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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2014
I love her voice and her fantastic way shi use it.
It seems that the voicehav no Endings, no highs is to high for her, I just find thart she derserve the very best Rating.
I have nothing that I cam find negative in the hole CD, every part is for me just very good.
I do as I always do recomend all her Music to friends and People I talk Music with
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2008
On listening to this for the first time, my attention was immediately grabbed by the bombastic opening tracks 'Gothica' and 'Fleurs du Mal'. With stirring percussion and swirling strings from the orchestra and accompanying keyboard players, there's a gothic feel to this album. And then of course, the enchanting melodies of the ballads are delightful.

Even the duets, there are four of them, are exceptional as well. One of the duets is with the formidable Andrea Bocelli. The whole album is terrific in my humble opinion but if I was to choose a single favourite track, I think it would have to be 'Sanvean'. It's so calming and relaxing in a sea of crescendo tracks.

I would highly recommend this album and looking at the album design, I am completely taken with that as well. The accompanying booklet opens like a calendar and the images inside show of a gothic castle with Sarah Brightman, resplendent in a flowing red dress, in among the grey background. This album took 3 years to record from 2004 to 2007. Was this studio album worth the long wait? I would have to say yes definitely.
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on 28 July 2013
This is how music should be done. Sarah's voice is just amazing, she hits the high notes with such drama and whilst the likes of a few modern pop artists such as Beyonce & Christina Aguilera are capable of achieving some amount of power in their vocals and can certainly sing better than many of their other fellow 'artists', to me when they go for the high notes they're more or less screeching. That's not proper singing for me, yet if you watch a live performance of 'Canto Della Terra' (which along with 'Fleurs Du Mal' is one of my favourite tracks) when it comes to the breathtaking section at 2.55, with Sarah it just flows so smoothly and she makes it look so effortless - whereas the likes of the two previously mentioned look like they are in chronic pain when they belt out the more powerful notes. When it comes to comparison with the likes of Britney Spears and Rihanna, well Sarah is simply at the top of the Premier League while they aren't even in the Third Division. Albums like this give me hope that there are still some decent singers out there. Love you Sarah!
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on 24 February 2013
I've written before about Sarah's recordings. They are excellent. It's not just that Sarah has a great voice and delivery. The productions and the overall sound are beautifully locked together in a very enjoyable listening experience. As well as superb orchestration, she also duets with top-class singers - the duet with Andrea Bocelli is beautiful.
Sarah Fans must love this album.
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on 16 April 2008
Beautiful , mesmerising ,soaring vocals and music fusing together Sarahs different styles , really amazing vocals as always ,, gorgeous cd sleeve too feels like a mini album sleeve great pictures , love it...
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on 28 June 2008
Possibly Sarah Brightman's best album to date where her Phantom roots are certainly showing on the neo-gothic/classical tracks. And how very welcome they are!

Sarah has a wonderful gift in her pure soprano voice which is surely blessed by the angels.

These tracks will not only delight those who have all her previous works on CD - and I count myself among them - but also a new audience who might be seeking something beyond the bland. Here is mystery, passion, power and purpose wrapped in a symphony of sound topped with a truly beautiful voice at the high end of the soprano range.

Thirteen tracks of sheer magic plus a bonus (Sarahbande) which leaves the Romantic satiated until her next venture into the world of song.

Well worth the wait!
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on 3 April 2008
After waiting for so long for a new studio album from Ms Brightman, the release of Symphony has garnered a mixed reaction (even from die-hard fans) and probably the reason for this is not the content, bur the sheer expansion of expectation that has been evolving amongst the fans for the last few months since the announcement of a new album and the releasing of three songs as singles.

Since three of the songs have been available elsewhere (even though one of them has a different duet partner) you're only left with 9 new songs, (track 1 is an instrumental) and what the ever talented songstress - that Ms Brightman is - tries to do, is cram as much variety and encompass as many styles as conceivabley possible. And she does. Successfully. So what's the whole problem with it? There isn't a problem. The songs are fine, the duet partners have good credentials (although there are four, yes four, duets) and the album does seem to have a coherent theme, like a symphony blending different themes into an audible whole. For most people merely aquainted with Brightman, the album is a real delight, and die hard fans, well what were you really expecting?!!!! A beautifully well crafted album comprising of soaring melodies and deliciously controlled vocals. That's what this album is!
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on 22 June 2008
I've waited a few weeks before writing this review as I wanted to give myself chance to fully appreciate this new album. Sadly, whilst there are some outstanding individual tracks, I do find that the album is unfulfilling as a whole. I agree with a previous reviewer;(from the original US version released Feb 08) for some reason the tracks just don't quite gel together. It seems that there are two different albums here crammed together onto one solo disc. The opening 2 tracks are superb and really got me excited about what was to come. But then it just gets a bit soppy and the 'classical crossover' stuff is a bit lazy and was executed far more imaginatively on Eden and La Luna. For me, Sarah's masterwork was 'Harem' and this just doesn't touch it. I own the UK version of 'All Good Things' by Sissel and I hate to admit it but her version of 'Where the Lost Ones Go' blows Sarah's out of the water. Sissel's version is strong and exciting and conveys much emotion, whereas this version is limp, listless and has been phoned in. It's a real shame as it's been 4 years since Sarah's last release. A lot of this album seems formulaic; the first instrumental intro, followed by the main belter (same as Dive, Fly, Eden, La Luna,), and 'Running' is obviously an attempt to recreate the peculiar crossover that was 'A Question of Honour'. I feel that it doesn't quite work; too europop. However, 'Attesa' and 'Pasion' are lovely, but the real strong songs here are 'Fleurs du Mal', 'Symphony' and 'Let It Rain'. I just feel that 3 songs out of 13 isn't really good enough. I would really like to give the album 3½ stars, but as I can't I have to give it 3 cos I can't really justify 4. It's not a bad album, it's just nowhere near as good as the others. But I agree with other comments; it's worth buying the album just for the stunningly beautiful pictures.
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on 19 May 2009
Ive never really bothered much with Sarah Brightman and I was initially drawn to this CD because of the artwork, which is stunning.

The content of the disk however is amazing. I listen to all kinds of music from killing joke, ministry and christian death through to girls aloud, the carpenters etc. The only music I've never been inspired to listen to was jazz and classical.

Symphony however has changed all that as it totally blew me away. If you buy one Cd this year, buy this one.
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Symphony delivers a mix of gothic rock-chick power ballads, sweet melodies and duets with singers some of whom I would have considered a mismatch but which really do work.

The album's opening track `Gothica' is a short instrumental laden with rumbling thunder and silky synthesiser chords worthy of any rock band's concert intro and immediately creates an atmosphere of expectancy. It glides seamlessly into `Fleurs du Mal' (Flowers of Evil) where the tension is broken by a guitar powerchord sequence and piercing vocal leading into a full scale rock anthem. Add to this a lush orchestra accompaniment and powerful backing chorus and it turns into a fist clenching, head banging classic which any modern rock band would be proud to play.

The theme changes of course, in typical Brightman style, from goth rock to pop ballad (great duet with Kiss guitar/vocalist Paul Stanley), and takes in a little classical music (Mascagni) along the way.

Some tracks will be familiar, like the previously available Canto Della Terra (Song of the Earth duet with Andrea Bocelli - who else?) and some are simply lovely melodies like Sanvean (I am your shadow), a song co-written by Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator theme) and also previously available.

The tracks fit together well, and at just under an hour (excluding bonus track Sarahbande) the album is very playable straight through, start to finish, just like a symphony is intended.

The artwork is delicious, the gothic princess cover theme continuing throughout the gatefold opening sleeve and enclosed high quality booklet.

Sarah Brightman fans shouldn't be disappointed with this treasure, even if it did take five years to appear.
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