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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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This is a 2007 psychological horror in which Aubrey Fleming [Lindsay Lohan] is a budding pianist who gives it all up to become a writer. After she is abducted and mutilated by a sadistic serial killer, she manages to escape and is taken to hospital but after she regains consciousness she insists that she is Dakota Moss, the character in her writings and has no memory of her former life as Aubrey. Explaining more will ruin the plot.
Currently in the top 50 `worst' movies of all time, and slated when released, this isn't all that bad in reality. What lets it down is the poor direction which breaks the film almost into 15 minute segments of bad movie -good movie. It starts slowly then Aubrey gets kidnapped and the movie starts, only to slip again and so it continues. As the police try to find the serial killer, Aubrey is uncooperative, insisting she's Dakota and will not say how she became mutilated. It's all put down to stress, but is Dakota telling the truth -she certainly thinks so.
Lohan plays the part convincingly but the lack-lustre script fails to grasp the feelings of despondency and frustration as her story is shunned, only her boyfriend seems to believe her, but he then exits the story and other threads are similarly truncated. As for the disc it loads to three trailers then goes to main menu offering play, scene selection, set up [2.0or 5.1, subtitles on/off] and special features alternate start and end, extended dance scene and bloopers]. None of the latter adding to the movie. There is some gore and scenes of torture, so not for the squeamish. At less than £5 [including postage] this is worth getting providing you can get through the first 15 minutes or so and you know nothing about the overall plot, otherwise there will be no twists and it will all seem a bit lame.
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on 9 February 2014
Not sure why some reviewers of this garbage film say that the director wants to be like David Lynch. If the idiot who made this lived to be a million years old he couldn't make a masterpiece like Blue Velvet or Lost Highway or have 1% of the intelligence or creativity of the esteemed Mr Lynch. A sign of a garbage director is constant loud background music in every scene ( please take note bbc four documentary makers) and this film has music in all but maybe 6 scenes. The mother is a bad actor and Lohan is hardly great relying heavily on the f word. By the end of the film you don't care whodunit or what happened or any twists. I fast forwarded through the last 10 minutes because I got so bored with it. Lindsay Lohan looks terrible - bloated and haggard, not the sexu cute girl from Mean Girls ( which was a good teen school film). There are accusations that Lilo is an Mk ultra mind control and I wonder if this film is giving clues. Her lapdancing is like watching a fish slide down a pole and she seems out of it, not sexy at all. In one scene she has sex with her boyfriend wearing all her clothes and being unconvincing. The film is summed up in a scene in the nightclub where she takes a cigarette from a punter, inhales and hands the ciggy back, the punter then sniffs the cigarette!!! Wow, David Lynch would have a scene like that wouldn't he? Bloody rubbish. This ain't a so bad it's good film, it's just complete garbage and as I said Lindsay looks awful so...don't bother with this even if it's. a penny and the postage is a penny. A two pence sweet would give more satisfaction. This film is junk with no merit.
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on 5 September 2008
The plot is fairly original, although I'm not totally convinced at Lindsay Lohan as an adult actress. The blue that others are going on about is another example of how this film tries to be clever but unfortunately falls short. It's supposed to give you a subtle clue as to who is behind the murders, a little like the red that is done a lot better in `Sixth Sense'.

So whilst the film is entertaining, you have to not think too much about it as you are left with a lot of questions that Hollywood decide not to answer in order to keep the plot simple. The good girl and bad girl didn't work for me as Aubrey didn't seem that geeky, and therefore Dakota wasn't that rebellious. And even as a male, I didn't see the point of 3 long scenes of Lindsay as a stripper, especially as she remains in the same outfit as on the cover for the whole time, and thus added nothing more for the film or it's plot.

It's better than a lot of films, and there are some nice flashes of gore that catch you unexpectedly, however ultimately it's a DVD that I'll pass on and not keep in my collection.
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on 21 November 2011
The fact that this DVD can be bought for as little as one penny says it all. It is not a bad film but instead of a straight forward mystery, we get a film which is too clever for its own good. There are leanings towards David Lynch territory and a veering into the supernatural with religious symbolism. Colours also play a part and it's just too much.

The film is one of identity and family ties, not just blood ties but mental ties as well. Lindsay Lohan plays Aubrey Fleming, a college girl who has disappeared but has been found again as an amputee. The problem is she claims to be somebody else entirely. This new Aubrey, who calls herself Dakota is totally different in character from the former and it is in the use of flasnbacks that we get an inkling of what is going on. To say too much would give the game away but aficianados of the genre will probably guess quite early on.

Lindsay Lohan has got a bad press recently for her personal life but in this she gives a creditable performance as both the stripper and the college girl. Actually she is more poledancer than stripper, keeping her costume on and just writhing about on the floor or swinging around the pole. The DVD contains a longer dance scene and different opening and closing scenes. The film is worth a look but will never be a classic.
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Note to Chris Sivertson: You are not David Lynch. There is but one David Lynch in filmmaking, and you are not him. Never will be.

And nowhere is this more evident than in ghastly, painful mess of "I Know Who Killed Me," a thrill-less thriller full of oblique, clumsy symbolism and wretchedly poor scripting. If you need any further proof that Lindsay Lohan's career is in the loo, just look at this.

It opens with a girl at a strip club, then cuts to an identical girl, Aubrey (Lohan) who is sweet, quiet, studious and writes self-contemplative "literature."

But then Aubrey vanishes after a football game, and apparently got kidnapped by a serial killer. She's later found minus an arm and a leg. When her weird parents rush to her bedside, she claims not to be Aubrey. She says she's Dakota, a stripper working in a seedy club, and that she doesn't know anyone around her.

Of course, everyone thinks that this is some bizarre psychological problem. And, of course, it's not. As she struggles to convince everyone (except Aubrey's boyfriend) that she isn't Aubrey, Dakota tries to unravel three mysteries: who the serial killer is, where Aubrey has gone, and what the connection between the two is.

Well, it may be a mystery to Dakota, anyway. But any viewers who manage to stay awake during the first fifteen minutes will not only figure out the connection between the girls, but who the bad guy is. The whole twist ending is completely untwisted from the start, especially when your protagonist is saying absurd things like, "I know who killed me!"

But in the meantime, Siverton tries to evoke a Lynchian atmosphere with lots of symbolism, arty camerawork, and scattered plot threads that go nowhere. People pop up to say Really, Like, Deep Things, then go away. And when the plot flags, Siverton throws in decomposing flesh, awkward sex and pole dances, and some prolonged shots of Lohan squeaking and writhing. Very BDSM.

Apparently in an effort to show the INCREDIBLE DEPTH of his ART, Siverton liberally strews the story with blue items -- roses, gloves, bone saws, etc. What do they symbolize? Who knows, but in case we could have POSSIBLY missed all the blueness, Siverton even tints the camera lenses blue sometimes. Thank you so VERY much, Chris.

But admittedly it's not ALL Siverton's fault. Even a great director would have been hard-pressed to make anything but a turkey of this script, penned by the rambling semiliterate Jeff Hammond. Most of his dialogue vacillates between wooden (""She knew a trick. She knew how to turn her life into a movie and watch what happened") and rancidly cliched ("You'd let both of us die just to keep your secret?").

Lindsay Lohan has shown the public that she has rotten judgement, but this movie is really the clincher. She gives a leaden, dazed performance, highlighted by a pole dance scene that is more comical than sexy. More capable actors -- such as Julia Ormond -- look like they're waiting for shooting to end, so they can collect their checks.

"I Know Who Killed Me" is the rotting turkey of the year, mingling mindless violence, turgidly silly dialogue, and a "twist" you can predict from the beginning. Good only for drinking games... and even then, it might put you to sleep.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 November 2007
Brainy student Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) disappears one night; she's found days later, barely alive and horribly mutilated. She doesn't recognize her parents and she insists she's a stripper named Dakota. She goes home with Aubrey's parents to recuperate but is oddly uncooperative with the police, claiming she doesn't remember her kidnapper.

This film has all the earmarks of a low-budget shockfest: pointless nudity, slashing violence, and dialogue that is so corny it's laughable. The script is so convoluted and wacky that when I wasn't covering my eyes from the disgusting gore, I was rolling them at the dumb things the characters did and said.

I'm sure none of the actors will want to put this film on their resumes. Lohan doesn't put much effort into her acting but does wear an excessive amount of eye make-up, and Julia Ormond is wasted as her long-suffering mother. The worst part is that the villain's motive is never explained. "I Know..." has sickeningly graphic torture, the dullest pole-dance ever, and a ludicrous plot. For strong stomachs only.
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on 7 March 2012
I was suprised how good this film was.
it had a great plot and some good twists.
I would say its a thriller/horror with some gore,
the acting was good too
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VINE VOICEon 6 February 2008
first the good news, despite what others have said, Lohan is pretty good in this. The bad news is the film makes little sense, and the title is plain stupid. There is a lot of sickening gore, severed fingers and limbs, and even I looked away a few times. The nudity is tame, Lohan plays a stripper who never strips, she just gyrates around a pole in her bra and knickers. So don't expect to see anything from her. If she is too coy to at least go topless, why agree to play a stripper!Julia Ormond is wasted and must be hard up to appear in such a worthless role as this. In fact only Lohan shines, all the other performances are quite dreadful.
Unsure if the story is a straightforward "thriller/drama/horror" where everything is as it seems, or a fantasy of one of the characters. You will have to decide for yourself.If the former, it is unbelievable nonsense, if the latter, its just a waste of time. Not much choice is it?!!
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on 3 May 2008
There is no doubt that Lindsay Lohan is a good actress. OK this film had a bit of a strange ending, with the viewer not really knowing whether there was another clone of Dakota/Aubrey actually writing the film. It has some unanswered questions for me at the end. What was the reason for the colour blue? Did the other victim stop wanting to be a piano player and was targetted by the teacher. Who was the other girl who was missing?

I would have preferred some answers rather than a picture of the two girls being reunited at the end. But the film was entertaining, it was gripping. The scenes of the torture were well acted by Lohan. And you were left thinking about the end. In fact I watched it twice and enjoyed it both times.

This girl has had a lot of bad press and probably deserves some of it - but don't forget, she wasn't the only known actor in this film, Julia Ormond to name one.

If you are a Lohan fan and want to see her progression into the adult world of film, then give this a view and don't take the opinion of the paid reviewers who have an axe to grind.
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on 28 November 2011
This DVD was very boring... took a long time to get into the film and was hard to understand at certain parts! It wasn't worth the money and was a waste of time watching it, a real disappointment the only reason it got two stars was because it was quick delivery... overall would NOT recommend this product to anyone!
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