off makes this hard to do, I bought one for each bike. However I've now discovered that you can get re-usable zip-ties in this size. A pity Garmin don't supply it with some of those.
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