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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2009
What can I say. The original was hands down my favourite game for the 360, the 2nd installment builds on this and makes the follow up my new favourite 360 game.

The campaign is double the size of GOW1, taking me over 10 hours to complete on single player. The campaign takes you through numerous environments from fending off locust in the heart of Jacinto, to taking the battle to their undergound lair on the back of a brumack! The array of weapons has greatly increased with additional arsenal. The mulcher is my personal favourite, ripping any enemies apart that you pont it at.

The creators have added some brand new enemies as well. You finally get to fight a brumack that was so missed out of GOW1. There are a number of different variations of the boomer now, ones with flamers, shields, mulchers etc.

I seem to remember the original's story line wasn't quite fluid - through most of it I didn't understand exactly why I was trying to get to where I was told, but the gameplay just absorbed me. ~This time the storyline is very flowing and kept me captivated.

Horded is another great new addition - play with 3 friends on a ,ultiplayer map fighting off 50 waves of increasingly hard locust. One word of warning though, if you seriously want to finish this mode, set asside an afternoon at least - I got to level 20 which took me 2 hours!

To conclude, this is an amazing step up from the original and I would not hesitate to recommend at all. Can't wait for number 3!
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on 17 September 2014
Marcus Fenix and his COG buddies are at it again. This time it is up to them to capture the Locust queen and bring her to justice. It's a mammoth task, and quite frankly, she is a little reluctant to being taken by a bunch of smelly marines. Humanity hangs in the balance, as the Locust horde look to take the last human stronghold of Jacinto and crush the resistance for good.

The story and script are miles ahead of its predecessor, putting character development in the driving seat. Marcus and his crew don't feel like meat heads this time, which reflects on the darker tones of the narrative, yet doesn't shy away from injecting a little humour.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
GOW 2 sets a new benchmark for video game production. The end result is simply mind blowing. Character models see a notable improvement, bodily proportions have been revised and look less bulky than that of the previous game. The world of Sera may look ugly with rusty browns and dull greys, but it's all visually striking. The dynamic lighting works it magic to bring environments to life, this is indicative of many gloomy settings still powerful enough to suck you in to the surroundings. The opportunity to visit the Locust's underground world showcases beautiful art direction and imaginative levels.

It's one set=piece after another for players. Bullets will fly everywhere, things drop from the sky, entire buildings collapse and big ass monsters pursue you at every turn. The scale is just ridiculous, attempting to pull your gaze into the distance at all times. The gore effects are even more disturbing this time, chunks of flesh scatter everywhere and bodies are left dismembered in the most gruesom of ways. The Brumaks are the new boys in town, giant freaks with large mounted weapons. Don't stare too long at one, or you'll become its dinner. The soundtrack excels yet again, complimenting the action with intense music.

The collision detection undermines the visual sparkle, leaving many objects to vanish into one another.

The fundamentals of the series remain the same, but the cover system has been tweaked to increase responsiveness and give the controls an added smoothness. New weapons are thrown into the mix to bring further destruction and Locust tearing carnage. The mortar is a real treat as it fires a number of explosives into the air and rains down mayhem upon any poor bastard underneath its attack range. The added variety of enemy types create diverse combat situations, and upgraded A.I. Will definitely keep players on their toes much more. The Locust are much more daring and unafraid and getting up close with their rusty chainsaws.

The feel of war is overwhelming throughout the game, supported by relentless action and inevitable death if you aren't mindful of the step ahead. Storming from cover to cover is still the meat of the experience, but the level designs present complex challenges and open up battle areas. Vehicular sections are excellent and make up some of the most satisfying moments of the game. Players can jump into a large tank and set off on a journey of destruction, annihilating enemies and any other obstacles standing before them. The biggest relief of all is that squad A.I. Is auto managed and not player controlled. This streamlines the experience and keeps your buddies toe-to-toe with every move you make. Since everything is bigger and better, why not throw in some boss battles too? Epic Games have responded and delivered! Giant creatures rampage at you, leaving you to fight to the death if you are to come out alive. In some cases you'll be getting better acquainted with them when your inside their bodies.

Enemies lack balance and can take a long time to be put down, which can be frustrating when some of them are a little too overpowered. Why were the Berserkers omitted from the enemy line-up?

Epic Games have delivered one hell of a sequel. Improving upon the first game in nearly every category. The story is deeper, the visuals are sublime and the gameplay is action packed. This is what all third-person sci fi shooters should aspire to be.
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on 10 January 2011
I remember seeing the TV adds for GOW2. They looked fantastic. The game didn't quite meet my expectations but none the less it is still a very good shooter.

If you have played the first GOW, you will feel at home with this one. It is set 5 years on. In fact, there is nothing radically different about the sequel. Pretty much more of what you got from the first one. Most of it is set underground but the combat, weapons and controls are all the same. I am not sure whether it is better than the first game. The controls seem a bit heavier and sluggish. However, if you like blasting the bejeezuz out of alien creatures then there are few games that can top this.

Horde mode is a good addition. You trawl around the map killing a set number of locusts. The number of which increase each level. Good simple fun.

Can't say the same for the multiplayer. It takes an absolute age to join in a game. Most modes are round based and don't feature instant respawns. You have to sit it out until the next round and that is downright boring. Then you find that the rather clever cover system gets in the way in the heat of the moment. One of the most frustrating MPs I have come across.

Get this primarily for the single player experience. Even better, play the first game first. Well worth it.

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on 12 February 2016
It's a brilliant game, as all of the series are.
Well written, well designed and highly addictive.
Very easy to play.

Seller wise - arrived the evening of the day I ordered it.

Thanks very much
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on 13 December 2008
Without doubt the finest single player game I have played for the 360. It has a great immersive storyline with numerous intertwined subplots and regular breathtaking cutscenes that had me hooked. There is more variety in gameplay compared to GOW 1 with alot more vehicle scenes and challenges which are a welcome break from just duck and cover shooting. The game is also reasonably challenging and requires some patience on higher difficulties. There have been a number of new innovations building on the first game including more vehicle action and the introduction of mortars and shields and a constant flow of objectives other than just shooting everything in sight and some interesting new bosses which are all highly challenging and different. I have been playing for 10-12 hours on the second highest difficulty and still haven't finished the game and the single player is alot longer and more varied than its rival Halo 3 which to be honest was much shorter as I completed it in under 8 hours on the higher difficulty.

The enemy AI is very impressive and all enemies are capable of dishing out serious damage and killing you and there is a superb variety unparalleled in any other game which really make the game stand out from the rest. From grunts with shotguns, boomers with rocket launchers, flying reavers, Kantus that automatically revive dead teamates, tickers that carry explosives on their back, snipers, soldiers with flamethrowers, soldiers that ride on the back of strange two legged creatures, soldiers with exploding arrows and grenades. All of the enemies require different strategies to beat and quick thinking and reflexes are required when you have a horde of different types of enemies coming at you from all sides and it is much more varied and challenging because of the range of enemies.

Overall I think they have taken the first game which was very good and rather than just sit on a tried and tested formula they have added new innovations and ideas to improve gameplay as well as having a more complex and emotional storyline to make the finest single player game currently available for the 360.
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on 30 July 2016
Considering the raving reviews this got ever since it came out, I thought I would be as addicted to it as I was to, say, Halo, but sadly it didn't do it for me. It is definitely not a bad game, I just couldn't really get into it for some reason.
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on 21 November 2012
I like to say this game now is kind of boring really shooting, ducking at the same things all day and these is nothing elso you do in this game only that.

I would like it if you can do something elso for a change this just makes these games the same nothing new and frankly Iam bored with them now.

Advice this is just repetitive shooting over and over, you like it but after hours and hours you feel bored with this game and think you should do something elso in the game.
Since this game is only about running to the next area and shooting hordes of bad guys this slows the game down when you running to a lot of areas miles beyond where you are, it's only works better if you can drive a jeep but this game does not let you.

Well in a game I want to be able to do multi things in a game like drive or something.

As the mulitplayer go's I had no idea on it most people are complaining about it being not so good on this site since I don't have the internet on it yet so I won't even know about the whole mulitplayer.

Gameplay looks all too much like the other game go to an underground level kill monsters there GOW 2 get's a half man for good gameplay but nothing really that will make you jump out of your chair full of excitment.

This game is only limited to what you can do.
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on 24 April 2012
Now the story of Gears becomes more contrast.
In the first adventure you fight the implacable enemy, but the background was not so clear.
This changes a lot. You get in deeper contact, see where they live and get an idea, that you do not know
everything you should know.
The missions are very entertaining, filled with awesome landscapes, caves and the game-play is flexible like
in a good James Bond movie. You not going around, reloading and shooting until the enemy is dead. You participate in an adventure.
You walk, you drive (car and boat), you fly, even crawl around in a beast to kill it from inside.
Yeah, it is not for children. That much is clear. But the game is not living based on the brutality, this is part of this war.
Also you have no luck shooting blind and aggressive around. You need to find cover, shoot clever and know the nature of the enemy attacking you.
Otherwise you really need to decide which part is the best of you lying there dead... ;-)

The Graphic is a huge step better than in the first part. But this does not mean that the first part is bad.
Following a high standard this is a new master piece.
Sometimes at the beginning of a new level/part I stand there looking around the caves or the landscape and admire the amazing work.
The Handling is a role model for shooters. Aiming, shooting, walking, running.... even when you are new to gears, you should get used to it in no time.
Finding your way is easy. You got clear signs where to go. I like that. Searching and searching for an exit is boring and frustrating.

No negative? Well, the tasks are not very tricky. It is pushing a button or using a switch. A Jedi would say "This works also on a weak mind".
Getting to this button could costs some weapon-work. So the focus is on your skill handling the weapons and moves.
Also I missed sometimes the ability to jump.

But I'm convinced: You take that, you like it!
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on 3 February 2009
From the moment the game begins you know you are about to experience something special. Gears 2 is the closest a game has come to bridging the gap between games and movies; from the off the gamer is immersed in the story which is intelligently scripted bringing the humour of the first game but also adds more depth to the characters of Marcus and Dom. At one point I even nearly shed a tear - well maybe I did but just a little one! As with the first game you get your moneys' worth with five chapters of game play.

The only mild criticism I would make is the lack of challenge towards the end of the game; in this respect the first game was better with the final battle against Raam. In all other ways Gears 2 is far superior to the original which as my friend summed it up perfectly: "Gears of War was just to learn the controls in preparation for Gears 2!"
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on 6 November 2008
As my Xbox Amazon Clan friend's can confirm I got a copy this truly amazing game last night and I don't think there will be many people on the fence about this game as it is arguably the biggest exclusive game of year ....unless little Sack boy takes the world by storm that is?. Anyway .......

I don't think there are any Xbox owners out there that have not played the brilliant Gears of War (1) it was the one of the best 3rd person action games I have ever played! BUT it did have its flaws a far too short single player experience and an almost non existent story! If this really effected anyone's enjoyment of Gears 1 then you will be glad to know they are the main areas EPIC games have improved this time around. Gears 2 has been promised to have a good 2 hours on the game length of Gears 1 and a far more fleshed out story and having playing just an hour of the single player, I can confirm that EPIC have certainly seemed to have made good on the latter.

These promises are not the only improvements on Gears 2 the rest are very subtle to begin with...... the game opens with a narration by locust Queen bragging that the lightmass bomb from the end of Gears 1 had done nothing more than kill a few of them and well "annoy " the rest.. So the locusts are just as strong as ever and are still attacking! The first act see's Marcus, Dom and the gang in a hospital that is under attack by locusts.... Now from this opening level you could be forgiven to thinking that this was exactly the same as Gears 1 and hold no new surprises. BUT- After this short epilogue and GEARS OF WAR 2 logo is displayed on the screen, you start the next act and the real sequel emerges!

The start of the next act shows why this is not Gears 1.5 its Gears x 10 ...... the scale of this game is amazing as are the set pieces, the graphics are just stunning and so colourful, they make Gears1 look dull!
The main game play has really took the idea of "What saint broke don't fix it" yes you wont need and training levels here (although there is a chance to train a rookie if you wish). This game uses al the strengths from Gears 1 and builds on it, there is slightly wider range of weaponry, and the guns (including the brilliant lancer) seem more accurate and sound a lot meatier, even the locust's weaponry is better (makes u not mind picking them up when ur COG ammo is dry, like I said the changes are subtle but make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Yes this is the single player experience that will shut the mouths of any Gears critics out there, also as you all know this excellent campaign can also be enjoyed with a mate in co-op! (edited)

Multiplayer- I have not tried this yet, but as the pre release review below has stated, all your favourite game modes are there along with the new Locust horde mode ...... This looks awesome up to 5 Players have to fight off wave after wave of Locusts' ...... brilliant!

I just right this as my first impression of Gears 2 so apologise if its not too detailed, but I'm sure you all want to find out about the actually game first hand, I will just say to anyone that loved Gears 1 you aint seen nothing yet!

Gentleman start your chainsaws!
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