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on 2 April 2017
Very slow....ZZzzz
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Having just seen Ti West's The Innkeepers, I wanted to check out some more of his cinematic wares. Trigger Man is one of West's earlier films, and I cannot say I'm very impressed. With the exception of the special effects, this was a thoroughly amateurish film that feels unmercifully long at a mere 79 minutes. If you've ever wondered how important music is to a film, watch Trigger Man to find out how bad things get when you have to watch long, boring sequences with no musical accompaniment whatsoever. It's just brutal. The very worst thing about this movie, though, is the camera work. Apparently, the whole movie was filmed by a child who just received his very first video camera. The camera never stays still; it's always zooming in and out without any rhyme or reason, panning around pointlessly, or shaking like a bad singer facing Simon Cowell.

The plot (what little there is) is supposedly based on a true story. Basically, these three city guys go out for a day of hunting. This translates into interminable minutes of them walking through the woods, sans any music whatsoever, with two of them intermittently complaining about not having anything to shoot at. These woods, I must note, happen to lie adjacent to a park trail, so it's not exactly the best place to be shooting off guns, anyway. Eventually, the guys take a beer break near the edge of the forest, right across from what appears to be an old, abandoned mill. Suddenly, a shot rings out. Thus begins our three incredibly annoying characters' struggle to somehow stay alive and escape from an unknown sharpshooter determined to kill them. You would think this would lead to some tense, emotional moments - but it doesn't. If you're like me, you won't care who lives or dies or who the killer is - you'll just want the movie to hurry up and end already.
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on 25 November 2014
Like many of you, I came here because I watched House of the Devil. I read the reviews and, like usual, I ignored them in favour of making my own mind up about the film - that was a big mistake.

I can't say what the budget was, but comparing it to other no-budget movies set in the wilderness, this was actually well made. Sure, the camera work is poor but if you compare it to other 'killer-in-the-woods' movies it's not so bad. The same can be said about the cinematography and the sound. It's hard to make judgements about the acting because there's very little done - Trigger Man could have been done using a mute ten year old playing with 2 action men figures. This is 45 minutes of 3 men walking through woods and talking. Followed by 3 minutes of 2 men scrambling through woods and screaming. Followed by 1 man stalking through woods and buildings. The end.

That said, I watched it to the end and I have sat through many worse films (Date Movie, anyone? Scary Movie 4?...). There really isn't any reason to watch this unless you're a fellow film-buff who wants to catch up on a director's early work and even then there's no real artistry here.
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on 1 June 2015
I make short films and this is so bad on so many levels. No music it feels like big brother at times with nothing happening after 20 minutes I turned it off. storey line is beyond bad. What makes this film really bad is the very poor camera work i could do better hand holding a camera drunk very little use of a tripod is used if at all. If they did camera movement was easy too see. So what i can say is a lot of student films are better than this I would avoid watching this having worked on amateur projects and feature films this is the worst film I have seen in a long time.
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on 4 January 2016
To be honest I cant give a proper review because I couldn't watch more than the first few minutes due to the camera work which made the film unwatchable .It amost seemed like it was ad libbed and the cameraman was on medication or didn't know how to shoot anything other than in the style of those annoying sensodyne toothpaste ads.
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on 26 April 2011
Plot. Three guys go to the woods to do some hunting.
The first half is very slow character driven but with a title like this you know that something is going to happen. Except nothing does. Just after half way. BANG. Violence out of the blue and the film does a complete change into a survibal thriller.
Not a lot I can add without giving away what happens except that there is little dialogue. I thought it was interesting low budget film making and I know it will not appeal to many in the way it has been presented. Boredom is just that at any time in a film but here it's just too much for too long.
Extras include 2 coms, Q&A, stills. Scandinavian Release from Another World and is the same as USA release.
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