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on 12 March 2014
That's right,this is a game with a moral.
You awaken to find yourself in Shibuya where you must fight in a game to get a second chance.This seems straight forward at first but twists and turns lead to friendship,betrayal and understanding that to expand your world you need to meet people,get to know them and although you may not get along you gin an insight into their own worlds.

At first I was sceptical,I saw the gameplay graphics on google and was like....looks pretty bad but it's not,it adds to the charm and fee of the game.The music may get on peoples nervs but again it fits Shibuya,a place where you can be different and no-one will judge you.

The storyline is good and is just what I'd expect from the people that made Kingdom Hearts,though the character design is almost identical to that game in some ways.

For those who've seen the trailer to this game well...it kinda explains alot of what happens in the game but it's the journey and as I said there are twists that will leave you going 'Say whaaaaaaat?!'
I've been playing this game for about 2-3 days and am nearly done with the first run through of it,I'll definitely be playing it again thats for sure.

The overall moral is: Life is short so enjoy every second to its fullest.Expand your world,the world you inhabit does not have to end with you.

Hopefully my review of this game was okay
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on 1 July 2013
What to say about The World Ends With You...

I first played this gem shortly after it came out but it really didn't click with me. The visual style and dialogue heavy narrative certainly aren't for everyone and I was instantly turned off by the tutorial of the battle system.

I returned to the game a bit later when a friend raved about it, and was immediately hooked.

It certainly isn't a typical JRPG and the unique aspects are obvious from the first minute. The game is very focused on telling you a story and aside from the intro (you wake up with total amnesia and are forced to complete in a 'game' or be erased from existence) is best experienced unspoiled as the twists and turns of the narrative are what will keep you hooked in the earlier stages of the game. This story is mostly told through well written if a bit cheesy dialogue of which there is a lot. The characters may get on your nerves to start with but you will truly sympathize with them as you learn more of their backstories.

The combat is where the main disagreement happens. Many find it too eclectic unpredictable and unresponsive. I've had no such issues personally but a brief description is probably a good idea. You simultaneously control two characters on the top and bottom screens. Bottom screen is the more complex of the two with up to six (or three at the start) moves you have selected being available and activated by touch screen commands. You also move with the touch screen and can dash around the 3d environment (all represented with beautiful 2d art of course). The moves range from trails of fire that you drag around the screen to pinpoint melee attacks to ones that involve shouting at the ds microphone (not one I used to be honest). With some limitations on what you can choose to stop some of the more overpowered builds. All the moves have their own usage limits that invoke cooldowns so you can't just spam one attack, it encourages picking sets that compliment one another while fitting your playstyle. That said, I find most people use the standard slash attack no matter what.

The top screen character is controlled by the Dpad or the ABXY buttons (lefties rejoice, this game is pretty much symmetrical) and sees you attacking left or right to build combos in certain ways that allow you to use you super-moves. You also have to dodge / block enemy attacks and certain enemies must be damaged on a certain screen. This is very difficult for a lot of new players to get their heads around but there is an option to have the AI take over the top screen which produces generally good results (enough to complete the main story on normal probably). If you can get the dual-focus down the combat can be excellent fun but it certainly isn't for everyone.

The more RPG-ish elements of the game are intact, but with twists to the formula. Your stats consist of attack defense and bravery. The first two being fairly self-explanatory while the third is the stat that dictates which clothes your character can wear. It often reflects the personality of the character (before you start leveling it up at least) and is a touch I really like. You can increase your stats with food which is digested as you battle, so you can effectively choose which of your stats to focus on increasing. You can further augment said stats with clothing and accessories, which often have interesting effects that slightly alter gameplay.

I feel like I've rambled enough and I doubt anyone is actually going to read the whole review as-is let alone if I add more. So final verdict:

TWEWY is not for everyone, it's a very unique game and in my opinion by far the best thing Squeenix put out in a long long time. If it clicks with you it can be an extremely engaging and satisfying journey with a fair amount of replay value at the end, but you may have to give it more time than most games to really get into the swing of things.
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on 9 September 2011
I bought this game after being told it was a puzzle game but it turned out it was an RPG. I'm not very good at Role-Playing games, I could never really get into them, so for the first few hours I didn't enjoy playing it much. I couldn't get the hang of the battles and I didn't understand what was going on in the story because it was rather abstract. I continued playing anyway and I'm glad I did because soon enough the controls for the battles were becoming easier and the story was actually going somewhere. Pretty soon I was hooked and played right to the end. I think the thing that kept me going in the beginning was the graphics; I love the manga style and the weird character designs. There is a fair bit of dialogue to read along the way but not half as much as some games. Anyway, considering I don't like RPGs I enjoyed this game a lot and would recommend it. If you are not used to playing RPGs, just keep playing it and eventually you'll enjoy it.
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on 5 April 2013
I originally played this game way back when it first came out as a relatively unknown title and have had great memories of it ever since. It well and truly is a stand out title on the DS even today which brings me to why I am writing this review, I lost my original copy of the game and repurchased it on the 21st March and was delivered yesterday (4th April) having bought it through Hit Gaming Video Games based in USA so it was relatively quick delivery considering.
I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good story or RPGs the gameplay is addictive, it has a great battle system which is difficult at first but feels really rewarding when you get the hang of it, there is plenty of Pins to collect which are essentially superpowers to be used in battle which work on a levelling up system, the more you use them, the higher level you will get them and the more efficient they become. Brands of Pins are also effective depending on what part of Shibuya you battle in so if you take a Pin into battle under the most popular brand then it is super effective and vice versa, if you carry a brand that is unpopular the damage that Pin can deal will be reduced, with the twist that if you keep battling with an unpopular brand, you can make it the most popular brand in that part of the city, hence it will become the most effective brand you can use in that area.
This is just an insight into a very small part of the game though, there is plenty more in there to enjoy and I will leave that to you who are looking to purchase to discover, and I highly recommend that you do purchase, you wont regret it :-)
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on 7 September 2017
I first discovered this game yrs ago n fell in love wiv it.
I purchased this n the guide to my collection
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on 7 November 2012
I purchased this game when it first came out so I thought I would share my opinion on it... eventually! A RPG game that has a modern city twist. This is unlike what I have played before (generally Final Fantasy style). It has a very unique story that kept me gripped throughout the whole game! Characters were designed well, each having their own unique personality. Although it took some time for me to like the main character at first, watching the character development was very interesting! Music was catchy, although it can be a bit repetitive at times and there are plenty of side quests to keep the keen gamer occupied after the game! If you have played Persona 3/4 or the likes, this game might be for you!

Loved this game, one of my favourites:D!
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on 29 October 2015
Over hyped
This is not a bad game, is somehow original and has some good ideas.
Yet it's highly overrated.

You can find much better on the NDS, even on the RPG genre.
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on 11 March 2015
One of the best Nintendo DS RPGs out there (and that's saying a lot!). TWEWY is a unique game featuring a cast of colourful and interesting characters, one of the best gameplay system ever and one heck of a story! You might be disencouraged by the special controls, names and styles during your first couple of hours, but it's all worth it in the end! I think this is a must-buy for pretty much everyone, well, maybe not for the youngest.
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on 25 May 2014
The gameplay is challenging (somebody has told me in reverence "that is too difficult for me". It isn't: first time you play there are too many things to consider, and the game helps you if you need help). Beautiful graphics and catchy Japanese pop.
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on 2 October 2013
this game has nice graphics and a really cool soundtrack, the story is kinda unusual but very cool. the gameplay uses mostly the touchscreen instead of the buttons, the top screen is used to to control your partner. fighting is quite fast, but doesn't get boring as you always get new attacks
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