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on 11 January 2017
Over many years ever since childhood I have watched this film many times in several formats. It's a piece of classic fifties Sci Fi and on blu ray it looks great. Although this is a German release it plays in English with no problem. Picture quality is very good given the age of the movie & the choice of disc cover artwork is a fun idea. It's the version of this movie I've been waiting for and I'm so glad to have been able to find it. If you're a fan of fifties science fiction it's a must.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 April 2013
Carl Meacham is an atomic scientist, who after passing a cunning test, gets invited to work at a top secret lab out in Georgia by the rather odd looking Exeter. The project is apparently in the cause of finding world peace, and once arriving at his destination, Carl finds other notable scientists are also there, including the radiant Ruth Adams. As things progress things don't quite add up, and this leads to a realisation that the future of Earth is very much in the balance.

This Island Earth not only divides the casual film viewer, it's also proved divisive amongst the most hardened of sci-fi genre supporters. Some say it's story is barely worth a second glance, whilst others point to a distinct lack of scientific nous as a reason to do the film down. To me I find it to be very much on the money for the era it was made. This film comes nearly ten years after America ended World War II with an atomic attack on Japan, nuclear reactors had been commissioned and were no longer seen solely as a weapon of mass destruction, the nuclear age was prominent and very much a reality.

Yes the film is far fetched fantasy, and it tries too hard to encompass a myriad of plot strands, something which to the younger viewers is likely to fly right over their heads. But the value comes very much in the production as a whole. Marvel at the sets, the model work and the gadgets that feature heavily in this delicious slice of berserker sci-fi. Take in the incredible work of cinematographer Clifford Stine as we find ourselves on a desolate planet, it's a beacon of the genre because it identified the benefits of Technicolor to sci-fi and used it vividly to enhance its story (even if subsequent home entertainment releases have yet to restore it to a print fully worthy of the color venture).

The lovely Faith Domergue and square jawed Rex Reason play our intrepid scientists with verve and vigour, whilst Jeff Morrow is uneasily quirky as the mysterious Exeter. This Island Earth is a technically wonderful film, a shining light from a time when cinema was a craft from all quarters of the medium, it's also intelligent and knowingly astute of its time frame.

Don't believe the nay sayers, this is a smart, poetic fantasy that also contains genuine moments of beauty. 7/10
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on 18 October 2017
Great old sci-fi classic that was truly deserving of a bluray release, but this probably ISN'T the release you've been waiting for. The old DVD version may actually be better.

This German bluray release has been butchered into fake widescreen format by zooming in and cutting off the top/bottom of the print. Passable ... but the result is that some shots appear strange and improperly framed since its inconsistent with the original filming. Zooming the image has also resulted in the film grain being stronger than it should ... especially in the stock footage and foggy airport scenes. The overall effect is a soft image that's not particularly crisp as other reviewers have suggested. Video encoding looks to be very low bitrate.

Although not restored, the print used for the transfer is relatively clean with just a few occasional dust specks. This bluray is fine if you're a fan of the film - but its pretty disappointing. I would have preferred a crisper full frame version or a choice between the two. Although there is a full frame version available on the disk, its SD and has German-only audio.

My purchase, via Nagiry, took almost five weeks to arrive here in Australia ... which is far too long. About a week to post, and then four weeks to deliver. It was beaten (by a week) by other items I ordered from Amazon.co.uk a fortnight later. Nagiry may want to re-evaluate their shipping provider or bump up to the next service tier.
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on 5 March 2017
I have seen this film numerous times and it gets better on each viewing. Up until very recently, this was a rarely available film. Made in 1955 and based on the novel of the Mormon science fiction writer Raymond F. Jones, this is a classic, cold war science fiction treat. The picture quality is good, but not pristine. You can still see the odd blotch or two on the film print, but nothing too distracting. The sound quality is clean and crystal clear. The script is intelligent and imaginative.The effects and space creatures are astounding for 1955, who can forget the giant mutant bug with the oversized brain! The ginger cat in the film "Neutron" was a famous Hollywood leading cat actor called "Orangey" whose other aliases included "Jimmy" and "Rhubarb". Although he had a reputation in Hollywood for being "artistically temperamental" he was a real old trouper and had an extensive film and television career. He won two Patsy Awards (the animal equivalent of Oscars). He played the cat in Rhubarb (1951); This Island Earth (1955); The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957); The Diary of Anne Frank (1959); Gigot (1962); The Comedy of Terrors(1964); and; Village of the Giants (1965). His most famous role was as the lead cat in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961).
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on 19 February 2018
Loved it. I'm no film buff, just wanted a taste of my childhood Saturday afternoons.

Happily surprised at the excellent film quality (if not the science).

Had a bit of a girly squirmy moment when Top Tefal man says to 1 of the 2 scientists sat in front of him, "We want men of vision such as you, Dr". The other Dr was a woman, but she looked as pouty as I was squirmy at that moment so I'm letting that go.

Better graphics than I would have though possible for the 1950's. So hurrah!
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on 1 April 2017
The quality of this blu ray edition is far better than my previous DVD: The higher resolution breathes fresh life into the movie. Very good indeed. Great sound also!
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on 6 November 2017
It's an old film that is showing it's technical age, but even so it is still a classic and well worth watching now and then. There is nothing special on the DVD, no extras but that is not uncommon for a film of it's age. Compared to a modern film the story moves at an incredible pace and there are plenty of implausible and highly artificial components to the staging, but even so it's still fun.
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on 2 December 2015
One of the better sci-fi movies of the 50s a variation on Alien Abduction, well worth the viewing more than once. This HD transfer is in my opinion the best I have seen in a long time. The picture and colour are so sharp you could almost cut yourself. The sound quality is very good considering the improvements that have been make since then. Highly recommended, go buy.
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on 28 February 2016
Above average, just about 50s sci-fi. The main thing is the story line is pretty strong for what looks like a b-flick. Acting wooden, yes, but I don't think it spoils the viewing. No comment about special effects etc - it is what it is for the period and this was at the start of the b-flick sci-fi craze. Faith domergue was strictly b-actor and it shows. The rest are only slightly better if at all. The final point is there's enough here to send your imagination racing which is what the mo it's is all about.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 30 March 2017
I am a sci-fi fan and this film is my second favourite. My 'all time' favourite is Forbidden Planet. Both films deserve special recognition for their unique storylines and execution, which stand the test of time. They are head & shoulders above their contemporaries.
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