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on 29 July 2017
This is a review for Commando: Theatrical Cut [DVD].

Okay actioner with some great throwaway comedic lines from both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rae Dawn Chong. This version (see attached photo) has some of the more extreme violence that was removed from previous DVD releases restored - Yaaaay!!

Film ratio is 1.85:1 anamorphic. Audio is DD 5.1. Picture quality is a tad grainy in places, but the colours are strong. Sound quality is fairly good.

One of the Austrian Oak's better efforts. Far better than Raw Deal, Red Heat, Red Sonja, Conan The Destroyer, Twins, Junior, Kindergarten Cop, Jingle All The Way, The Last Action Hero, etc.
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on 4 March 2017
This is the Director's Cut so includes a couple of additional talking scenes/changes.
Has the full tool shed scene (i.e. arm chopped, saw blades damage) although there still seems to be a few seconds missing as I've seen a fuller tool shed scene before!
Maybe that's on the US Director's Cut(?)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 May 2015
The best movie ever just got better! The Director's Cut 30th Anniversary Edition adds extra scenes of dialogue and each death scene is about 1.5 seconds longer, so you get a better look at the violence!

John Matrix is an ex-spec-ops soldier whose daughter is kidnapped by a deposed Central American dictator. He gives Matrix an ultimatum - return him to power or his daughter dies. Instead, Matrix goes on a one-man war against the terrorists!

The film is hilariously terrible and crosses over into the realm of extreme awesomeness! GO ARNIE!
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on 10 January 2015
This is the first time I have written a public review EVER on Amazon, so I hope I do ok. To start with, VERY happy with the delivery time, and quality of the DVD. Always a Plus.

I remember buying this film on VHS years ago, and the scenes mentioned by other reviewers were in it. For example the neck breaking scene on the plane ETC. Well noticed those people. However that was a standard Theatrical version. Where as on the standard Region 2 DVD, these scenes have indeed been cut out. WHYYYYYYYY? Also the reviews for both the Region 2 AND the Director's Cut of this film are displayed on BOTH Region versions. Again WHYYYYYYYY? It gives people the idea that both versions have cut scenes. This is a Director's Cut DVD that I purchased (And am currently writing about) and has ALL the scenes plus more. For example an extended scene in the car when he is explaining to the lady about what's happened to his daughter Jenny, and how little time he spent with her when she was growing up. Also an extra moment near the end when he comes out of the shed and chops a soldier's arm off. If you want the full movie plus other scenes, make sure it is THE DIRECTOR'S CUT you buy, otherwise you are going to be a disappointed buyer. I hope this helps the Arnie Fans out there. Plus those fans of getting the full film you pay good money for. Five Stars for getting it ALL in the film.
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on 31 March 2013
Perhaps the epitome of 1980s action and non-franchise Arnie product, Commando is a very dated and extremely entertaining action film full of great stunts, one liners and cheesy, gaptoothed Arnie goodness. Rae Dawn Chong plays a typical 1980s sidekick with some still-funny one liners (and some real groaners), Dan Hedaya (apparently in shoe polish) plays a deposed dictator from Val Verde (the same fictional Central American country from Predator and Die Hard 2), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Weird Science) plays Bennett, David Patrick Kelly oozes slime as Sully, some guy plays the Richard Crenna-role from Rambo and Bill Paxton shows up in a brief cameo (Arnie killed him in Terminator, and threatened him later in True Lies). All in all, a good cast.

Comic book writer Joseph "Jeph" Loeb was one of the writers of the script and it is probably him who contributed the memorable "rogue's gallery" of villains here - the "evil muscleman" Bennett, the "sleazy white guy" Sully, the "complacent psychopath" Cooke, etc - which makes the film so much fun to watch. The film is nicely situated between spoof and genuine thrilling action. Rather than undermine the film, the comedy here is to reinforce the thrills the film provides and knows you came for.

James Horner's score is quite good in a very cheesy way. While Horner has never done anything original in his life, he comes pretty close here - we can here lots of pre-echoes of the atmospheric militarism of his upcoming Aliens score, along with an extremely catchy melody performed on steelpan/steel drums. Also used are lots of keyboards (obviously), pan pipes (to indicate those of asian descent - really?) and, of course, the most 1980s instrument of all - the saxophone. Overall, it's extremely effective.

The film is definitely high on a list of great action films, from the heyday of excessive action, practical stunts and effects, and barely self-conscious thrills.

The UK Blu-ray is a straight port of the US one. The picture is good - grainy, no DNR. It's not the best picture you'll put on your TV but I shouldn't even need to say that. It's a fantastic HD representation of the film regardless. The sound is even more impressive - the lossless 5.1 really pumps the sound up loud, with only the bulldozer scene being somewhat problematic (tinny! noisy!). This is the US theatrical cut, by the way, uncensored in the UK for the first time since it's cinematic release (though this version has been screened on satellite television too), so we get the axe to the crotch, the severed arm, and the complete tool shed scene. Shame the director's cut, and commentary, could not be included as well, but it's no big loss.
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on 26 January 2017
This item is worth ever penny the film itself is a classic but it being uncut you get more movie witch gives this movie a fresh take... The cover looks great it makes a change just having a paper sleeve in a plastic cover it just shouts quality...
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on 17 May 2015
Commando, R1 DVD, Directors cut, R-rated.
The picture quality is very good, widescreen 1.85:1 (no black bars.)
A perfect action film, clear cut heroes & villains combined with
a genocidal body count. Chock full of violence and robotic
one liners, it's also uncut, the 'arm chop' is here & a smashing
sight it is!. 1985. Galleria/Sunspot.
Directors cut: Run time: 1hr 31mins 46secs.
Theatrical cut: Run time: 1hr 30mins 10secs.
Extras: commentary, two featurette's, stills gallery,
deleted scenes & three added scenes. You also
get the theatrical cut...not that your going to watch it. Champion
slip cover also.
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on 7 November 2017
I saw Commando on TV recently and was sufficiently entertained by the endless succession of corny puns to decide it was worthy of a place in my DVD collection. However, the TV version, oddly enough, was more graphic and there are a couple of action scenes in this version which are abridged. I mention this not because I’m a gorehound but because the abridged scenes don’t really make any sense. Despite this being shown as an 18 certificate, I wonder whether this hasn’t been re-edited to a 15 certificate?
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on 1 February 2013
There was a point in the 80s where these sort of movies came out, we watched them, enjoyed them, then moved on. Then they sort of fell out of favour. On Blu Ray, Arnie is back!

Commando was never Arnie's best film. He moved on from this to Predator directed by John McTiernan, who actually passed on this, and that was surely better directed, better acted and had the better premise. This was Arnie trying a Rambo.

If you watch it with a critical eye you'll see the continuity errors, ask yourself has Bennett (the bad guy's bad man) got a Freddie Mercury thing going on, scoff at the 'Secret Seven' way he and Rae Dawn Chong 'discover' the baddy's hideout by finding a map, co-ordinates AND a photo of the seaplane.............and we all know the yellow Porsche that gets dented, then fixed then dented again...............

You can go on and rip it to shreds.

But watch it with fresh eyes and you start to understand why you enjoyed it. The 'Promise to kill Sully last' is possibly one of Arnie's defining moments. The simplicity is now what makes it a classic joy.

Blu Ray - for a film around thirty years old the picture quality is very good. An early shot let's you see not only Arnie's muscles but the beads of sweat on Arnie's muscles. Sound? I'll be honest and say it's not that brilliant, but we all know this was the point James Horner went all steel drums for a while. Trouble is as the sound systems we have have got better, the foley work (the sounds added after) now start to sound like sounds added after.

He wasn't back: Never spoilt by a mind numbing sequel, Commando does just what Arnie does. Sneaks in, makes hell of a blast, then moves on. Proper pop corn, beer swilling action.
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on 20 July 2014
Four stars!?! You've gotta be kidding me I imagine you may shriek. Well if it weren't for the fact that this version of the film is cut and cruelly cut then my star review would be a full five stars. As it stands one of my all time favourite Arnie flicks is a fairly anaemic and castrated version of an unintentionally hilarious comedy of errors. The dire acting is diabolical and not in the good way. However this picture is extremely entertaining and supremely watchable. The film has some terrific action and nifty explosions. Rae Dawn Chong as the squealing side kick is off the charts a scream. Dependable Dan (Hedaya) makes for a nasty baddie. The henchmen are mind numbingly stupid. The killathon finale is still brilliant but has been unforgivably butchered by the ratings board. Still there's much to enjoy here. Alyssa Milano even bears a striking resemblance in the face to the Phoebe she would later play in the montage pool scene. A -

Update: possible uncut film here
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