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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2008
2007 had been a very rough year for WWE. So many of their top stars were getting injured, many more were involved in a drug scandal and there was the horrific, unfathomable Benoit tragedy. And just when it seemed things couldn't possibly get any worse, John Cena, the company's biggest star and then-WWE Champion was injured.

Watching the 2007 edition of No Mercy gave me the impression that WWE weren't gonna take anymore misfortune. They took a really bad situation, and used it to produce one of the best pay-per-views of 2007. With the WWE title vacated heading into the show, things kick off with a true bang, as a fantastic opening segment sees Vince McMahon award the title to Randy Orton, (who this time was more than ready for/deserving of a world title reign, unlike in 2004), and Triple H coming out, which sets up our first match.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. Triple H
The opening segment, the shocking challenge of HHH, and the impromptu nature of this match REALLY got the crowd into this, and for the viewer, it's impossible not to get caught up in the excitement yourself. This is a fantastic opening contest, made special by the circumstances and its straight wrestling nature. The outcome here doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I welcome it wholeheartedly given how long it's been since we've had a HHH title reign, and that this is only the first chapter of such a well-crafted storyline. The only thing that overshadows this is the main event. (8/10)

6-Man Tag Team Match
Jeff Hardy, Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Mr Kennedy, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
An unexpected bonus and a cracking one at that. All six guys are true, proven talent that all together put on a exciting, fast-paced affair. The action in the final moments is truly red-hot and although this'll sadly fade away into obscurity, it really is an absolute blinder. (8/10)

ECW Championship Match
CM Punk (Champion) vs. Big Daddy V
On paper, this had the potential to be very interesting. And if this was TRULY ECW, then it really could've been a quality David + Goliath hardcore encounter. As it is, this is just a squash that is insulting to watch. CM Punk is the sole reason for watching the ECW brand these days, and does the title true justice. And for him to be subjected to this is just sad. Forget this...and any hope left for the ECW brand itself. (3/10)

MVP & Matt Hardy Pizza Eating Contest
This whole completion thing between Matt and MVP has been nothing but pure comedy and entertainment. It's added so much to a great feud and this is certainly no exception. Great mike work from MVP as always and much kudos to Hardy for playing his role so well again. Only question is...when's the ultimate U.S. title match gonna happen between these two? (9/10)

WWE Championship Match
Triple H (Champion) vs. Umaga
A match that had already been scheduled for No Mercy prior to the WWE Championship situation, now made even more interesting because of the storyline. This is a good bout that once more showcases Umaga for the monster talent he is and Triple H's ability to compete. Not as special or as memorable as the other title matches but still a fab part of a great storyline. Umaga should be given the title at some point, I think. (7/10)

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Another fast-paced, action-filled bout on this card, which is typical to SmackDown!'s quality. Again, nothing really memorable or classic, but still a superb outing from both men. Aftermath is very well pulled off, which gives the rivalry a little bit more intrigue. (8/10)

WWE Women's Championship Match
Candice Michelle (Champion) vs. Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix is a great women's wrestler, and has really shone with her Glamazon character. And Candice Michelle has really improved and earned the title. This match, though, is basically your average women's match. That's not saying it's bad, but compare this to their match at Unforgiven and you'll notice the drop in quality. Worth watching, good outcome, but nothing to get overly excited about. (5/10)

World Heavyweight Championship Punjabi Prison Match
Batista (Champion) vs. The Great Khali
The best match out of the whole Batista-Khali feud, but that's not saying all that much. The Punjabi Prison is an interesting gimmick but one that's not really realized its full potential yet. This match is slow, drags on at times, and pretty uneventful. However, Batista makes an effort to carry the very limited Khali and instead of being a disaster, the match actually turns out okay. (7/10)

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match
Triple H (Champion) vs. Randy Orton
The final act of the master scheme to get Orton over as WWE Champion. The second time these guys face each other in the same night, HHH's third bout of the night, Orton's second, and the THIRD Last Man Standing match of 2007. Cause for concern? None whatsoever. This is a brutal, exciting classic that is the high point of the whole show. The Game puts the Legend Killer over in a HUGE way by doing business the RIGHT way. A historic affair with a credible conclusion and the correct one at that. Match of the night. (9/10)

Extras are rather good, here. Consisting of a report regarding Cena's surgery, a Batista interview and a GODLIKE segment the following night on RAW featuring Orton celebrating his WWE Championship and the shocking return of one of the truest legends of all time.

No Mercy 2007 is amazing in that it does so much more in ONE NIGHT to make the whole Orton/HHH feud a resounding success then it did in all those wasted months in 2004. This is an absolutely awesome show. Although flawed, it's classic for the brilliant WWE Championship storyline, some fabulous matches and some pleasant bonuses along the way. No question, this is an essential purchase.
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on 28 September 2010
WWE No Mercy 2007 is perhaps my number one favourite PPV of the year 2007, alongside with SummerSlam and the Survivor Series.

1. Randy Orton vs Triple H (WWE Championship) 4/5

Great match to start the pay-per-view off with a newly crowned WWE Champion by the name of Randy Orton. Orton was approached by Triple H for the match and with a little joking around with good ole Vince McMahon, led to Triple H getting the opportunity and led to the end of this match ending with a new WWE Champion by the name of Triple H.

2. CM Punk vs Big Daddy V (ECW Championship) 1/5

Poor match and should not have been placed on the match card as the match lasted like a minute. Big Daddy V just took the opportunity to hurt Punk with a few splashes and elbow drops.

3. Batista vs Great Khali (Punjabi Prison Match for World Heavyweight Championship) 3/5

Good little match, though not a huge fan of the Great Khali as you can imagine the size of him. The match was kinda brutal as the Punjabi Prison was used by the Great Khali to punish Batista, though it was Batista who prevailed as the winner and still World Heavyweight Champion.

4. Rey Mysterio vs Finlay 3/5

Fairly decent match though not brilliant. I have to say that it was pretty clever of Finlay to fake an injury, to where he beat up Mysterio pretty bad after the faked injury.

5. Triple H vs Umaga (WWE Championship) 3/5

Triple H's second match of the night to where he faced off against rival Umaga, with the WWE Championship on the line. Triple H started the match off well, though got overpowered by the brutality of Umaga who was at a close stage of becoming WWE Champion. Though Umaga made a huge mistake of falling into a Pedigree and Triple H remains the WWE Champion.

6. Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix (WWE Women's Championship) 3/5

Great little divas match with Beth Phoenix leaving No Mercy as the new WWE Women's champion for the first time in her WWE career.

7. Randy Orton vs Triple H (Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship) 5/5

For this being Triple H's third match of the night, he was about to face the ex WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. I have to say that this is one of the best Last Man Standing matches that the WWE have done and this one was brutal from start to finish. I have to admit that Triple H was out of it when Orton hit the RKO on top of the RAW's announce table and that was it, "here is your winner and new WWE Champion, Randy Orton".

Best Match: Randy Orton vs Triple H (Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship)
Worst Match: CM Punk vs Big Daddy V (ECW Championship)
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on 16 September 2009
Let me preface this by stating that I know many people will disagree with that statement. However if you DO disagree... you are simply a person who is 100% wrong. Randy Orton is the greatest source of WWEntertainment of all the times, and tonight was the man's night.

This is surely one of the only Pay Per Views which has a one-rivalry story told right the way through (other than perhaps No Mercy 2000, which plugged the completely disasterously abysmal Rikishi-Austin match). For a fan such as myself who had, at that time, been waiting for Randy Orton to be given the opportunity to carry the company for WAY too long, seeing him holding the newly-awarded WWE Championship above his head while the pyro went off wildly behind him (much to the blatant disapproval of the majority of the crowd) was a truly ecstasy-inducing moment. The fact that it technically happened on my birthday as well (The Pay Per View was broadcast at 1am October 8th in the UK) only added to the joy. Triple H, the wrestler who my friends and I were begging not to be introduced as Orton's opponent (He has a history of making Orton look like a fool by beating him 99% of the time) swanned down to the ring, and after some admittedly hilarious interaction between HHH and Vince McMahon (at that point an Ort-vocate), we have...

Stage 1: HHH vs Randy Orton (c) for the strap. You could tell they were holding back their most ingenious ideas for later on in the night; nevertheless, these two had a fast paced back-and-forth, PPV worthy bout. HHH ended up dramatically increasing my hatred for him by beating Orton in about 11 minutes. The crowd predictably lapped up this garbage.

Stage 2: An infuriated Vince remined Triple that they had advertised a HHH Umaga match, and that was exactly what they would have - with the added stipulation that the newly-won WWE Championship was up for grabs.

Stage III (Kyuss reference completely intended there): in the upset of the century!!! .....of course I am only joking, Hunter put him away with relative ease.

By this time I had renounced this PPV as the worst I had ever witnessed.

Stage 4: We see HHH resting up backstage. Vince, in a moment of complete genius the likes of which only he can muster, informs Hunter that Randy Orton (heart speeding up here a bit...) has requested his rematch clause (Oh god please say the words Vince!)... tonight. (AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!) And as per advertised, it will be a Last Man Standing Match. I, at that moment, converted to Mcmahonism. Then, realising who we were dealing with here, quickly renounced my new faith and converted back to The Church of Orton.

Stage 5: We now have the main event - Orton's rematch. I won't go into every detail here, but trust me: it's a goodun. There are several heart-in-mouth moments, clever use of weapons, and a finish that you won't see coming... at all. I think you can tell by the tone of this review who wins.

One word of warning, though: the PAL version cuts out a section of the match where Orton chokes HHH out with a cable. However, it is seamless and even if you know that it is cut out, it is nigh on impossible to see the point where it is supposed to happen (right after the DDT to the chair).

Buy it now.
Buy it now.
Buy it now.
Buy it now.
Buy it now.
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on 11 April 2008
Wow I really loved this pay per view! I was excited going into it at the prospect of there being a new WWE Champion but I certainly couldn't have expected the brilliance in how it happened. The first suprise came when Randy Orton was awarded the championship at the very beginning of the night. Then Triple H challenged Orton for the title and WON IT and this was about the best opening match to a pay per view in history and certainly I think the first time ever that the opening match to a pay per view has been a WWE Championship match! Then Triple H's scheduled match with Umaga still happens but this time for the championship and Triple H retains. And just when you think there's no more suprises Triple H has to defend the title against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match that was originally going to be John Cena vs Randy Orton! And oh my what a match this was, it reminded me of the quality of matches you saw in 2001 especially the stone cold vs triple h 2nd fall match at no way out 2001. I was amazed from start to finish and the crowd heat was great and a neat finish with triple h getting RKO'd on the announce table. It was just all unpredictability from start to finish, the kind i've never seen and likely will never see again on pay per view. The show had other good parts as well including a decent punjabi prison match, a funny end to mysterio vs finlay and other stuff but the wwe championship story made this my favourite pay per view of 2007
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on 27 May 2008
This event marks as one of my favourite events of 2007 but the main reason being that it is a night that belongs to my favourite WWE star so if you hate this guy and i cant say who obviously then this event may not go down well with you,but i think the WWE team played a blinder with this event.
The event started with a new champion who was handed the belt by vince mcmahon,he didnt have to fight for it,cena had been stripped off the belt prior to this and we thought he would be gone for a year.
Triple h came out and contested the new champion and we were off,our first match,it was a good contest and was sprightly and energetic,perhaps a wobbly pin but a good way to get us off and running.
We had a good match next as well,as lance cade and trevor murdoch along with the great mr kennedy went up against jeffrey hardy and paul london and brian jendrick in a six man tag,this match ebbed and flowed and produced some jaw dropping stuff,all the elements needed were present and a great finisher meant that i was very content.
There was a poor match next that didnt even last two minutes when the ECW champion cm punk fought big daddy v,this was pointless and matt striker should really be seen and not heard.
Triple h returned for his second match of the night at vince mcmahons instruction as he went up against umaga,this was a good match,evenly split and aggressive and fought with a lively pace,this had all that you want in truth.
finlay and rey mysterio were up next in a numbing encounter,the brawler versus the ultimate speed machine wasnt always gonna work on paper but they could have tried harder,i found this pretty awful although there was a clever twist at the end.
The womans title was up next as candice michelle fought beth phoenix in a pretty decent match that was possibly better than the match before it.
A punjabi prison match was up next for the world heavyweight title as the champ batista went up against the great khali who couldnt fight in the first ever match of this kind built in his name at the great american bash a year or so before,so it was good to see him feature and he had a good match,this match was interesting because it isnt everyday we see a match like this and it is pretty cool in truth,wasnt an out and out classic but i liked it enough to believe that i will watch over and over again.
A last man standing match followed and what a match it was,honestly it was class,triple h returning for a third time in a match with randy orton again and this was just a true classic in determination and venom spilled forth,i found this to be a match that ripped the face of so many matches in 2007 ,it was highly entertaining and brutal and everything in between,a superb ending to a night that has stayed in my mindframe for a long time now.
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on 1 December 2007
1.Randy Orton vs Triple H WWEC 8/10
2.6 Men tag Team Match 5/10
3.CM Punk vs Big Daddy V ECWC 8/10
4.Matt Hardy vs MVP Pizza Eating Contest 10/10
5.Triple H vs Umaga WWEC 9/10
6.Rey Mystrieo Vs Finlay 7/10
7.Beth Phoniex Vs Candice Michlle 4/10
8. Bastista Vs The Great Khali Punjabi Prison Match WHC 8/10
9.Triple H vs Randy Orton Last man Standing WWEC 9/10
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on 1 April 2010

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Randy Orton 3/5

Mr. Kennedy, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick 3/5

ECW Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V 2/5

Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio 3.5/5

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Umaga 3/5

Women's Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle 2.5/5

Punjabi Prison Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Batista vs. The Great Khali 3/5

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Triple H 3.5/5
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on 20 November 2007
WWE No Mercy 2007

1. Triple H vs Randy Orton- WWE Championship Match

** Pretty Standard Stuff here, entertaining most of the time and a nice finish the 1st of the 3 Series of WWE Title matches we see and a good way to open up the PPV

2. Jeff Hardy, London and Kendrick vs Cade, Murdoch and Mr Kennedy

** This was a Bonus Match up and for the Time given they used it quite well not a bad little match here, good thoughout could of been given a bit more time nevermind!

3. CM Punk vs Big Daddy V- ECW World Championship Match

-* Terrible, it lasted for only about 3 mins and it was slow and boring Big Daddy V is a horrible fat wrestler who can bearly move i feel sorry for CM Punk who was put in this match because CM Punk is the opposite of Big daddy V, Athletic and Quick

4. Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix- Women's Championship Match

* To be honest with you, i'm not really keen on women's matches they bore me so this match didn't do anything for me just eye candy to me it was OK at best!

5. Umaga vs Triple H- WWE Championship Match

** Pretty good match, not very long but it was fast paced and it served its purpose well

6. Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

** Good Match. good pace by Rey and it was a nice little match to watch the Finlay injury scene near the end of the match was done brilliantly.

7. Batista vs Great Khali- World Championship Punjabi Prision Match

** It was a Pretty good match considering whos involved Batista is a OK worker but he's no Taker,HBK etc.. and The Great Khali well everybody knows he's not the best worker i could imagine it now the Worst match in WWE History a Triple Threat Khali vs B Daddy V vs Mark Henry oh God!

Triple H vs Randy Orton II- WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match

**** A Brilliant Last Man Standing Match, Best Match of the Night by far they really took it to the limit and Triple H, what a great worker he is he worked 2 matches all ready and he still managed to pull out a good 20 minute match up at the end, Bloody, Brutal and some nice wrestling in between a Great way to end the PPV

Well No Mercy i thought was a pretty good PPV but HHH and Orton stole the show with there Last man standing match at the end great stuff there the only downside to the PPV was the ECW Title Match and The Womens Title Match but Overall i thought No mercy was pretty solid, i'd give it 7/10
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on 23 January 2015
Good Quality
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on 18 April 2008
There are several things wrong with this PPV, and only the booking really saves it.
First of all some of the matches that were announced on the night had got little build up from them, secondly there was no real aftermaft between HHH and Orton, and finally, where the hell was Undertaker. So you main event a PPV then your no where in the next one. Anyway on with show.....

HHH v Orton - Solid opener.
Kennedy, Cade and Murdock v Jeff and Londrick - this wasn't really worthy of a PPV, more of a Raw match
CM Punk v Big Daddy V - went on for about 5 seconds.
HHH v Umaga - my match of the night, very good and the best match between these two guys.
Finlay v Rey - A generally poor feud with no great matches about from there Cyber Sunday one.
Beth v Candice - WWE Diva's are a joke anyway.
Batista v Khali - Did anyone really think that Khali had a second title reign on the cards? Poor match with two poor wrestlers.
Orton v HHH - Maybe the slowest Last Man Standing Match of all time. You compare it too HHH v Y2J at Fully Loaded 2000 and you'll see what I mean. Credit to Otrotn and HHH for there effort though

Soooooo not a particualry great and not worth the money IMO
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