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on 8 December 2008
So I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a dedicated gaming mouse, and not only that, I opted for a cabled mouse. Not an easy decision I have to say.
I've always thought a good wireless mouse could more than match its cabled counterparts, so other than some fancy increase in DPI, and some equally fancy colour scheme with retractable weights, would good would a cable mouse do me?
The answer is, quite a lot. I have a friend who has got me hooked on a certain online multiplayer FPS. I'd never played before, so inevitably I was rubbish to start. But over time I developed from rubbish into average. And there I'd been stuck for some time.
I always thought the slight delay in shooting someone, or the slight inaccuracy of my bullet was due to my noobishness. I'm sure that played a part to start with, but more and more I became frustrated with the belief that I should be doing better. And so I started looking for a gaming mouse.

I had a shortlist of MS Habu, MS Sidewinder, Razer Copperhead and Razer Boomslang 2007 CE. All of these are very good mice in their own right.
But then I saw this little puppy here, and I knew I had to have it. Rather than rush headlong into a decision for this quite costly cabled mouse, I did extensive online research. And every review I read gave it full marks, or very close to it.

So I shuffled down to the local tech shop to try it out.
The first thing that is apparent is the size. It's quite a big mouse. Definitely not a low profile Razer or Habu. But that's a plus for me as I have big hands, and am used to working with the MX1000 which is both heavy and big.
The second thing you notice is the feel. Its got a nice rubberised, dirtproof, non-slip surface. It actually feels really good. The two main buttons are large and easy to press down on, and the mouse wheel is also quite large. What's nice is that the wheel tilts from left to right (a feature missing from the Sidewinder and Razer mice). The lateral buttons are also nice and large, but sufficiently high to avoid pressing them by accident. As with most gaming mice, it has on the fly DPI setting via the two buttons just behind the mouse wheel.
Thirdly, it has nice easily interchangeable weights. Unlike some of the logitech gaming mice, the weights are standard in size, 5gr, 10gr, 15gr, and 20gr. Now some will say that's not specific enough. Personally it suits me just fine. Oh, and the weights come in a nice heavy Roccat tin, which is a nice touch and means you wont lose them, and the tin doubles as a mouse cable anchor.
And finally, when talking about first impressions you have lighting system. This is simply awesome. It's useless for everything other than making you feel good, but it does one hell of a job at that. There are five lights (top left and right, bottom left and right, and the middle rear logo) that can each be set independently, or turned off altogether. It makes for a lot of time wasting trying to set it up to look just the way you want it (or to colour co-ordinate it with the lights on your PC perhaps?).
Anyway, it was enough make me buy it!

The software that you have to download from the Roccat website is effectively a software suite that allows you to customise all aspects of your mouse. From sensitivity, to colour etc. It also allows you to save up to five individual profiles for different applications/games. This mouse also has onboard memory which allows you to store the profiles on the mouse itself. This means you can take it with you and have instant access to your profiles.
Roccat have also integrated a little pearl in this mouse called TCP. This effectively means that the laser is calibrated according the surface you are using it on. It also means that when you pick up the mouse (eg to recenter it on your mousepad) the pointer locks on the location you were at and does not flail wildly about with the mouse in the air. It's a nice touch, and to my knowledge the only mouse to use this tech.

The mouse cable is long, but not ridiculously so, and after a little while I complete forgot it had one. In normal Windows applications you can scale the DPI down to manageable levels, but when you need that little bit more accuracy, you can simply flick a button and you're away......

I cannot recommend this strongly enough. If you want a gaming mouse that is at the very top of gaming (3200dpi!!!), than this is the one you need. Plus it's the best looker out there (even with the Thundercat, sorry Roccat logo on the back)
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on 2 January 2009
I was going over in my head for some time as to whether to spend this amount of money on what is after all, just a mouse is insane or not. Well I couldn't resist in the end and I'm glad I succumbed because the mouse is just such a pleasure to own.
I must admit while I do play games it was the looks before all the technobabble that grabbed me. I'm sure top level gamers would swear by its advanced technology and I'd completely believe them because it is very sensitive and precise. Note that the dpi can easily be adjusted by the two buttons located behind the scroll wheel at any time (in 400dpi increments 800-3200) so it can be as sensitive as you could possibly handle, or as slow and predictable as perhaps any cheapo mouse.
The driver (which is not included on the disc provided but rather their website) is great for doing all sorts of tinkering to get the setup just how you like it. Not being a gaming fanatic I haven't explored all the options but I can see it'd keep me busy for a while if I wanted to get into it more deeply.
Getting to the looks and also the colour options you have this mouse must be in a league of its own here. I looked into Razer's mice but I found this mouse to be far more attractive, and its colour options more inviting. It's true you will spend a good hour if not more in the first few days just playing with the light settings. If I did have one complaint on this score though, its that rather than slowly dipping into differing colours or fading in and out as is suggested in the language used, the lights only blink or instantly change. It's my hope that future drivers will perhaps add this feature but its best to forewarn you so it doesn't disappoint.
While its looks and the light show were perhaps the main reasons I went ahead and got it, it was actually the ergonomics of the mouse that surprised me the most. The shape is perfect for my hand (right handed only I'm afraid) but the material used is like nothing I've felt before. It's kind of like rubber is the closest I can compare with, but it provides a lot of grip and is extremely comfortable. Personally I didn't find a big difference in changing the weights, I have mine on 20g and it's fine that way.
If you're not sure whether to spend this amount of money or not I can empathise with your situation. Some may grow weary of all its excellent features and looks quicker, it's a personal thing after all, but I don't regret it. However if you're actively seeking a high end gaming mouse, I would give this one serious consideration.
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on 23 December 2008
This is the best mouse available as of the end of 2008. I said it was easy.

You need more? Mine glides around on a Roccat Sense mat (which is an equally good mouse mat).
Worried about the cost? There is nothing else that will cheer you up as much as sitting watching the Roccat lights change for a few seconds (I have it set to Random Single Colour/Rotating Clockwise/No Effects) before resting your hand on it.
Mines set to 10grms. Seems a perfect weight. Kinda perfect fit for my large hand. Might not fit as well for very small hands - its about the size of Microsoft IM Explorer.
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on 17 December 2009
This took my gaming to a new level, the accuracy is astounding!
The + and - button on top to change sensitivity is such an intelligent thing!
It fits your hand so well, you can adjust its weight, change all the light colours.
The thing that impressed me the most is being able to allocate profiles to certain files, like ultra sensitive for playing COD MW2
You do need to honour this mouse by buying a good mouse mat, although it will work on almost any surface.
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on 16 July 2009
I like this mouse very much... at first it's a bit odd from a guy who came with many years using optical mouses to swtich to laser mouse. But after that with so many DPIs and various configurations you get the point and start to feel the mouse right in your hand.

It's very confortable and you can costumize the leds, choose the colors and effects. Also the two side buttons are very good placed and it's a good feeling touch.

The texture of the mouse it's a good favor too. It's good for every situation and it keeps your hand static on it.

You have the choice to choose the weights too, which is nice for the gamers or people who likes to customize everything.

And I have to say... the support won't let you down. They have been very professional and fast response with me everytime.
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on 14 September 2009
This mouse is very comfortable in the hand, glides very easily & looks fantastic with it's adjustable surface colours. The mouse comes with a set of weights so you can interchange to get it just right for you. All the buttons are in the right place and work well.

If I was being monster picky there's no third click on the wheel and it's a bit pricey.

I'm very happy with my purchase.
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on 17 October 2009
This mouse is the best mouse on the market for gamers.
I've got the mouse for about a year and is superb !!!
I had a problem with it ( scroll broke down ) but Roccat was very helpfull and very quick to send me a new one.

I don't want to write here what futures this mouse got - it's got everything what you need to play games.

I would recomend this mouse to everyone
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