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on 18 April 2009
This was a watch that looked good for the size of the dial as my eyesight is now getting worse (close up) so I went ahead and bought it.
I have not looked back the time keeping is first class, and the dial can be read without my reading glasses, I can even read it in the dark as the luminosity is unbelievable.
If you want a watch that never needs a battery, shines in the dark, is easy to read, and keeps time, and waterproof to 200m just for good measure...look no further.
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on 22 April 2013
The Citizen BM6400-18E is a pretty sleek Eco drive watch. It has a canvas strap and a stainless steel case. It's a very photogenic watch whose beauty is really in its basic simplicity: there are no bells and whistles here; the only add on you get is a single date calendar (minus the day). The numbers are large and luminous, and can be seen very clearly and sharply in the dark. Because it's an Eco-Drive, it doesn't need winding and will go on indefinitely - until you starve it of sunlight. Even at that, the manufacturers boast it will still operate for at least six months when placed in darkness.

The strap of the BM6400-18E is made of black canvass and while it looks better than the wretched green canvas straps of several Citizen releases, it still sufferers from the same basic problem: the holes always manage to just barely miss your ideal wrist size, so what you're left with is a watch you will either wear slightly too tight or quite lose. The steel enforced buckle wholes, while cool looking, make it impossible to create an extra hole should you need it. It's fair to say most buyers of this watch will opt for putting on a new strap, though this isn't enough to detract in any way from the watch.

Another minor quip was it was delivered with the winder/crown pulled out, giving the impression there was some sort of error in workmanship. I found out many weeks later that this was not the case. If you look carefully, there are THREADS where the crown is pushed in; only you have to push and twist to set it properly into place. I found this out by complete accident after many weeks of risking damaging the crown/winder by leaving it in the 'out' position the way I received it.

Overall, this is a beautiful and simple watch that is a very accurate timekeeper - losing bare seconds over a two-week period. Those after the extremely rare Citizen Promaster PMU56-2371 - of which this is a kind of upgrade - could do a lot worse than to give up the chase and splash out on this cheaper, stainless steel successor instead.
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on 31 July 2009
Bought this as a holiday/beach/sea watch to wear instead of my usual one. Citizen make a number of similar looking watches, but most are far more expensive due to the inclusion of chronograph features. Unless you think those extra features are essential, I think this is an excellent piece of kit which feels pretty much bullet proof. Very unusual to find a truly waterproof watch (ie screw-down bezel) at this price - recommended without reservation.
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on 23 April 2012
I've lived with this watch for a few months now and I have to say I think it's turned out to be a great buy. I love its chunky, (but not heavy), porportions, the clarity of the dial (great for the spec-wearers among us!), both during the day and night (it has a great, long-lasting lume) as part of a stylish package that is also high on practicality with, in theory, no need for any replacement batteries. It's not perfect though. The date display is laughably small, (glasses off, squint to view!), but isn't a major issue for me and the supplied strap is not to my liking at all. I know a lot of people have opted for all kinds of NATO straps to go with this Citizen but I quickly replaced mine with a more comfortable black leather strap (c£10) with contrast white stitching with the whole ensemble making for an understated class act. Bear in mind that the strap sizing is a slightly weird and unusual 21mm although a good quality leather 22mm strap can be comfortably accommodated. These negative issues effectively knock off a star.

If you don't want to spend a fortune on a watch but need it to be highly practical with a contemporary cool form factor, this Citizen is well worth your consideration.
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on 17 February 2009
Good quality. Comfortable to wear. Tough. Accurate. Good price. Excellent watch. I bought it to wear while my swiss diver's watch was away having a very expensive service. I've decided to keep on wearing this and to put the other watch on e-bay and spend the money on something more worthwhile....
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on 29 September 2008
My main motive for buying a watch of this type was the eco-drive technology. My last watch had suffered from too many battery changes over the years, and its watertight integrity had been compromised! The thought of never having to open the case and replace a battery is an attractive one.

I like the rugged appearance of this watch, but be aware if you are relying solely on a picture to make a judgement, this watch is bigger than you might expect. It is not 'oversize' though; it measures approx 32mm across the mineral glass, while the casing is approx 42mm across, and lug tip to lug tip is about 49mm. Compare this to an existing watch and you'll see what I mean. However, the size makes it very easy to read, both in daylight and at night. I also like the screw down crown which locks in place to help with keeping the water out.

Overall, I think this is a well made watch offering good value for money. I'm very pleased with it. The only reason I have dropped the score from 5 to 4 star is the puny calendar display; it is disproportionately small to the whole watch and indeed is quite difficult to read. Other than that, it's great!

6 YEAR UPDATE I've had this watch 6 years now, and I thought it might be useful to let you know that it is still going strong. It has never missed a beat in its entire life so far, but I keep the rating at 4 stars simply because of the poor calendar display. Other than that, I continue to recommend this watch highly!
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on 21 September 2010
I've had one of these for several years and I love it. To me this is a beautiful watch design that doesn't shout "designer," and it has no scratches after four years.

I also have an Eco-Drive Pro-Master world time aviation multi-function watch that I like for travel, but the BM6400 keeps better time. I reset them both twice a year when the time shifts from GMT to BST and back, and the BM6400 only gains about 2 seconds a month, while the more expensive one gains over 3.

Initially, the second hand, a beater (easy to set), wasn't stopping exactly on the seconds indices, but after a couple of years this has become more and more precise, to the point where it is now as near as dammit to being spot on.

Incidentally, the original strap size is 19mm, a rare size. 20mm leather straps fit nicely, and look (and feel) a lot better than the stiff canvas. I've put a Di-Modell leather strap on mine.
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on 21 May 2011
Of course, like any watch freak I would have preferred the `Ray Mears' super-tough model in titanium, but these are discontinued and as rare as hens' teeth. This watch in stainless steel has all the essential elements, is not quite as sleek but to all intents and purposes does the same job. The lume is impressive, the numbers easy to read, the strap robust and functional. The Eco Drive function means I shall not have to worry about battery replacement, and all in all this is a very pleasing, not stupidly oversized, watch that does `just what it says on the tin'. Amazon's delivery time was impressive, BTW. Estimated May 25th, actual May 21st!
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on 24 August 2011
I was looking for a plain-face everyday watch to wear to the office.

As I wear long-sleeve shirts, I like the fact that this watch is not too thick. Also, I wanted a plain face (not chrono), easy to read, and average size (under 42mm diam) which is discreet.

I have changed the strap to a black leather band, to make this look more professional. You can see the photos I posted in the watch photos.

Finally, I like the idea that this watch auto-recharges and keeps accurate time. I have mechanical Swiss watches for more formal occasions, or for the weekend, however I wanted something simple and low maintenance that I didn't need to remember to set the time every time I didn't wear it over the weekend.

A perfect "week" tool for an office worker, on a leather strap.
review image review image
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on 27 October 2014
Comfortable easy to read watch, has descent lume and keeps good time.

A1 service from seller, delighted :)
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