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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2012
Today I received the posture and support brace and tried it out for the first time.
Though I cannot give an accurate review of how well this will last until I have used it a bit more, from my observations and experience of it so far I thought I would write a few things that I believe may help people in deciding whether to buy this or not and how to use it properly.
There is no real need to explain why I got this, its self explanatory really - my posture isn't very good. I decided to take action and do something about this, and so my quest to find a support brace began.
I was surprised at how much the higher end braces went for and not wanting to pay anything over £20 I searched for something a bit more low cost. Unfortunately the lower end braces did not seem too great- bad reviews, bad quality, bad material - some looked like they were made of tissue paper. Eventually I came across this one. Though there were some mixed reviews the overall view didn't seem so bad, and the cost was reasonable too. From this I decided to buy it.
The postage and packaging was good. It was posted pretty quick, even got it before things I had ordered a day or two previously. It arrived in a large bubble wrap envelope, inside this the brace in another bag together with instructions.

The quality of material seems pretty good to me. Good thick wrap to go around your trunk (your belly :) - not your nose). Straps that go around and under arms have a good padding though could become sore if using your arms and doing physical work with this on. There is not much that can be done with this though, and is an negative feature on nearly all upper back/should braces as there is no other realistic way for your shoulders to be pulled back.

Putting it on, I immediately feel and see the difference in my posture. Seems to be working good so far.
The only negative I can say is the sizing. I'm 5'11'' and slim, so I got the medium size. Though the wrap and trunking is good, the spinal support only goes down 3/4 of the way down my back (so make sure you measure and order the right size). But this doesn't matter to me so much as it was the upper back I was having trouble with and the pulling back of the upper back straightens my lower back anyway.
Anyways - from what I've made of it so far it seems pretty good, and the price isn't bad either so I'll give it a 4 star. If it is till OK in a few months time I'll come back and give it 5 stars.

Now this is where I would like to inform people of some things which many will probably not think about before buying or even when using this.
Though essentially this is a brace, it is a support brace. The difference being is that it is there to help and support YOU. Meaning that YOU have to do the work, and this will help you get there by aiding you.

You cannot put this on and expect it just to put your body into shape and everything will be hunky dory. If you do you will just cause more problems for yourself.
For one, as its a support aid, and you are flexible, it has to be flexible to. As such is only so much strength you can get from this support brace. If you just do things as you always do, this will not help, you'll only be pulling it forward. People forget how much weight and force they actually exert especially if you are of the big build type which probably why some of these rip on people even if it was well made. You have to remember that bigger people tend to have worst posture than those that are not so big as they are carrying around a lot of weight. This does not mean big people cannot use it, just remember if you expect it to take your weight and do all the work, it wont last.

Secondly, even if it was strong enough to totally pull you into shape and never let you slump, the support will not be supporting, instead it will be doing all the work and you will be relying on it. Which wont help you at all. Most back problems are mainly due to weak muscles, or the muscles not being used in the correct fashion. So if you were to rely solely on back braces, your back muscles wouldn't be used and in-fact you would get worst. This is why it states in instructions that you should not use this more than three hours a day, common sense really.

So really, in away, this works a lot like the electronic beeping reminder type of posture/support braces. The constant pressure and pull of it reminds you to improve your posture. At the same time it is actually helping pull your back into the correct posture. But you must still remember that it is doing some of the work for you and so wearing it too much will have a negative affect.

If you was willing to pay extra for the expensive support braces or the electronic beeping one (if you don't mind the constant beeping, or others knowing you use a brace) then this would be a great way to start.

Personally I think I can learn to better my posture from just this alone so will be using it for an hour in the morning when I walk the dog and before work, then a couple of hours in the evening. Eventually having less time with it on. Then on occasion (1 once every month wear it again). Hopefully by next year will never need it again. Either way I'll come back to report how it went.

So it has now been 5 months since I wrote the review. The support hasn't broke and my posture has improved a lot to. Only problem I have really had is that sometimes the straps can twist inside the padding that goes around the shoulders....if this does happen here's a little tip. Cut a strip of thin cardboard - like the stuff used for cereal boxes and slot it along the band inside the padding....whola no more twisting - even better if you use double sided tape.
Another thing if you are trying to help your posture, exercising the muscles will help and I will give you a few now which you can look up on youtube to do. These exercises will benefit you greatly, even if your posture is good. Now obviously if you have any conditions, you know, say heart conditions, brittle bone disease...hmm or maybe you have broke your back and you got metal pins blinging up your spine do not do these lol. Always check with your doctors first. I am in no way responsible if you hurt yourself if you are silly enough to do something that you shouldn't.
These exercises are part of an exercise group called body-weight exercises and use only your body weight so are relatively easy, and putts less strain on you than weight training. This means - no cost, no equipment and less chance of injury. Look up on youtube or go to a gym and ask an instructor to show you how to do these.
Cat stance arm and leg raises
Good mornings (advanced)
Hope I was helpful :)
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on 26 July 2013
Basically my review would follow exactly what Grant said - "You cannot put this on and expect it just to put your body into shape and everything will be hunky dory. If you do you will just cause more problems for yourself."

Everyone complaining about the comfort etc is entirely wrong. You would not buy this product expecting it to be comfortable, as it's supposed to aid you in improving your posture, which is not going to be a walk in the park anyway. That would be like saying you don't understand why you have not lost any weight by cutting down on food, but all the time you have been sitting on your bum eating low fat crisps. You're going to need to excersize, and with this product you're going to need to work on it too.

If you have this on for 2-3 hours a day then it is going to help, but your posture is being affected 24 hours a day. So that leaves 21 hours every day in which YOU have to improve your posture. I bought this product fully expecting this and I must say its easy to use, does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do and really keeping this on for 3 hours a day for a while isn't going to be difficult, it is comfortable.

Good quality product at a great price that does EXACTLY what it should. Thanks guys!
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on 20 April 2012
Helps my shoulders. Work as a hygienist and slouch a lot! found it held my posture well. First month I haven't been crippled and in desperate need for a back realignment!
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on 11 September 2010
It is helping me to keep my back as it was before. I have followed the instructions and it has really worked. Would recommend to everyone.
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on 20 June 2013
Not for tall people
I am six foot five inches and this is not designed for someone of my size.
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on 28 March 2013
Not convinced this does anything. Uncomfortable to wear. Make sure you get a size bigger than you would normally very small fitting
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on 17 January 2013
this does not push my shoulders back as i have more or a shoulder rather than back posture problem, but as i can feel it on it makes me aware of my posture so i correct it myself so im still happy with the buy
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on 13 June 2013
After researching many of these types of 'Braces' I quickly ascertained that "going cheap"would have been a bad idea and a waste of money.......further I weighed up the option of buying a 'top-of-the-range' one.......but too, felt that this would have been a little too much for what I wanted. I opted for this one (mid price of all products) and have been proven right. The fitting is excellent, the quality of the product is as I would have expected from a more expensive model, it is comfortable to wear and discrete under clothing. Absolutely convinced I made the right choice.
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on 27 July 2013
I was having a lot of problems with pain in my shoulders. Having two injections in my left shoulder and doctor talking about another one when I thought of a brace. I came across this one and I'm so glad I did. I wore it for 4 days just during the day and my pain eased so much that I only put it on for a couple of hours when I think I need it now. Not too bad to put on, I have a little help to take it off as I'm a size 22 with stiff shoulders but it can be done .. I do hope this helps.
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on 29 June 2013
I read a lot of reviews on various different Posture correction support braces and there are so many mixed reviews. Out of all I decided that this brace was probably the best option based on the complaints people had about the design of other braces.
Unfortuantely initially I received the wrong size to what I had ordered but I contacted Remecare and they quickly corrected this for me. I was very happy with the service and most importantly with the product.

I am quite tall (5'11") and as a woman find myself a little self concous about my height, often being told that I am slouching and to stand tall. After having put my back out recently I decided it was time to really make an effort (along with excercise) to try to imporve my posture.

I find if I am good and wear it for a little each day it really does make a difference to my posture (partly I'm sure muscle memory that you are sitting or standing tall when I'm not wearing it). I'm not going to lie, you do know you are wearing it so I wouldn't say it was 'comfortable' unless you have good posture normally, but likewise I woudln't say this was uncomfortable. I highly recommend this product if you are looking to imporve your posture.
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