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on 26 June 2007
One of the greatest TV series ever made but be aware of correct viewing order!!

As you may know this great series got itself a bad name re the order in which the episodes were first shown on television. Indeed the chronological order of the series was not respected which made no sense to the story line and left viewers confused. As a result the show was cancelled leaving four episodes unaired but included in this DVD set.

These four episodes are included here on the DVD set but only at the end the series after the very final episode (`Requiem') whereas they should have been shown earlier in the series. Not only are these four episodes not in chronological order but some of the other episodes too!

Universal, the distributor of the DVD set didn't bother to put the episodes back into proper viewing order and it's a shame! So here is a list of the order you should watch the episodes if you want to make sense of this series. It's a bit of a pain to juggle around with the discs but definitely worth it. Enjoy!

More info here: [...]

2-A Tree Grows in Trinity
3-Eye of the Beholder
4-Damned If You Don't
5- Dead to the World
6- Potato Boy
7-Meet the Beetles
8-Strong Arm of the Law
9-To Hell and Back
10-The Beast Within
12-Ring of Fire
15-The Plague Sower
16-Doctor Death Takes a Holiday
17-Learning to Crawl
18-Echo of Your Last Goodbye
21-The Buck Stops Here
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on 31 December 2009
Watched this series originally shown here in the uk back in 1995/1996.
Could not make head nor tail of it and as I soon discovered why.
For some strange reason it was shown not in the order it was intented to be (DOH!)and four episodes were not shown at all !
Searched the web to see if it was released as a DVD series and found it right here on Amazon.
Bought it and done a little research to discover the correct viewing order and then watched the
whole series over three nights.
Wow! Absolutely brilliant, way ahead of its time and the lead role "Sheriff Lucas Buck" is amazingly played by Gary Cole. If you havent seen it before ... Get it now! You will not be dissapointed, however make sure you view in the correct sequence which is wrong on the box set but I will list the correct sequence below.


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on 13 March 2015
As with other reviewers I never missed an episode of this back in 1995. I loved it but was left totally confused by it.
When I saw this box set I decided to give it another go. I saw the other reviews saying that the order on the discs was incorrect but noticed they differed over what the correct order was.
I investigated and after going onto the official American Gothic website I discovered why I had been so confused when it was shown on TV in 1995.
Apparently when it was aired on TV over here the TV channel lost 4 episodes and muddled up a few of the other episodes so obviously the series would never make sense. The 4 missing episodes have never been aired but are on this box set.
On the website they listed the production order of the episodes. This is the order the series was filmed in and therefore the order it should be watched in. To help you enjoy the series I have produced a list of the production order. Please copy it and print it out to keep with your box set.
When you watch the episodes in the correct order I am sure you will really enjoy it and appreciate just what a great series it is. Enjoy:

Episode info obtained from www.americangothicdvd.com

Correct Episode Order

D = Disc No. E = Episode.

1. Pilot - (D1 E1)
2. A Tree Grows in Trinity - (D1 E2)
3. Eye of the Beholder - (D1 E3)
4. Damned if You Don't - (D1 E4)
5. Potato Boy - (D5 E3)
6. Dead to the World - (D2 E1)
7. Meet the Beetles - (D2 E2)
8. Strong Arm of the Law - (D2 E3)
9. To Hell and Back - (D4 E2)
10. The Beast Within - (D4 E1)
11. Rebirth - (D2 E4)
12. Ring of Fire - (D6 E1)
13. Resurrector - (D3 E1)
14. Inhumanitas - (D3 E2)
15. The Plague Sower - (D3 E3)
16. Doctor Death takes a Holiday - (D3 E4)
17. Learning to Crawl - (D4 E3)
18. Echo of Your Last Goodbye - (D6 E2)
19. Strangler - (D6 E3)
20. Triangle - (D4 E4)
21. The Buck Stops Here - (D5 E1)
22. Requiem - (D5 E2)
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on 7 December 2010
I remember watching this on C4 back in the 1990's, and it was great to revisit it. The main character Lucas Buck in particular is always fascinating to watch, and the young actor playing Caleb does a great job too. I also have a soft spot for the character of Selena and her warped relationship with Lucas was fun. It does a really good job of wrapping everything up in the final episode too so that when I was watching I just assumed that it was only ever meant to be a self-contained series. The final two episodes in particular are fabulous as you sit through the death of Lucas (I may have shed a tear on first viewing!) and then see Caleb become everything that his father is. In some ways he is even worse as he's like a child throwing a tantrum and hasn't learned to control himself in the way that his father has. The final confrontation between Lucas, Merlyn, and Caleb is just epic stuff and won't be forgotten in a hurry what with Lucas dangling his kid over the staircase banister and Caleb screaming

My one major gripe with these DVD's is the episodes are completely in the wrong order. I know that in America those four episodes were never aired, so they wanted to put them on a seperate disk and make a big deal about the DVD including four unaired episodes. But it makes it very annoying for the UK DVD's when C4 DID show the entire series in order. {But then I never understand why the US network wouldn't air an episode like Ring Of Fire as it's focused on building up the connetion between Lucas and the female lead, so you'd think they would have wanted to promote that episode at least??? Strange}

The DVD package sounded exciting when I first heard there would be extras, which I had never expected, but they're mostly nothing to get excited over frankly. The commentary is quite interesting in places, but it would have been nice to get interviews with the actors and more of a series overview. And *some* of the deleted scenes are entertaining, but to be honest with the "extended" scenes I couldn't really see anything different between them. That might just be me though!

So overall it's not what you'd call an outstanding package, but at the same time for a series made in the 1990's (where far too many shows have zero extras) it is nice to get some bonus material included. And of course the episodes are worth 5 stars by themselves. It's just a shame that you have to keep removing disks so much to watch them in order. It would also help if the episode number could at least be included on the episode listing with the DVD's, so you didn't have to keep revisiting internet references to remind yourself of the order in which to watch
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on 5 March 2006
„American Gothic – The Complete Series“(US Edition) produced by Sam Raimi.
Very intelligent and highly enjoyable 22 episode series set in Trinity, a small town in South Carolina, where Lucas Buck, literally the devil incarnate, keeps law & order and is eventually elected ‘Sheriff of the Year’.
(Quote: "I mean, I had a hand in certain... things. But everybody's got free will. I just give 'em enough rope to hang themselves." [Potato Boy]).
Before starting to watch this series make sure you read the customer reviews at Amazon.com where the correct order of episodes is published. For some unknown reason Universal Studios totally screwed up on that one.
If you like the hero and the villain of a story being the same person you may also want to watch “Profit – The Complete Series”.
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on 4 July 2013
American Gothic ranks in my top 5 favourite TV shows (along with Millennium, Twin Peaks, Firefly and West Wing), sadly like some great shows it only had a single series. For me one of the marks of a truly great show is that whenever I watch it I enjoy it a little bit more.

American Gothic is set in a traditional southern small town in the US, the town is run by the Sheriff, Lucas Buck, but he is more than he seems. The show starts with him murdering a young woman as part of his bid to gain custody of his illegitimate so Caleb. At first it appears that the sheriff is just a corrupt cop with his fingers in all the pies, but you soon learn that he is so much more than that, he's the devil himself (or something pretty close).

Despite being an evil character (or maybe because of it) Lucas is an excellent character to watch in action. He oozes good old southern boy charm and he knows how to manipulate a situation. His son is also an excellent character, impressively so considering his age.

The series follow's Lucas' efforts to get Caleb to accept him as his father, while the ghost of Caleb's sister (the girl Lucas killed at the beginning) tries to stop it. There's a host of other fun characters in there, Caleb's cousin, the reporter, Doctor Matt, a good variety of support that provide interest as well as their own stories.

This is horror TV at its best, it doesn't rely on shock or gore, but good old fashioned charm and creepiness.
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on 16 March 2006
I had to resort to hunting this down in region 1 format whilst on holiday in the US. The scariness of the gorgeous Gary Cole is unmissable. Bad is sexy
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on 29 December 2016
Now, for some reason I missed this when it was shown on TV, and it’s taken a while to catch up.

So, what do we have here? Well, Gary Cole is Sheriff Buck in a small American coastal town, which he runs as his own little fiefdom, spiced up with the fact that he is, to say the least, a devlish character.

Others try hustling in the town, or try to take the Sheriff down, and predictably come to sometimes predictably, other times imaginatively sticky ends.

Essentially, that’s it. It’s well put together, well-played by all, and frequently quite witty. There’s a lot of teenage in it, too.

And obviously killed off before its time. It would have been nice to see the full truth about Buck, but without it dragging out and becoming Buffy Boring. Given the way things are so pointlessly dragged out so often, maybe leaving us wanting a bit more was the right way. This time, anyway.
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on 10 August 2014
OK, so it's showing its age now - but it's nearly 20 after all! I remembered watching this in the mid 90s and thinking it had a great premise and would definitely get another season but after a mix up in the order he episodes were shown, it died a death I presume as they never had a second series. Sadly the DVD order is still incorrect but by checking amazon reviews I have watched it in order and really enjoyed it again. You don't get many baddies as great as Gary Cole and Caleb's accent is so sweet! He could give some child actors today a run for their money. Also, an added bonus is to spot the now very famous celebs who had small roles. Took me ages to realise who one of the characters was - she looks a lot cleaner and younger than her Walking Dead later self!
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on 14 March 2012
This series both fascinated and frightened me when I watched it as a youngster - and it's still doing so, now!!

From the first 2 episodes - the murder of an innocent girl, the corpse lying in the morgue bleeding from the eyes ... messages from corpse written on the door in blood ... a suicide, the local schoolteacher accidently biting out the tongue of her hidden sex slave, who then dies of hypothermia before the truth can come out ...

In short, I don't use this as bedtime viewing, even at my mind-your-own-business age, now.

The weird fascination remains, though, and there is also to be fair some very funny scenes, particularly between Sheriff Buck and Selina. Her little girl like "I didn't mean it" confession to Buck of the imprisoning of the hapless reporter for her personal use, was beautifully handled by his weary-parent response to her news. Something which the viewer should be horrified at ... but we smile, instead.

A one-off series without a doubt - it'll make it's impression with you - whether you like it - or not!
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