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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Southland Tales [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 1 March 2015
I don't write many reviews but I felt I have to here, naturally this movie won't appeal to everyone as it can come across as truly bizarre the first time you watch it. The first time I watched it I loved it that much that I stuck it right back in my blu ray player and watched it again! The movie itself features solid performances from Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seann William Scott to name but a few plus a truly amazing performance from Justin Timberlake who plays a U.S. Marine hooked on drugs and wronged by the system. The plot is largely based round the book of revelations and the end of the world plus some of Richard Kelly's trademark time travel. The movie also has an awesome sound track which has been produced by Moby and what a selection of bands he has given us which include Pixies, Muse, BRMC and Radiohead and a whole lot more and each track in the movie seems to fit the scenes perfectly in regards to the lyrics and each track further adds to the journey that this movie takes you on. In short I think this film is a true masterpiece which I have just about worn my blu ray player playing so much I hope you don't judge it too harshly the first time you watch it.
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on 3 June 2015
What can I say, if you thought Donnie Darko was brilliantly strange then Southland Tales will leave you thinking this was amazingly strange even if a little surreal, but totally entertaining. I have watched this several times and can't say I fully understand it but I can say I was entertained. The acting is superb, and by far Dwayne Johnson's better performance and Sean Scott has a serious side?.
This movie is a must for any film fan, would recommend, would also recommend watching this 2-3 times maybe more to get a fuller understanding.
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on 8 October 2012
This movie obviously polarizes people into love or hate mongers. Quite the opposite of the three reviewers before me I loved it. I have seen it on disc maybe 6 or 7 times and always try to get people to watch it. I even went out and bought the three 'prequel' graphic novel books that go with the film.

Open your minds, give it a chance. There is also a slightly different 'Cannes cut' which often seems to be shown on European TV. It was certainly the version shown on UK television during the Spring of 2012.
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on 8 March 2016
This is the best film to buy if you like it. If you like any of the actors and want to see them do something they wouldn't usually do, rest assured everyone is somehow superb, in roles you wouldn't expect of them. This is an out-there film though. There are many questions you might have, and then know the answers to on repeat viewing. Absolutely a passion project. And in its sci-fi predictions for the near future you may be surprised by how much of what was the near future turned out to be right... Also amazingly funny and the dramatic tonal shifts just hit the spot for me. If you want an epic you don't have to take too seriously, and also like a puzzle that makes more sense over time, then this is a film worth trying out and having fun with. Give it a go if you like smart and silly stuff together, risqué humour, puzzles or box office flops. Because it's the best of all of those imo. After a couple of ambivalent watches, showing people and discussing it, it gets 5* from me. It may be what you wanted all along...
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on 11 May 2013
The movie is considered to be one of the great modern flops, both critically and commercially, which is a shame as you can see the devotion that director Richard Kelly put into it. I personally find this film to be amazing (flawed sure, but amazing none-the-less) and I immediately sought out the opportunity to buy the blu-ray.

The picture quality is very good, slightly better than the DVD given that the movie was filmed in digital, and each scene shines with gloss. What does stand out is the soundtrack. As always with a blu-ray, the sound quality is very important and here is no exception. Every little sound rings loud and clear and Moby's hypnotic score is a wonder to listen to.

My only qualm with the blu-ray is the complete lack of special features, very disappointing given that this is a movie with a lot of history behind it. I was personally hoping that it would have both the original and theatrical cut of the movies, but it seems to only be the post-Cannes theatrical cut.

Fans of the movie shouldn't think twice about upgrading their DVD.
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on 2 September 2008
So here's the thing, the first time I watched this film I came away feeling a little confused, a little happy and a little sad but ultimately feeling like I had just watched something special.

After watching Southland Tales multiple times I am staggered at how many ideas have gone into this film and actually link up to make it one of the most mind boggling and sheer brilliant films I have seen in some time. I'm not going to discuss the plot as you will find enough of that on here but I will point you in the right direction with some things that aren't apparently obvious.

Southland Tales is a modern day adaptation of the book of revelations played out in a post apocalyptic reality. The characters and scenes play out various set pieces that bear symbolic references to the book of revelations. Southland tales also encompasses a lot of Karl Marx's (famous philosopher) theories about social uprising. Without any knowledge of both of these you can miss the unravelling of Southland tales but still appreciate it for the beautiful film it actually is.

Southland Tales is not for everybody and while some may find it pretentious, I personally found it extremely engaging and thought provoking and in my opinion is a misunderstood masterpiece.
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on 17 November 2008
I can see this getting the same plaudits (from those who lambasted it first time round, no doubt) in 20 years time as Gilliam's 'Brazil'.

An utterly non-conformist, anti-hollywood, anti-film film. Watching it is like turning up at a crime scene. It doesn't make sense until you begin to sift and investigate the minutae. It makes YOU work very hard for any satisfaction and even then, when you think you have a hold of the thing, it will turn round and slap you between the eyes.

Brilliantly flawed, simultaneously profound and completely farcical (there are moments of great comic writing here, brought to cringing life by a cast as diverse as the ideas on show). A flayling, self aware beast that now runs lose on DVD. BEWARE. Observe from a safe distance, make notes and study it's habits. This film will make you look over your shoulder.

Ignore the cynics, embrace the cult and get inside the mind of a bad genius.
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on 11 January 2014
I was surprised when I watched this film, I thought it would be awful with all of the comments saying that it was 'unwatchable' and 'awful'. Don't go by the reviews of this film, view it yourself and come to your own conclusions on whether you liked it or not.

This film could be confusing for some, so I wouldn't recommend this if you're usually used to watching straight-forward films. If you're into films that are a bit different and out there then this could be for you.
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on 8 December 2008
This review only needs to be short. If you are interested in 2012, zeitgeist, the 4th dimension and so on, you will adore this film, and find its plot understandable, fascinating and thrilling. I find a lot of people who have no clue what this film is about, i advice these to either read 2012 or continue renting die hard or legally blonde, as it will make no sense.

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on 22 May 2008
Southland Tales is a wonderful piece of difficult film. I found it immensely refreshing to watch a film where everything isn't handed to you, and the end is merely the final bit you see, with your imagination left to tie up loose ends.
Some here have said they thought it was rubbish, got half way through and turned it off, just couldn't follow what is happening, etc.
I think this simply may not have been their kind of film. Most say they really like Sean William Scott or the Rock's previous films and given that most of these have been utter garbage, something a little more highbrow like Southland may well not appeal, and I must admit, I was pretty shocked with the casting considering the depth of the film, but they all pull it off, and the Rock certainly delivers his best performance to date.
Just like Donnie Darko, watch it twice. I watched it one night, barely got it it, but enjoyed it enough to watch it again. So much more comes to light when you watch it the second time - and the ability to relax while watching it through again, instead of desperately wondering if you have missed something really important - also added to it.
An excellent and original film, with some incredible one liners in it as well (see the Car Advert), make this original, addictive and thoughtful, something that has been almost totally absent from American film making recently.
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