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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£11.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 23 March 2017
Not bad
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on 8 October 2008
This game is great as long as you don't try to compare it to COD 4.

COD 4 is serious and trying to get the gamer gripped into a situation.

Bad Company is a much more relaxed, fluid game. The controls are still easy but the emphasis is more on fun and blowing stuff up rather than dramatic music killing a world menace.

Your NPC comrades are great fun, all taking advantage of stereotypes. You have a computer nerd with specs, a sarg with attitude and a hill billy, red neck who has some of the funniest lines of dialogue I've come across. I was actually laughing at some of his comments during the game, which is rare " i've got this cousin who's got a great voice but a face like a can of dog food!" All the while buildings are collapsing around you.

The game AI is not super intelligent and sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous when it takes 2/3 of a clip to kill one guy but at the same time they don't walk though walls like other games.

The destructive element of this game is excellent, you are actively encouraged not to use doors to enter houses, "just blow a hole and make your own.

Overall, the whole idea behind this game is too have a laugh. Its a great red neck adventure.

I wish i had brought it on release as the multi player is excellent.
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on 30 June 2008
...it won't let me.

BFBC is a brilliant game and let nobody tell you it's not. It's not perfect, but contrary to the popular belief niether is COD4. What's amazing about this game?

-The stand-out moments here aren't the same as COD's. You create your own here so they also won't be the same as EVERYONE else's.

-Destructive environments allow you to be creative with the way you attack situations and this really is SO much fun.

-Destructive environments also means that replaying scenarios is infinately less tedious. Playing COD again is good but this will be a riot on the third go.

Weapons and Sound - Again variety is the key. So many weapons to try out and the sound - modelled in real-time - is amazing!

What sucks?

- It seem that if you include destructive environments you HAVE to put explosive barrels EVERWHERE. I don't blame DICE for wanting to showcase this as much as possible but I think they should have been little more frugle with the placement of explosives.

- The health system is WAY to forgiving. Being able to jab yourself with a needle every 10 seconds and get 100% health back makes the first half of the game far too easy.

- Eagle eyed enemies! You wouldn't need the health system to be forgiving if the bad guys couldn't see you through trees! This is very annoying. You do spend a LOT of time trying to find guys that you can see on the radar with no trouble.

Definately more good than bad - showcase by the fact that I've spent the majority of my waking hours playing it since I got it last Friday, and will definately be giving at least a second run through!
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on 8 July 2008
The single player mode is fairly enjoyable but the online multiplayer section of this game is unsurpassed. Sure 'Call of Duty 4' is a great multiplayer game but you are limited in what you can do and I found it didnt have the longevity of 'Bad Company'. In this game you can use helicopters, drive tanks, use artillery and the depth of what you can do make this a superior multiplayer experience to anything that has preceeded it. In multiplayer mode of 'Battlefield: Bad Company' you get the feeling you are actually in a battle, more so than any other game. I expect this game to keep me hooked for some time yet.
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on 3 July 2008
Bad company is a brilliant game. The single player aspect isn't spectacular, but the multiplayer is something else. So to start off, the battlefied franchise has never been well known for it's single player campaigns. This is the first one to incorporate a real story and it's not done too badly. I think it introduces you to the controls, damage systems and the gadgets of the game quite well, but to be honest, I wouldn't buy it for the single player alone.

One thing I will quickly go into is the new frostbite engine, allowing you to blow up pretty much anything. This system is great.. the 'novelty' of it all wears off pretty quickly, but once you sink your teeth into the online mode it becomes second nature and seems hard and annoying to imagine a game where you can't just blow up the wall to get the guy who just ran in. It's not 'groundbreaking' but it's a lot of fun and very very useful online.

So the main part of this review then is the multiplayer. I'm a big fan of Call of Duty 4 but I truly think this is, dispite it's niggles, a lot more fun. There's not a lot of modern online shooters that are good for the new generation of consoles, so I'd say the current competition is between this and call of duty. But Call of Duty is simply nothing like this, whilst it concentrates on fast and furious gunplay, bad company is a bigger package. Although at time of release there is only one game mode and 8 maps, the mode simply doesn't get boring and the maps are massive, all lots of fun and contain a lot of variety within each one.

You will be able to drive jeeps, tanks, boats and helicopters. These vehicles all behave nicely enough and when used correctly can be devestating. But the great thing about this game is the balance between all of the classes, vehicles and weapons. Tanks can be deadly, but the specialist Class can run up beside it and plant C4, only to run a few feet away, click the remote control and experience a great explosion (one of my favourite and most satisfying moments of the game). Obviously there are many other ways to take out vehicles too, such as mines, tracking guns which can be used with or without rocket launchers, airstrikes, artillery and even stationary rocket emplacements.

The game online just feels right. When you get to grips with the classes and weapons, you can swiftly deal with any situation thrown at you which is immensely satisfying. All of the vehicles, levels, destruction and such just combines to make every match unique and provides all sorts of experiences that no two people will have. It's a game where you rush to tell your friends about the ridiculous sniper shot you took where you hit the helicopter pilot in the head.. there are just so many priceless moments. If you've never played a PC version of Battlefield, this is something you NEED to experience.

Now on with the various online rankings and unlocklables, something that makes these sorts of games very addictive and rewarding. Unfortunatley I don't have 100% positive things to say about it all, but keep in mind it is by no means bad and I only have niggles of comsplaint. Firstly, there are only 25 ranks and I am already the top one, which only requires 37000 points (I average 400-500 points per round). As you progress through the ranks you will be given credits you can use to unlock extra weapons and equipment. I personally had a problem where my ranks were displayed incorrectly, but I have not found anyone else with the same problem. Some of the unlockable stuff is essential and a lot of fun. There is an extra 'thing' you get when you reach the top rank which gives extra longevity but I will leave that for you to find out.

On top of rank, there are 120 awards consisiting of trophies, patches and wildcards. You will be awarded these for all sorts of things and they vary tremendously in difficulty. About half of them are really easy to get, whilst the other half consist of some near impossible to achieve. It's dissapointing there is not a wider variety but they do give incentives to try different classes and such. One of the final great things about this game is the dog tag collection system, something I don't think I've seen in an online console game but deffinately something that's been long awaited. When you knife somebody, you collect their dogtags which depending on who you get will award you with a different number of bonus points. You can then look in a menu to see all the dog tags you've collected which shows the persons gamertag, timestamp, rank and quantity of tags. If you're anything like me, you will be frantically trying to sneak up on people and knife them.. it becomes very addictive.

Bad Company is great. I really really like the online and I think it's as good or better than call of duty. Well, if not 'better' then a lot more fun with more variety. It's not perfect and currently there's a lot of niggles that are dampening my fun.. but if you like online games and especially if you're getting bored with COD4 and GTA4.. this is game to deffinately check out.
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on 12 March 2009
The USP of this game is, of course, the destructibility of its environments. While this may seem gimmicky at first, it does play a tactical role in the game. For example; pinned down in an urban environment? Rather than brave the streets (and inevitably be gunned down) blow holes in the walls and make your own way through the sides of buildings and flank the enemy. Genius, and great fun. Also of great use is the ability to call in mortar strikes (similar to the airstrike on COD4, but rather than being restricted to 10 uses and only on 1 level, in BC it's unlimited) to clear out hard targets.

Downsides are; because you respawn with any enemies killed staying dead (rather than in most games where when you die, enemies respawn too) tactics are largely irrelevant - you can simply play it like a war of attrition, as a one man kamikaze army. Also, in terms of weapons, while they sound brilliant (better than any other game I can think of) you will probably end up playing the majority of the game with an AK (with or without grenade launcher) as they are plentiful, and there is little benefit in experimenting with other weapons. Occasionally a sniper rifle is useful, but that's about it. It gets a bit dull in that sense.

In conclusion, while COD4 is a better game (objectively, in terms of pulling you in and engrossing you in the story) after you've played BC you will sorely miss the ability to destroy your surroundings, and hiding behind indestructible cover while bullets bounce of it, now feels ridiculous and highly unrealistic.

At £15, this is a MUST BUY for FPS fans.
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on 20 November 2008
I have read some bizzare reviews of this game, including ones where they complain about grainy graphics ? I played it on a 40" Samsung LCD TV and the graphics blew me away. It looks fantastic and gives real immersion factor. The vistas are almost photo realistic at times. Being able to blow builings up is great fun and never gets tired.
In places it would be impossible without your health injector that means if you take care you never die. But I don't like to be frustrtaed by my games with constant deaths so I really like this feature.
The sound is awesome throughout, the weapons varied and excellent to use. The vehicles massive fun and the specialist items such as precision airstrikes and mortar strikes are brilliantly executed. The controls are excellent very smooth and intuitive, the game is just brilliant fun throughout.
Your fellow soldiers are at times hilarious, I loved the storyline, loved some of the epic battles, loved the fear I felt whilst being chased across a golf course by a tank wondering how I was going to kill it, until I remembered my airstrike tool.
This is my favourite xbox game yet, liked it more than COD4, Gears of War, etc and I haven't even been online with it yet.

In some reviews I've read people complain that they can only blow parts of buildings up, well one day when the technology is there full devastation may be possible. Some say the story is lame, what? its a videogame not an oscar contender. Finally the demo doesn't really do the game justice, it's far far better than even the demo which I thought was good.
I loved it, and if your a fan of shooters I think you will to.
How many games where you have a flying sequence allow you to land your heli anywhere and get out and continue the fight on foot ? Not many I'd wager.
Loved it loved it loved it, reallly hope there is a sequel or at least some other games using the fantastic game engine.
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on 16 June 2008
Well, the single player demo is excellent, the characters are well rounded, the dialogue amusing and very sharp, and the voice acting spot on. The multiplyer is great fun too, and I haven't had any of the lag issues that have plagued others.
A lot of people seem to want to compare this to COD4 (another great game), but they are quite different. COD4 is a serious FPS, Bad Company is a bit more tongue in cheek, but still very well delivered.
Will I but COD5 when it comes out? of course, and I'll buy Bad Company as well, because it isn't a COD clone, it is different and it's a hell of a lot of fun.
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on 7 April 2009
Great game. Multiplayer has a steep learning curve for newbies but once you get going its a blast. Be patient and prepared to die a lot.

I downloaded the demo on release and didn't give BF:BC the chance it deserved. Probably cause I'd wracked up about 22 days multiplayer on COD4 and wasn't ready for a radical change.

That said, I wish I'd taken it up sooner because now I'm the noob and am experiencing death on a whole new level.

In multiplayer you play in 2 large teams (up to 24 people I think). The teams are broken down into squads of 4 and in theory you're meant to work with your 4 man squad to help achieve your objective. If your playing Gold Rush you either defend or attack crates of gold. Sounds easy, but it ain't!

Theres nothing worse than going online and having no idea whats happening. My only recommendation is to type "Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer hints" into google and read one of the gamer guides. Theres a lot happening during matches and a few hints make a big difference.

I highly recommend this game, especially if you need and alternative to the other game I won't mention but have already played to death!
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on 10 September 2013
ill keep it short and sweet

this game rocks seriously, im not comparing it to anything else like cod or halo because its just sad, this game was created to be its own game

the most stand out part of the game is the sound without a doubt, the guns and explosions sound exactly like they should, they sound so real, call of duty sounds are lets be honest s*** but this game takes it to a new level, you will want to try every single weapon just to see what they sound like (not a lie, you will)

the story is good, a different take on a military shooter, no end of the world plot with a race against time to stop a nuke, its about a group of soldiers that instead of facing military discipline are transferred to a unit where instead they become cannon fodder, first in, last out in the most dangerous parts of the war, they then go on to uncover a plot and rescue a military dictator while running from the US army in the hunt for a famous mercenaries gold.

the characters are great, unlike other games where you can go through the story without laughing, this game will surely make you laugh, there is sarge who is a tired veteran so close to retirement, pvt. haggard a red neck who likes explosions, pvt. sweetwater who is a wise cracking smart ass and then marlowe (you) who is i guess the more sensible of the group

the story is fun, the sounds are great, graphics are great, you get a very big variety of weapons, you get to use armoured cars, tanks, attack choppers, dune boogeys (all in story) and even a caddy on a golf course

and a big part is when you fire a rocket, grenade launcher or shoot an explosive, it actually makes craters, and blows holes in walls, this is an awesome feature because if your trapped and need to make a quick door, easy done and it just adds to the realism

this game is a blast! try it out, So cheap now aswell
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