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on 16 September 2017
Very effective... especially as I find ALL "anti-fog" swimming googles (both cheap and more costly) eventually lose their anti-fog film/effectiveness after a while...
Re usage: spray on swimming goggles at least 5-10 minutes before you go swimming - I usually let the spray dry completely - creating an invisible film. Then rinse goggles THOROUGHLY before wearing them and going for swim.
Note: I may have got a little bit of skin irritation around my eyes from using this spray, but can't be 100% certain it was actually this product that caused the irritation.... ... This could have probably been avoided if I had rinsed the goggles really thoroughly before wearing. Just a little warning tho for those people with sensitive skin/eyes... (Hence the 4* review)
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on 15 October 2017
I was impressed by how well this product works.

My expensive Michael Phelps goggles were so bad at fogging up, I was considering replacing them. I had to rinse them every few lengths.

After using this product, I didn’t have to rinse them out once for an entire session!

The big downside is that it didn’t last long. After three swims, the goggles had to be sprayed again. Exposure to sea water seems to make more frequent retreatments necessary.

This is a good product, but without a longer lasting effect, I can’t rate it higher than 3*.
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on 11 July 2017
Love this stuff, works very well. I used this for the first time recently and would never head into the water again without it on my mask. Snorkelled extensively for 2 weeks in the Mediterranean and didn't have one single issue with fogging.

Goes a long way too. I used for 2 weeks on 2 different masks and when we came home I reckon we'll get another holiday out of the same bottle.

If you use it right, this will do the job. The is process that worked for me...

1. Take your mask out and clean off any residue from sun tan lotion or dirty fingers with a dry towel or cloth so your lens is clean and smudge free.

2. Rinse in the water, one quick dip will do.

3. Shake off the excess so its still wet but not full of water.

4. 2 or 3 sprays inside your mask on the lens (obviously!).

5. Swish around the residue to make sure the lens is totally covered then leave it aside for a couple minutes and let it sit on the lens.

6. Dip in water for a very quick rinse, literally in and straight out. You don't want to rinse it all off.

7. Mask on and away.

On this trip I taught my 10 year old son to snorkel and expected his mask to fog like a sauna window given he's never breathed through only his mouth before. Used this on his mask too, didn't fog once.

Happy days!
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on 17 October 2017
I bought this antifog spray to use for my Samsung Gear VR headset. I found that when I put the headset both lenses would mist over and not go away. If this was going to happen during summer, when the temperature difference is minimal, it was only going to get worse over the colder months.

I decided to test the efficacy of this product, so I went ahead and put the headset on with no treatment. Before the front menu in Occulus loaded the lenses had already misted up. I removed the headset and wiped the lenses using a microfiber cloth, then put the headset back on. Lo and behold, they misted up again.

I then sprayed the Cressi Antifog spray onto the lense, one squirt each, and gently cleaned the lense surface using a microfibre cloth. There were some smears on the lense, but if you wait for 30 seconds this will evaporate off leaving a streak-free finish. I donned the headset and voila, no misting! I managed to play a game for 30mins - 45mins before I decided to take a break, and still no misting up! I noticed that my forehead was a little sweaty and the lenses were still crystal clear.

On the next day, I did find that the lenses would mist up so you need to re-apply this spray. With one squirt in each lense, this bottle should last a long time.

All in all, I am very impressed with this product!
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on 28 May 2017
Was sceptical about the effectiveness of this but it has proved itself. I usually use it every couple of swims; squirt on each side of the lens, rub in then wash off. Can then do a swim session with virtually no misting.

Of course, you could do the ol' soap trick.
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on 1 March 2018
At first i was highly skeptical about this, having watched my beloved new goggles lose their anti fog properties while swimming at the local pool, however this stuff is exactly what it claims to be... its brilliant if you follow the instructions.

I spray this stuff into the inside of the goggles while getting changed, then work it into inside surface of the lens with my fingers for a minute or two... then leave it for a couple of minutes (there will stil be liquid inside the lens and thats ok) then once in pool i swish the gogglkes in the water and put on..... swimming with no fog! happy days
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on 8 April 2015
I'm an endurance swimming - working out at my local pool 6-7 days per week. Maintaining good visibility is essential in my training sessions which can span 2+ hours at a time. This spray does the trick - a quick spray on each inside lens and a gentle rub around with your index finger to ensure even coverege is all it takes - I then leave the spray to work for about a minute whilst I pack my locker and rinse the goggles in the pool before placing them in position for the swim ahead.

My first bottle lasted ~6 months and had no hesitation in ordering another.

I've used this spray with various Aquasphere / Speedo and Zoggs Predator goggles. The regular Zoggs Predators with the smokey or blue lenses are perfect - however, I am yet to find anything that will keep the mirrored version's lenses clear (please post if you've found anything that works!)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 May 2016
For anyone who hates spitting in their snorkel mask, this spray does the job for them. I often struggle to spit effectively into my mask, and find it fogs up anyway. The actual liquid is fine and stops your mask fogging, and gives the lenses a nice clean too. But the bottle mine came in didn't actually spray. It wasn't worth sending back, so I'll decant it into a cheap generic sprayer, or just unscrew and use the end as a dropper. The bottle is quite long, which can be annoying if you need to take it with you and find somewhere to stow it. It's a bit big to go with you in a neck pouch. Overall, I don't think this is worth paying out for.
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on 17 February 2017
I tried to use this on the inside of my car, i applied it all and then tried to wipe it off, i got it so my windscreen was very clear. However next time the car frozen i had ice on the inside of my windscreen due to this.

I think it would work fine somewhere you can wash it off after application, but not suitable for the inside of cars unfortunately
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 March 2016
I bought this to prevent my Gear VR lenses from misting up and I had mixed views. Maybe the plastic on the Gear VR isn't compatible with this product but I had hoped for slightly better results. As I was using it for something other than intended I can't say per se that it doesn't work but it certainly didn't make a significant difference on the VR lenses.
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