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on 23 October 2016
They work reasonably well, no-one flashed their lights at me so presumably mine were not dazzling people with the benders in place. They do seem to give better illumination of the edge of the road than you get with conventonal converters that simply block the light.

One word of warning (this is the only reason I give 4 it stars instead of 5) - the adhesive patch that comes with the benders is useless, or at least certainly for contoured lights, so make sure that you have some wide and waterproof clear tape to use instead, in order to make sure that they stay in place. The first time I used these (last year), one blew off within hours of getting off the ferry (yes, I did clean the lenses thoroughly and leave the lights on for 15 minutes before sticking them on) and the second one fell off in the rain at the campsite a couple of days later.
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on 19 September 2016
We've been driving to the Continent over the past 20 years, 2-3 times a year. We’ve tried literally all headlights adaptors available (both beam benders and beam blockers). We’ve been using Metro Beam Benders Ultra (Part No. HG129-00) for the past 3 years and for us they are the best. Our local high-street moto shop stopped selling them so for the last two purchases we’ve been buying these on Amazon (from Motorcount Ltd seller).

- They bend the light beams, not just obscure them, hence you can see things on the right of the road and the overall light intensity is not reduced much. You will appreciate how important this is when trying to read road or hotel signs in the middle of the night. This is near impossible to do when using blocking adaptors which do not bend the light beams.
- Work well on modern curved headlights (at least on our cars). This is because they are fixed to the headlights using a large sticky cover going over the plastic beam bender. This provides large area where the cover sticks to the headlight, which then allows the beam bender to be held in place even when it has to be bent to align with the curvature of the headlight.
- Ideal for long-term use since they hold on really well, even in rain and hot weather. We use these regularly over 6-week summer holidays, they hold on as well in week 6 as they do on day 1. Since the beam benders are enclosed by the sticky cover, this system copes well with moisture/rain/snow, the grip does not weaken over time. With other beam benders, which have sticky tape on their backs, the glue tends to melt over time or sticky tape on the back detaches, causing the bender to eventually fall off the headlight.
- Less stressful and more accurate fitting. When trying to position these beam benders, you do this with sticky flaps still covered by protective backing tape. With backing tape on, the beam benders don’t yet stick to the headlight, so you can move beam benders around the headlight to find the best position. I do this with headlights on so I can see the effect of beams being bent, but you don’t have to, just put the positioning ‘pip’ right in front of the headlight bulb (there usually is a little dot on the headlight). Once you have the final position, hold the beam bender in place, remove the protective tape from each of the 4 flaps around it (one at the time), then press on the flaps and the beam bender is fixed in place. No need to lift it off the headlight. Fixing 1-2 flaps initially will hold the beam deflectors in place, check the fit and if good, fix with the remaining flaps. If not right, individual flaps can be easily detached from the headlight and you can try again. With some other products, once the beam adaptor touches the headlight, it cannot be easily removed, you have to keep it in whatever position you put it on first time.
- They can be removed easily even after 6 weeks of use, leaving absolutely no marks and no glue residue on the headlights. With some other beam adaptors we’ve tried, the glue would melt and etch into the plastic headlights due to long-term exposure to sun and heat, leaving marks on the headlight, causing cosmetic damage and hassle with removal.
- Can be reused if stored carefully. While not advertised as such, once you’ve removed these beam benders, you can stick them together and keep for future use (keep away from dirt/dust) – see the attached picture. When these are needed again, just take them apart and fix back to the headlights. Using this method we get to re-use ours once or twice before the glue wears off or (more likely) they get too dirty. Excellent value for money.

- Somewhat pricey, but well worth the money IMO.
- Larger and more obvious than other beam adaptors.

The attached photos show:
- beam benders fixed on headlights
- packaging: full cover and instructions inside (sorry about the oil stain in the middle)
- a pair of used beam benders stuck together for future reuse (BTW, this is how they look after being used for 5 weeks, some dirt around the edges otherwise ok!)
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on 13 March 2018
ok, I have now been using these in spain for the last 4 months, in all weathers, blistering heat, torrential rain and they haven't budged. vw t4 transporter, just stick dead center, I have had no problems.. very good product, I tried others, ( eurolights ) , rubbish, not a patch on these..
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on 2 October 2013
Excellent devices for ensuring headlamp beams can dip to the right for Continental driving.
I find them easy to prepare and attach to clear headlamp glass (plastic!) with clear instructions.
I have re-used these after very careful removal but unfortunately last time I did this I found that one was washed -off and lost after a long journey in very heavy rain. Fortunately I had taken a new (unused) set with me as back-up. Obviously these are really only a once-use device.

These benders actually do bend the dipped beams from left to right. This became alarmingly apparent when on return to UK in the dark and had not had chance to remove them. I had to make a stop at the first Services to do this because of the beams crossing into the opposite

Definitely recommended for driving in France etc.
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on 29 September 2014
Bought this for y S Type Jaguar as they have round curved lens making it difficult for the larger Mega Beam Benders to stick. I had no problem with these small discreet one. They worked fantasticly through europe with no glare for other drivers. Easy to put on and take off when finished.
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on 18 October 2016
The best beam benders I have used. I go to France 4 times a year and cover over 7000 miles . These are the best I have used and if fitted in the correct place do work reasonability well. Easy to fit and remove without marking my plastic lights (make sure you have your lights on for 5 mins before fitting and removal).
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on 21 March 2016
Fantastic! At long last I have found beam benders which are easy to fit, do their work successfully and vitally, stay firmly in situ even after 3000kms of fast winter driving on curved mini countryman lights.Previously I went through three sets of Eurolites on one summer trip, having to continuously replace missing deflectors to try and stay legal, but returned to the UK with only one in place(out of six!) and some adhesive on the lens to show Gendarmes they had been fitted.No refund offered.As a professional driver I know where my repeat business will be going- buying Saxon Metro benders exploiting Amazon's excellent predictable delivery service.
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on 16 May 2014
This is a great product. Apply to Headlight and will bend light away from oncoming traffic without loss of light for you as conventional converters block light. The only issue with these is they are not very good for round lens but perfect for flat surfaces which I found out.
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on 3 September 2012
Brilliant beam benders which I used in France that allow the head lights to shine through but away from on-coming cars. They were superb and stayed well adhered in temperatures of 45 degrees C and in torrential rainstorms that I encountered. Easy to fix and use and were really effective, and had no problems with with possible 'blinding' of on-coming vehicles. Definitely would use this site again as it was easy to order and exceptionally quick delivery
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on 8 March 2016
Certainly much easier to fix ( and remove) than most beam benders, and with care and some double- sided tape could be re-used. Difficult to say how effective they are - the dipped beam direction doesn't seem much different. But on ease of use alone would recommend.
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