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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2008
I first came across this game at a friends house and in a short amount of time came to appreciate that it was a very well made squad-based online shooter.

You have a choice of singleplayer (you're fighting with and against computer controlled 'bots') or multiplayer (you're going against human players) modes. The multiplayer being the main party piece of this game, though I would advise a decent connection first...a mere 56K modem will lead to some infuriating lag.

You start a game in multiplayer (choosing from the myriad of servers with more maps than you can shake a stick at) and are immediately faced with a choice between 4 classes (recon/assault/support/engineer) each with a fully customisable 'kit' that is upgradable as you gain points and progress through the ranks. The controls are straightforward and very easy to get to grips with, the weapons are well balanced (even the fully upgrade ones have their weaknesses, so any new players stand a fair chance) and there is alot to be said about the squad/commander system.

In most other online shooters (even the objective based ones) you tend to end up with two teams aimlessly shooting eachother without any real strategy or effect. Although you're free to "lone wolf" in this game, the real rewards come from being part of a squad and actually following a unified effort to win a map. You have an elected player who acts as a commander at the start of each new map, who is able to issue support to the squads he commands...and as a new player, you can choose to be part of one of these squads, following the orders that the commander or squad leader sets. This gives you extra bonuses should you succeed in these orders and it allows you to move on in the ranks far quicker than if you merely stick it out as a single player. This rather ruins the complaints that beginners are utter free game for seasoned veterans with numerous upgrade advantages, and I haven't found myself at any real loss as a new player.

Vehicles are beautifully done in this game. Controls are simple, you can have some epic duals between different types (each with their own strengths & weaknesses). And there are infantry accessable weaknesses to even the playing field a little.

The EA servers are very stable, any problems I've had have been due to my own connection or ISP (gotta love tiscali eh?). The graphics are superb, though it took me having actually to stop and look to notice this, and even on lower quality settings the game is very playable.

For >£20 in some places, you really can't afford not to give this game a try.
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on 12 November 2009
I've played this game many times with friends or in scrims (clan matches) or on my own, its a pleasure to talk and make friends with people and add them with BF 2142 uber friend system.

It's a online game, only a basic simulator for singleplayer.

It's a team player game, not a run & gun like Cod 4, its not reliant on teamwork but you seem to win allot easier if you work as squads, one of a very few games left which overs mass ammounts of veriety, takes stratergy, huge maps, got a titan mode : google it it's amazing, many vehicles, many different guns and not really any dominant gun.

Very recomended, its amazing unique type of game except from BF 2 which is the younger brother of the game but very different. It's simply amazing.
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on 5 December 2013
I love the setting of this game. The EU and Russian speaking PAC (Pan Asian Coalition) fighting over Europe and the Mediterranean as a consequence of a new Ice Age by the year 2142 is a great way to set a theme for a futuristic battlefield, and both factions look and feel unique, especially the PAC with its floating anti-grav tanks and energy-based weapons both for infantry and vehicles.

This game's singleplayer is even worse than Battlefield 2's, as it only has a handful of maps compared to the larger selection Battlefield 2 offered. Again, there is no story mode or campaign whatsoever, and you simply play against bots in maps too small for even vehicle action. Shame on you, DICE. You could have improved the singleplayer in this game compared to the last, but you actually made it even worse.

What I like about Battlefield 2142 though are the graphics - they are a noticeable step-up from the graphics of Battlefield 2, although it is still the same engine. Everything looks realistic and sometimes I actually prefer the clean looks of this game to the lens flares and glares and dynamic shadows and excessive particle effects of Battlefield 3 and 4.

Of course, the selling point of Battlefield 2142 is the Titan mode. It's a really fun and challenging mode unique to BF2142 that basically places several missile silos on the battlefield, as well as your and the enemy team starting with a titan floating in the sky. The titan is like a mobile base that can only be reached by air transports or APCs that launch pods, and is initially protected by shields that kill any enemy that makes contact with their hull. The faction that manages to breach the opposing titan's shields and then either the hull, or board the titan and breach a way into the control room by destroying all four reactor consoles and then destroying the reactor will win the game. Missiles launched from the various missile silos every two minutes will be automatically targeted at the opposing team's titan if your team controls the silo by capturing it similar to a flag, and vice versa. Captured silos act as spawn points just like the flags do in the Conquest game mode, so intense battles can rage anywhere on the map. You can see on your minimap how close each silo on the battlefield is to launching its next missile, so a strategy to helping your faction win the game is by concentrating efforts on capturing those enemy-controlled silos that are close - but not too close - to launching their missile. This is usually anywhere between 90 seconds and 45 seconds prior to the next missile launching. Capturing a silo too early or too late means you'll have to defend it for the next two minutes before you can capitalize on the capture. It is pointless to capture a silo and hold it only to lose it right before it launches its missile. As a consequence of this, you'll find yourself racing all over the map to get to silos in time before they launch and capture or defend them. Once the enemy titan shields are down, you are put in a dilemma between staying on the ground and continuing to wrest silos from enemy control and defend your own, the missiles steadily reducing the enemy titan's hull, or taking part in the boarding action and putting the enemy titan permanently out of commission in one well-coordinated attack on its reactor room.

Another selling point of the game - one that makes Battlefield 2142 stand out from the other titles in the long-standing franchise, are the mechs. These huge bipedal walkers protected by shields, armor and mounting a devastating array of weaponry are the epitomy of warfare. Much more mobile and more heavily armed than tanks, the mechs can make short work of everything in the hands of a skilled player. However, there are so few of them on most maps that they never dominate the gameplay, and are often not used at all. Both the EU and the PAC mechs have unique weaponry and make for a fun change in gameplay. Jets are gone in this game, but the most dominating and most annoying vehicles are the attack helis because they are very hard to destroy by unskilled players.

The problem with Battlefield 2142 is - especially after returning to this game from many sessions of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 - the horrible, horrible hit detection. You can literally empty an entire clip into an enemy's chest a mere five meters away from you and he'll often still be alive long enough to turn and face you, drop to one knee and kill you within one second of return fire. And at other times, you'll find yourself go from 100 health to 0 health within a fraction of a second not knowing who or what hit you. And finally, the fact that unlocks take so long means you'll find yourself facing players placing sentry guns and, perhaps the most annoying thing ever, anti-vehicle mines that actually move toward vehicles and bring it down. It is these moments that make the gameplay incredibly frustrating, compared to the relatively straightforward shooting mechanism of more recent Battlefield games.

All in all, Battlefield 2142 is a solid game, but sadly due to its horrible trainwreck of a singleplayer (more so than BF2) and subpar mp-only 3-map expansion pack Northern Strike (compared to BF2's Special Forces), it just feels like a hollow, unfinished sequel to Battlefield 2 and thus, this game is only worth if it you like nice graphics, the titan game mode and mechs. Lastly, more skilled players simply having so much stuff that they can not only own you with their superior skill, but with any one of their various toys is simply unfair toward lower level players. A 3, out of 5.
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on 2 August 2010
Ok i have been playing this game for 2 years in between my other games e.g EVE and i love it just pure modernized killing futuristc weapons and brilliant online gameing i wud recommend that everyone buy this game dont buy second hand thou cause only 1 cd works per a game as u need to register ur details to play the online game e.g create ur own unique character so buy it well worth ur money
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on 18 September 2010
Well got this game yesterday, and it's what I expected. Being a player of the Battlefield series, this is more of the same but set in the future with new weapons, vehicles etc. The game concepts and control are the same a Battlefield 2 which make picking up and playing the game much easier.

I love the Titian missions which bring a giant floating mothership for each side into the game. Something else to hide from while you're trying to capture silos etc.

So if you are a first person shooter fan this will be one to add to the collection.

Downsides to this game are, firstly the lack of any signal player campaign mode but that is not what these games are about. Secondly it did take me a great deal of time to get this game working. After the initial install you need to register yourself and the game then download the additional content and latest patch in order to play. Which all in probably took 2-2.5 hrs with a <2 megabyte broadband connection.

Also after doing all this I got an error message while trying to run the game saying there was conflict with emulation software (which I don't have on the laptop)So I had to search forums etc to find a fix, which must have taken me another 90mins or so (and I have a fair idea what I am doing)

This in no way ruins the game it's self but might be a problem for those with Windows 7 or Vista who are casual users.

So to sum up. A great game, but a bit of a pain to get going, for myself at least.
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on 5 September 2014
This game no longer works with Windows XP so it's unplayable.
The game MUST connect to the EA server so you can register, even to play Single Player mode but the server is no longer supported by EA so the game just sits at the opening screen.
There is a work around for later versions of Windows where you can block the game using the firewall to block incoming and outbound traffic but this isn't an option on the Windows XP firewall. The only other alternative is to disconnect your PC from the Internet to play.
Using the workaround there are lots more things you have to do to get it to work with GameRanger so you can play online with other people. Basically, EA don't want you playing this anymore and won't support your attempts to do so.
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on 17 January 2010
This was originally released in 2006, but the multiplayer lobby is still stuffed with over 100 servers. The gameplay is great - if you get tired of the vehicles and the Titan modes then there is a "no vehicles" mode, which focuses on infantry warfare.

The deep ranks and unlocks are great too - getting points is not just about shooting stuff, with medical excellence badges and squad leader assist bonuses.

The graphics, when turned up full, are brilliant too and this game will even run on an ancient pentium 4 with an Nvidia 6200GS (low settings of course)

Definitely worth the money. I would recommend this game in less than a heartbeat. The deluxe activation can be a tad tricky, but simply log into EA site and activate it from there - job done.

As for Windoze 7, this game works great, however when starting a game for the first time the spawn screen freezes and lags a bit - be patient and the rest of this glorious game will work a wonder.

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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 5 February 2014
I guess my expectations were far from what this game delivered because I stopped playing it within one hour.
+ nice guns, interesting atmosphere but that is as far as I would go with praising this
- Low video performance and resolution - at least on my PC (which can play most new games easily in 2014)
- Too much action for my taste. Bullets and bombs everywhere, not very tactical
- Far from my initial expectations
Let me know if you have any questions.
Kind Regards
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on 30 March 2015
Great fun!!! E x c e p t the part where you c a n n o t play it until you do an astronomical amount of work researching online how to get the game going because of incredible online requirements to,, even r u n the game!!!,,, but when it does run!,, Oh! Yeah!! GET SOME!
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on 29 July 2008
Seriously this Game is amazing. I've had absolutly no problem connecting, and downloading the expansion pack was a sinch.

Plus I don't undertand what all this adware fuss it about. I did my research and there is no adware or spyware istalled. The advertising is simply what EA call 'Active adverts' which are adverts on billboards ingame, added securely over BF's master server. THAT'S IT, nothing dangerous to your computer.

Granted, the offline is absolutlly apauling, but since when has a PC BF attepmted to do that? Online = unrivaled.

Also worth mentioning, I use Vista and BF2142 works like a dream. Honestly for one of the best FPS experiences, and at a none too shabby price. look no further. 5/5
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