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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£13.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 3 September 2008
Initially I was a little dissapointed with Bad Company... after playing Battlefield over the years on the PC I was hoping for more of the same...but the Gold Rush mode just didn't do it for me. I thought it was way too streamlined to be of the Battlefield genre - too much intense, linear game play that didn't really give you much choice for strategy or squad play.

However, now the classic Conquest mode has landed on the scene my opinion has changed and my hours gaming has increased. This is what Battlefield has always been about - freedom to do what you want to do - not to be told whether you must attack or defend! And the whole destructive environment adds a whole new exciting dimension to the gameplay.

Squad play has improved but not massively - you don't get to choose your squad and there is no communication, be it voice or message comms. There's still big room for improvement but hopefully these points will be addressed in further updates/releases.

With dedicated no lag servers, thousands of players online and more maps on the way, the future is looking bright for Battlefield on the PS3!
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on 31 July 2008
Battlefield as series I can't really comment on I have played Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and it was excellent, so when I heard lots of good things about this game I decided to download the demo. I played the demo though mmm its ok was my comment and deleted the demo. Fast forward 2 weeks and I have £20 voucher to use nothing else that caught my eye, so I bought Battlefield: Bad Company and I am just so glad I did.
Yes like all games it has it flaws which ill get out of the way cause ill be brief, the graphics are a touch underwhelming when comparing them to FPS Holy Grail COD4, but they are by no means Haze standard either. After playing this on Xbox 360 I must say that that edges are sharper on PS3 version, the draw distance is fine and the game has some great touches. The AI again is little off not on the enemy they are very sharp and sometimes lethal, it's your usual moronic team mates who couldn't hit a barn door with a cow. But for professional soldier like myself it's not really a concern.
That's real the only negative aspects I can say about the single player, after all I have not finished it yet but it appears to be a very decent length, the vehicle handle very well. This is also goes for the vehicle mounted weapons you can really feel the power. The sound of the game deserves a special mention, guns sound just like you imagine they would, when shooting in doors the sound echoes and vibrates off the walls very clever
. The DICE engine that game is built on works very well too, walls can blown away trees uprooted and knocked over, game really feels like a war zone, and the knowledge that trying to seek cover in building can be useless as the building can be blown away around you. Yes the level of destruction is fun BUT sadly the destruction is not perfect or that realistic, as some walls can be blow down and some can't?? If you try and blow all 4 walls of a house away you hope it would collapse yes...mmmm sadly no it doesn't. Yes it would have been nice to sneak up on a building full of enemies put charges on the 4 walls and watch the roof crush them, oh well this is nit picking. The story seems pretty decent if rather basic, you're in band of miss fits the poor simpletons that the army bungs together in B Company, but the bunch of miss fits manage to find secrets deposits of gold.. ..What do you think they are going to do with it!............ If the story sounds familiar you may have seen a certain movie.

So yes the single player game is very good and I would advise you to play it before playing it online simply because the online is very very addictive. To begin with I wasn't overly impressed as there is only one game mode Gold Rush! (don't worry too much other modes are to follow via a free DLC) The good news is even though Gold Rush is basically an attack and defend game it is a very very good one. The game fields are massive and take 5 mins just to walk from your base to the action, don't worry you can spawn with your squad but you could be spawning into a heated gun battle. So you may want to take one of the many awesome vehicles available, humvy, troop transporters, Buggy, Tank, Big Tank and helicopter all heavily armoured and very fun to drive into battle, with your mate manning the guns on the back. Your team will take turns attackers and defenders, when your attacking your objective is to blow 3 gold deposits up, each deposit consists of 2 cases consisting of well ...gold. The attackers must get to the cases and plant explosives, once set the defenders have 30 secs to diffuse it. Once the pair have been destroyed the attackers can now spawn from that location with more reinforcements, and the map opens up even more and the next 2 cases appear on HUD. If the attackers destroy all 3 locations they win. No prizes for guessing the defenders job, the attackers only have a limited number of reinforcements (spawns).
The graphics are exactly the same as the single player as is the ability to blow walls apart it all goes to make a great game, there is no better feeling than being a squad of tanks crossing over fields heading towards the defenders, or staying back hiding in a building back at base with a 50 mm Calibre sniper rifle.

There will be obvious comparisons with COD4, but it is a different game than COD4 and makes a nice change for those of you that are a little COD4'd out, the vehicles and game modes, destructible environment makes it different enough to COD4 to warrant the extra purchase.
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on 25 July 2008
First let me point out that comparing this to COD4 is pointless, they may be both FPS but they both have different strengths. COD4 is more realistic and while Bad Company is also a war FPS its amazing but on a different level.

The story in BC is quite unique and humourous, by now you probably know what the story is about, 4 guys are in Bad Company, a group that is the cannon fodder for the enemy before the rest of the army goes in. During a mission they stumble upon a mercenary group and find gold. So basically it starts from there with many humourous conversations and situations that follow suite. Single player is excellent and never gets boring.

You start off in a location on the map, the maps are pretty big by the way, and you have objectives to complete until another portion of the map is available to you, the red section of the map are no go areas. Objectives may ask you to eliminate enemies or destroy something, the objectives follows this sequence most of the time but it never feels dull.

The graphics are pretty impressive and environments are expansive and detailed and almost everything is destructable, save some stone structures and building frames. Believe me causing massive destruction never gets boring. Explosions are also pretty impressive.

Weapons are very important in this game they sound awesome and each one feels different than one another although I felt some weapons I didn't use in singleplayer as the areas you fight in mostly require you to use long range weapons like light machine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles, but each weapon can be put to use somewhere it would of been nice if you were able to equip to different weapon types but nevermind. You can only equip one weapon at a time, which isn't as bad as it sounds. Also with each weapon come equiped with either grenades or launchers or some other hand gun. You can also aquire devices such as C4, rocket launchers etc to aid you in destroying vehicles or objectives which is a nice touch. There are alot of weapons too and most of them can be used in multiplayer aswell and firing at nothing just to hear the sounds never seems to get boring lol.

Vehicles are another main feature of BC such as boats, helicopters, APCs and tanks although you could get by without them they do make life easier and the enemy are much tougher when they acquire them.

The emenies in BC are pretty intelligent and use cover etc. They can also fire at you from miles away almost always landing a hit and they rarely miss. Some people have gripes about this but to me it dosen't matter as it adds more of a challenge and your health syringe is unlimited anyways. Yes the syringe, the only health item you have which takes 20 seconds to refill so you can use it again. Makes it sound like a cheat but I kid you not with aenemies almost always lnding their shots on you the syringe is a neccessity.

I haven't played multiplayer much but it was quite exciting. Theres only one mode at the moment, Gold Rush, but theres another one coming i nthe next patch. Basically your either playing as Attackers (attacking the boes of gold) or the Defenders (guys who defend the gold hold back the Attackers advance). Theres 5 classes, each one having different types of weapons and devices aiding the team in someway such as healing your team or repairing vehicles etc. As in singleplayer players can cause destruction across the battlefield destroying buildings, potholes etx and vehicles. The maps are pretty big too.

I had doubts at first about but I was not disappointed, this game is a must have.
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on 7 June 2008
This game is amazing! Ive played the demo and I'm hooked. You really can destroy anything and the addition of gold rush ( the new game mode) makes it really worth your money. Everything works brilliantly and the action is non-stop. Everything happens so fast!!! The number of ways to win matches is huge. Anyone who likes this game (or doesn't) should play the demo, it really is brilliant!!!
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on 18 May 2009
hav just finished playing bad company and must admit i was very surprised. the story line is well laide out and the grafics r excellent .i thought the music was hillarious when they got in2 the vechicles ,but i wished when u mand the weapons somebody would drive the tanks etc .Started 2 play it again cause i cant find all the gold lol.Cant wait 4 bc2
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on 1 July 2008
Ok so the single player, is pretty good. However, the online play is amazing. I personally, think the online play is much more enjoyable than COD4. Trust me this is a must buy for the online play, if you're still not sure then at least rent it!. 10/10!
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on 22 July 2008
Well I have owned this game for 2 weeks now and i have never been so addicted to online play. The more you play and more you progress, the higher the rank you will become. If you want no life, but you want an amazing game, this is the one for you!
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on 28 April 2009
Single-Player is a detailed scenery, lots of humor, many vehicles to drive, different weapons to use, but unfortunately very short.
Multi-Player can gives hours of fun.

Overall a nice game, which lets me hope for a second part.
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on 3 July 2008
So lets get the obvious question out of the way...this is not a COD4 look-a-like nor is it meant to be. If you enjoy COD4 you may or may not enjoy this game. It's has a more arcadey feel, it's a bit more tongue in cheek, it's a bit more explosion happy (it does have more heavy hardware than COD4) and none of this is a bad thing. I enjoy COD4 but I also enjoy Bad Company but for different reasons (I can't flatten forests or buildings with an AA gun in COD4). The bottom line is that this game is an excellent FPS and brilliant fun BUT more online game types are needed hence the 4.5 stars (this will be fixed!)

I've recommended this to all my friends because it's waht a game should be FUN and everyone should stop trying to compare it to COD4!
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on 6 March 2014
I've never really got on with this sort of game, but was just in the mood to go on a legal shooting spree, so I thought I'd give it a bash and if I didn't like it I could always pass it on to my little brother. Well as it turns out, the only way my brother is going to get a go on it is when he comes round to mine to have a game. Hours of fun and vengeance to be had yet!
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