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on 25 July 2011
I'll start by saying that it has survived a few rides in torrential rain and seems pretty strong, but probably won't win any style awards.

The unit is pretty basic as you would expect, the technology has not changed in the last 10 years since I had another unit.

It comprises of a magnet that fits to the spoke with a sensor that fits to the fork with a cable that you have to wrap around the break cable. There are two data collection points at the top and bottom of the sensor. I have not tried the middle as the collection points are clearly marked. The mount point for the computer fits onto the bars via cable ties. The sensor is also held on by zip ties.

The computer does not seem to be able to be turned off, but setting up the computer for your wheel size is easy if you read the instructions, there is even a handy diagram if you don't know what to set it to and you can change other things like the time and whether you want the distance in kmh/mph/ which then automatically changes between km/miles.

The functions are distance, average speed, max speed, current speed, total miles, trip miles, trip time, current time.

The time does not state AM or PM so you will have to use your eyes on that front.

Your speed is always displayed and you can cycle through the other functions either stationary or when riding by pressing the central button. It does require quite a positive press to get it to change so it might be hard for less stable riders to operate it while riding.

If you need a cheap, simple, basic cycle computer then you could do a lot worse than the mach 2
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on 10 August 2010
Bought this for the London-Cambridge bike-ride 2010 having never bothered with one before - I was wary of the cheap price, but it is perfect! You can let it go on auto mode which scrolls through all its functions every 5 seconds and be kept up to date on av. speed, time spent cycling, actual time of day, max speed and current speed is displayed all the time as well. I am very pleased with it.
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on 6 March 2014
First of all I must say that the Mach 2 computer I received was not the one illustrated. Mine is similar but it's square and has two buttons on the lower edge of the unit. I actually prefer it to the unit illustrated which the picture shows as heart-shaped with a single button on the front.

That having been said I am really impressed with the Mach 2. It's very 'user friendly' and easy to set up and use. Basically, if you can set the time and date on a modern digital watch, clock or phone then you'll have no problem with this. There are just two control buttons - a 'mode' and a 'set'. Unlike other bike computers there are no mysterious functions you'll never use and you won't have to take the instruction manual with you to make sense of it all. Just pressing the 'mode' button eight times takes you from the speedo function, through the other 7 functions and back to the speedo.

First of all you must fit the sensor to the inside of the front fork using the rubber pad and cable ties. You then secure the magnet to a front spoke, making sure you achieve the correct gap between the magnet and sensor. You then fit the computer's mounting bracket to the handlebars - and that's about it for the hardware! It's very straightforward.

The computer itself is also straightforward. You initially calibrate the unit by entering the size in inches of your bike wheels. This is just a matter of pressing 'mode' to make the numbers flash and then pressing 'set' until you reach your wheel size (in my case 28"). You then select mph or kph and then the current time as per any watch or clock - and that's about it for the computer! The computer indicates your speed as you cycle and it calculates the other functions based on your settings. There are 8 basic functions which include the current time, your speed (displayed continuously), an odometer (total mileage since battery installation) and a mileage trip which you can 'zero' at the start of each journey. If you are interested in the other functions you can also see the time taken for each journey, your average speed over that distance and the highest speed you attained. I just use the speedo, the trip and the odometer functions.

This is a very good computer, especially considering the reasonable price. It's easy to fit and simple to operate. I fully recommend this little gem.
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on 27 August 2011
Hard to believe what good value for money this cycle computer represents. I found it easy to fit. By watching some youtube videos on fitting cycle computers in general I was able to make a nice neat job. Once fitted the computer needs to be set up. If you have the circumference of your wheel ready before you start, a couple of minutes is all you need. The computer has one big button on the front this controls all functions. One long push before a trip resets all functions except odometer. During cycling the readout gives current speed in mph or kph (according to your initial choice). Other functions include average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, trip time in saddle. Oh, and of course time of day. When you stop, the computer shuts down (not completely - the time of day still shows) and when you start to ride again the computer carries on from before. Therefore, your averages are unaffected by stopping for lunch etc. All in all a five star piece of equipment.
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on 2 October 2013
Absolute garbage! I bought this for my wife's bike after buying two Mach 1's, which I really liked - I figured a Mach 2 would be excellent. The unit supplied looks nothing like the unit advertised. The bracket which attaches to the handlebars is of very inferior plastic - a major cheap-out from the simple but vastly superior Mach 1 fitment. This bracket will not last. As other reviewers have mentioned, the fork-mounted sensor doesn't fit securely to a large/square/oversized fork - thus useless in a lot of bikes these days. Fitting this contraption took over 1 hour! Seriously? I work on bikes all the time - this simple task should not have taken me so long. This hunk of junk gets 1 star and is overrated at that -pity I can't give it zero or negative stars. I paid nearly £10 for this, and feel like I have been taken for a total mug. Quality of this sort I would expect from Aldi/Lidl for £2. I would not recommend this to anyone. Abolute trash. Etc - you're fired! DO NOT BUY!
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on 18 September 2013
Item is different to the one in the picture. It might have the same number of functions, but irrelevent as they dont work for long.

I am quite new to cycling so initially found this to be inspiring to get fit. I certainly did, after only a few months this computer was telling me my average speed was 95.5 mph...WOW...Im entering the olympics next time using this!

Seriously though, this packed up and whilst it still tells me the time, it now is stuck on the average speed setting ov 95.5 and sometimes jusat glitches through the other functions. The battery is good and sometimes it settles down for a bit. But really just a load of rubish. I tried to get a refund/replacement but the seller wont pay postage costs and therefore again for that reason I would avoid this item and this seller as its a waste of money.
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on 2 July 2013
I bought this a little while ago for my bike as I was getting interested in how fast I was cycling etc as I was starting to get into fitness and such. This is a great little gadget that tells you what speed you're doing at a glance. It took a little bit of jiggling around to get it faultlessly working (I hadn't got the magnet on the wheel to align properly with the sensor) but after that it worked great.
I've had it out in the rain and wind and it's not gone wrong on me yet. Although I'm not sure it's that safe as I keep trying to go faster and faster down hills and set a new record, which although isn't safe, it sure as hell is fun. For the price this is it can't be anything other than 5 stars. Such a great and effortless gadget for any cyclist, keen or not.
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on 13 May 2013
I had my old one for about five years and wore it out! This one is super value and has all the functions my old one had, but it's better in that the digits are much bigger and I can read it when cycling without glasses. I always use the average and current speed for my training rides, and this is perfect for it. It took a little time to convert from Km. to miles, but I managed it. A great buy. Terry Smith.
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on 10 August 2012
For the price im seriously amazed plenty of funtions and quite a little robust product, the one thing i didnt anticipate and this was alllll my own fault, was the distance needed between the magnet (located on spokes) and the sensor (located on front forks) 3 mm maximum... i had to place it at the very bottom of the fork to get it to even register a speed..

Now my blonde moment is over i have no problem with this product at all.
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on 11 September 2011
This is an extremely good value piece of cycling equipment. Fitting the unit is extremely simple and the instructions are very detailed and clear. Allow yourself an hour to make a neat, tidy job of it. You need to use the plastic ties provided to fit the unit and sender but, although they supply enough plastic ties to take the sender cable neatly up alongside your brake cable, while you're setting up I recommend finding and using 'wire bag closures' until you've got it right. In fact, I still haven't replaced the 'wire closures' with the plastic ties! The most difficult bit is working out the tyre circumference; you can just use the figures they give you for various tyre sizes. However, a more accurate measurement can be made by putting a small paint spot on the tyre, riding the bike along the road -- or getting someone to push you (you need your weight on the bike and for the tyre pressures to be set to normal) -- and then measuring the distance between spots to the nearest mm. Do it several times and take an average. I found on my bike that this was quite a bit different from the instructions figure. Having bought a second unit for a friend's bike, the instructions figure was spot-on for their bike.
One button operation is very simple and the display is crystal clear.
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