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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2008
Big fan of the original trilogy and the Night and Dawn remakes. Dawn of the Dead remake was great IMO and the story, acting and new speed zombies were really good. This new Day remake has the super fast zombies and they even run along the celling a la Alien and exorcist 3. They also have the army and a zombie called Bud, just as the 1986 movie. This however is no way as good as the original and bears little to the original.The problem is this story is a cross between 28Days later and Day of the Dead (orig). Its a virus not rising dead! Mena Suvari was really good and was easy to see she was the a-list (although she's probably not that) compared to the rest of the cast. I give this 3 stars as I'm a fan of zombie horrors and although this isn't like the original or the recent Dawn remake, it was still enjoyable to watch. I have the special edition and the extras are also pretty good.
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on 18 August 2008
Twenty three years since the cult classic day of the dead was originally released now this pitiful excuse for a film rolls round.

A small town in Colorado is put under military quarantine as a strange disease is spreading around, as the hospital fills up people start dieing and turning into zombies, a small group of survivors band together in an attempt to escape the city uncovering a conspiracy against the town on the way.

This film bears absolutely no resemblance to the film which takes it name, instead what we get is a cheaply made, poorly acted,awfully scripted mess. The single highlight of the film is the escape from the hospital as head rolls but the film soon resumes its dullness, it might have been okay if all the films 'original' ideas hadn't been done before and better.

Unintentional hilarity ensues, watch Ving rhames eat his own eyeball!, witness vegetarian zombies! witness horny zombies wanting to get it on with the living!, watch a bunch of witless 20 somethings spout off awful one liners, be dazzled by sub par CGI, be amazed that all zombies now posses the abilities of spider man! And if one of your friends turns into a zombie? Tie him up and put him in the back of the car and no one has problems sitting next to him.

If you want serious zombie horror check out Dawn of the dead or Rec, if you want campy fun check out Planet terror or Flight of the living dead. There's no reason to see this but if you must a definite rent rather than buy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2015
A town is infected with a virus that turns the populace into flesh eating creatures. A hardy band of survivors fight to stay alive...

Regardless of comparing it to the Romero film that shares the same name - since not all remakes suck - this is just a bad film. OK! It can maybe be argued that the makers here tried to reimage Romero's zombie formula, by having the zombies here be supernatural in style, rage like in execution, and the gore is impressively shed. But sadly the characters are uninvolving and annoying, with actors either sleepwalking through their roles (hello Ving Rhames), or badly miscast (hello Mena Suvari).

It's a drunken one night stand of a movie, it looked like it might be fun at the time, but come the morning there is just headache and shame. 3/10
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on 14 October 2013
The original "Day of the Dead" was a cult classic with "Bub" being the world's most favorite zombie. This movie did not follow in line with the original except for the fact they had one friendly vegan zombie. Nor did this movie follow the logical sequence of "Night of the Living Dead", or "Dawn of the Dead." Instead it seemed more like a bad prequel for "Return of the Living Dead."

The zombies in this one are not dead people coming back to life, but rather live people infected by a virus. They don't walk slow. In fact they move around a bit like the vampires in "Twilight." It doesn't take a head shot to kill them either. If you recall the research done in the original "Day of the Dead" explained why the head shot was needed. The movie starts out as a 5 star production. The character interaction was good. The plot and subplot ran close together. The slow scenes, needed to build plot, were done well as they were aptly inter-spaced with action scenes. I broke out the popcorn waiting for a modern zombie classic to unfold. It never did. Once the zombies came into being, the movie quickly degenerated into a "B" zombie movie. I always wondered what the guy at America AM in Colorado looked like. I wish they could have worked more wacko conspiracy theories into the plot before they ruined it.
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on 26 May 2015
I've just watched this on the horror channel and was curious to see the reviews on here about the film.
Ever heard the one about it's that crap it's good? Well this is the case!
The acting's (if you can call it that) rubbish. The storyline is tosh and the ending is quite pathetic. Still it has it's moments where you start watching it and think hang on i'm curious to see how this film filters out.
Well for starters the so called zombies aren't zombies at all just crazed hyperactive mutants. But no wait a minute let's go with them being zombies!
These zombies can run (you know a bit like Forrest Gump)! They have the ability to actually use guns too (ah a new intelligent concept for the modern day zombie....very clever!) They can run walk on walls and ceilings (wow fantastic!!).
But hey that's not all, wait for it.......this one's orgasmic........A VEGETARIAN ZOMBIE!!!!!
Really!!? What an ingenious concept to a so called zombie movie.
All in all a truely low budget movie with no acting ability but compelling viewing. If you like gore blood and mutilation in your movie yep you do get that thrown into the mix. So much so i've just ordered a copy of the movie, i enjoyed watching it now and no doubt have a re-run after a few beverages and enjoy it again.
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on 5 May 2008
If like me you love all things Zombie then this version of Day of the Dead
2007 is worth watching. It is not a follow on from Dawn of the Dead 2004 and in my opinion is not as good as it either, even though Ving Rhames stars in it (briefly), but it is still well worth watching and you should ingnore all the moaners who be-little everything that is not G.Romereo, the god of the zombie genre (although his latest offering Diary of the Dead was disapointing). The Zombies are a little different than the norm but I think they work well, if you like zombie films then you have probably seen some real stinkers, this is not one of them, give it a go.
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on 12 May 2009
Zombies that can crawl upside down on the ceiling and jump through the air like spiderman, combined with zero plot and bad acting is the perfect cocktail for one of the worst movies I have ever endured.

This does not stand up in anyway against the original George A Romero movie of the same name.

Don't waste your money.
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2008
***Be warned before buying this DVD - 'Day of the Dead (2007)' isn't a remake of the classic George A Romero movie***

I generally quite enjoy zombie movies with the Romero" Dead" movies, the Evil Deads and the 28 Days/Weeks Later movies being amongst my favourites, and not having read the reviews here (my mistake!) I was fooled into believing that this was a remake of the classic 80's movie with the same name, but I was wrong. What we have here is Hollywood big names Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, among a cast of nobodies, some pretty bad special effects and a very unoriginal and uninspired storyline, resulting in a very bad, straight to DVD movie that is so poor it gets to the point where it is completely unwatchable.

The story is basically a small town gets infected and turns it's residents into flesh eating zombies. These are not your usual slow-moving, low responsive zombies though - these guys can run (something seen fairly commonly in zombie movies in recent years), jump, even crawl along the walls and ceilings! Rhames and Suvari are army generals to a non-existant army (where are they?!) that are trying to stop people leaving or entering the town and once Suvari has to take her sick and infected mother to the hospital, that is where all hell breaks loose.

Overall this is a low budget and low intelligence horror movie that should be avoided no matter what! There is absolutley nothing about this movie that would make me recommend this awful piece of rubbish to anyone.
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on 27 August 2008
As a fan of the Zombie genre myself I was very interested to know that this remake had gone into production. Having also seen a rough cut trailer on the web I was happy to see it has attracted back Ving Rhames to appear (as a different character to his Dawn remake of 2004) as well as Hollywood Hottie Mena Suvari. Having named talent involved is surely a sign of potential quality in the movie itself?? Apparently however this is not the case. This was supposed to be a pre-summer season horror blockbuster of 2008, but has now been dumped straight to DVD. Don't get me wrong - this is still an essential purchase for me - anyone who has the original George A.Romero DVD's, Night of the Living Dead remake, Dawn remake, Shaun of the Dead, Auzzie DVD Undead, 28 Days/Weeks Later, House of the Dead I & II, Resident Evil etc... should, of course, add this to their collection - these pictures always find their natural home on DVD anyway. But with the director being the same bloke who directed Halloween H20, Friday the 13th 2 & 3 and (ahem!) Lake Placid - you know that you're not going to get Scorcese! The Trailer gives you impression that you'll get the regular blend of gore, chasing, screaming, shooting, explosions and people having sex just before something bad happens, but there's nothing really wrong with all that is there?

Despite the movie being pulled from a theatrical release and dumped straight to DVD, the movie is actually not that bad. In fact it is incredibly good fun! Some of Director Steve Miner's visuals are quite stylish and the action moves along at quite a fair pace. But he doesn't have the class of Zack Snyder, and is clearly trying to replicate the success of Snyder's 'Dawn' remake by having the infected capable of incredible acts of physical agility(running, jumping, climbing), quite difficult if your supposed to be dead wouldn't you agree?! You can see why the studio decided to release it on DVD; there are only a few standout moments; Ving Rhames' character takes an early bath as he gets torn apart in a hospital corridor before appearing moments later as a crazed zombie without any legs! Ha Ha! Also, and prepare yourselves for this; an atypical underground military research bunker in the style of the Resident Evil movies, makes an appearance! It wouldn't be a zombie movie without one!

Amusingly enough, this movie exactly resembles the type of picture that was spoofed recently by Robert Rodriguez's zombie pastiche Grindhouse picture Planet Terror. In closing; this is a Friday night Beer and Pizza special. Watch only for a good laugh!
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on 14 October 2011
Seriously, Survival of the Dead was made for less than half the cost of this film, yet is well acted and enjoyable. This on the other hand, is clearly a cash-in on the popularity of the Zombie genre, with added recognisable stars to help generate at least some sort of box office revenue. It hasn't worked. It is a terrible disappointment. Please don't buy it.
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