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on 1 November 2015
I never thought I would like this series but, with all the weird and wonderful characters throughout it makes every episode jump out at you and say "watch one more". The trouble with that is, you finish the series too quick and realise that after they have all been watched it leaves you wondering why the hell did they stop.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2008
This was the last series of Lexx, presumably the budget was a lot lower, & much of the CGI looks like the digital equivalent of library footage. It's hard to escape the conclusion that the writing team were losing heart a bit by this point - it has little of the literally universe encompassing scale of series 2, although at least one very nasty survivor of the Divine Order does pop up, nor does it have the stunning `Terry Gilliam meets Hieronymous Bosch' production design of series 3, and while Lexx plots never really featured gritty realism, overall there is a serious lack of dramatic tension in all this.

Our dirty three and half from the crew of the Lexx fall to Earth, absolutely literally for much of this series, which on the one hand does supply some endearing touches (the Kingdom of the Fairies located in the car park of Battersea Power station, for example) but has the effect of giving the whole thing a tone which is more akin to Dr Who meets Red Dwarf (not least because of the appearance of our very own Craig Charles and Hatty Hayridge a couple of episodes in). Cameo roles by all sorts of previous Lexx favourites are much of the appeal of this last series for fans of previous ones: Fifi, Lyekka, Prince and Gigerota are all reincarnated in due course, and good hearted bimbo Bunny becomes US First Lady presumably as a karmic reward for her selfless act on Fire back in series three, although I haven't yet spotted Dieter Laser aka Mantrid in there yet - I think he was dead by then. Hours of trainspotting fun can be had spotting myriad British actors in character parts, but while it is good to see Lex Gigeroff as a porn director this time round, instead of playing one of his usual homicidal maniacs, and Jerry Hirschfield as Dick Dongler, none of this is going to have any resonance for new viewers - God alone knows what anyone who isn't a dedicated fan is supposed to make of it all. Lexx has always had a strong line in sly humour, and this series parodies or satirizes almost everything - Vampires, Apocalypse Now, Re-animator, Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Seventh Seal, the Mummy, experimental theatre, the Waco siege, folk music, heavy metal, you name it ... but some of the `plots' become very tedious (especially the endless swapping of the Lexx's organic key between various characters until you really cease to care at any level) and as a comedy the script simply isn't funny enough. But the story arc of the last of the Brunnen G resolves after four whole series in the very last episode - er, if that means nothing to you, don't ask, go buy series one.

This box set is cheap (and has almost nothing by way of extras beyond a few stills) and very long - 24 whole episodes, but it really is one for die hard fans and completists only
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on 10 January 2014
Bought as a present for a Lexx fan, he loved it!! Item as described well packaged, longer wait than normal for delivery due to it being an import from USA.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2008
Lexx does a good job of reinventing the status quo on the show. The first series was set up, the second series was space exploration, the third presented a vision of heaven and hell, and the fourth brings it to Earth.

For a show with Lexx's worldview of everyone being stupid, or greedy, or perverted, there are a lot of targets in the modern world ripe for satirising. Reality TV, the internet and George Dubya are some of those hit in this series, as Stan (the lecherous coward), Xev (the manhungry hybrid) and Kai (the dead assassin) travel through America's follies, with stop-offs in Transylvania to find the origin of the Dracula myth and Britain for a midsummer night's nightmare. It's not the sharpest satire, about as subtle as dropping a nuclear bomb on Newfoundland (which happens in the show) but is no doubt set to raise a chuckle. The basic idea is that Earth is a type 13 civilisation in the last stages of self-destruction and these urges are played out through the series.

Aside from that, there is a lot of fun to be had from the guest stars. Craig Charles and Hatty Hayridge appear, as does Britt Ekland, the guy who plays Jack Hackett in Father Ted (playing a catholic priest) and the superb Lionel Jeffries make cameos among others.

Some episodes drag a bit, and some aren't as funny or clever as the scriptwriters seem to think they are, but the main cast always deliver a good performance (especially the robot head and Michael McManus as Kai). But it's still sci fi of a colour not being made at the moment and well worth a look for that.
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on 8 October 2008
Little did I know there was a box-set for series 4 after I bought each individual Region 1 DVD (including a new DVD player) just to finish the series.

Season 4 of Lexx has seemed to run out of a lot of its plot from the other series'; going more for a fun feel which doesn't do a great deal for me even though I do remember chuckling once or twice.

This season has nothing on 3, which in my mind was by far the best that Lexx offered.
However, if you've gone all the way through and watched up to series 3, you need this box set. You have to finish it, even though it's not quite up to it's previous marvel it's still Lexx, so it's still a lot more quirky and interesting then a lot of things they show.

I give it 4 out of 5, because we at least get an ending, it's still Lexx and still got all the characters we love.

P.s. Don't watch the last episode of series 4 when you're drunk, you'll ruin it for yourself because you'll just get confused and not really know what's happened.
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on 30 March 2009
Lexx was a diffrent kind of SF. It began with a secuity guard called Stanley Tweedle, a love slave Zev, a dead assassin Kai and a robot head stealing the most destructive power in the two universes - Lexx, a giant insect that can destroy planets.

Series 1 was very dark, with much brain eating. Series 2 was very dark, with much extinction of planets. Series 3 was the best of the lot with the Lexx being trapped between two worlds Fire and Water. There's a lot of dead people reappearing and not a little similarity to the heaven/hell scenario.

Series 4 finds the Lexx above Earth. Here many actors reprise to a greater or lesser extent their roles in series 1-3. There are some marvellous touches like the female estate agent (realtor) who becomes pope, and the evil Duke is around to add to the fun and mayhem.

Throughout it all there is the terribly irritating US President (this time it's made up, not one of the real like corkers) and his increasingly grating first lady, Bunny.

Lexx 4 takes swipes at a number of movie and TV genres; vampire, Japanese monster, teenage slasher, English folklore. At times it descends into Carry On bawd - for example the robotic carrots that burrow into the human body through the fundament. At times it is quite witty and touching, but mostly it feels like a bad episode of "Third Rock from the Sun".

If you want to see Lexx (and it's an experience!) then go for series 3. If you've bought series 1-3 then series 4 will be a disappointment, but it does at least provide an end.
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on 2 February 2009
I have all 4 seasons. Season 1 was good, 2 and 3 were great and season 4 is just terrible. They are on earth and the stories are boring and waaay too silly. I know Lexx has always been silly, and that was fine, but there comes a point when its just too far. The story writing is poor. All sillyness and no plot. The president and bunny are just irritating. It's a shame because season 3 was actually approaching quality Sci-fi and although it was crude and daft in places there was still attention paid to a decent overall story. What a departure from that season 4 is. I could moan on and on but suffice it to say that watching this was more of a chore for me than an enjoyable experience.
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on 10 June 2009
Stan is funny, but Kai is hysterical.
All through the series I have thought how funny Stan was, but it dawned on me in this final series that it was Kai that had me in stitches all along.
So many funny scenes & the dead don't xxxx statements.
Kai & Zev as trees..merrily merrily...funny as sin.

It was very sad that the series came to an end. It was a unique one of a kind. Maybe they will make a new series some day, although I wouldn't build up my hopes.
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on 13 April 2016
Unfortunately did not fit in with my Lexx collection, and was the wrong aspect ratio for my TV.
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on 14 July 2011
Für Leute die vorherige Folgen mochten ist es absolut zu empfehlen. Schade dass es nicht auf Deutsch übersetzt wurde und nicht mal englische untertitel hat.
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