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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 May 2008
I enjoyed this film. Good fun, a reasonably coherent plot, plenty of action and some nice touches of humour.

I was fearing this would be some sort of straight-to-DVD B-movie with a cheesy plot acting as an excuse for nonsensical action scene after nonsensical action scene, with the only reason it did not go straight to DVD being the names of the actors in it.

Fortunately I was wrong to be afraid. Certainly the film does have its moments of stupidity (for example, the hero gets involved in a gun fight, and proceeds to kill about 10 bad guys single handedly, when 2 minutes previously the entire building was swarming with cops, including his support team, who have all disappeared or gone for a doughnut or something, good gunfight though).

However, for the most part, there is a plot, with a few twists (that I was quite pleased to have guessed early on). It is a good plot, cliched maybe but then again what modern action movie does not contain at least some cliches? The acting is generally of a good standard, especially Jason Statham and Jet Li, who manage to remain credible throughout.

Some great fighting scenes and plenty of action, they even managed to include a car chase with Statham's car looking remarkably like that of Steve McQueen's in Bullitt!

Blu Ray: Excellent Blu Ray picture quality. They clearly shot the film with the HD market in mind. Sound is 5.1 or 7.1 PCM, which is a pity as I can't run 7.1 PCM and I assume neither can many people. Why can't they put a third audio option of DTS on, surely the blu ray format has enough space on it?

Summary: A good fun 80's style action movie with great up to date visuals, recommended to rent and definitely to buy if you like action/fighting movies.
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2008
The Story: FBI Agent Jack Crawford's (Jason Statham) partner and his family are murdered in an assassination style killing. Jack finds a titanium shell at the scene of the killing. After 3 years since Crawford's partner was killed, Jack is called in to investigate the murder of a Triad gang, only to discover the same trademark titanium bullet shell again which tells him the assassin is still around. We learn that this assassin is only known as "Rogue" (Jet Li) and although Jack Crawford is seeking his own vendetta against the assassin, "Rogue" has his own mission of turning the Triads and the Yakuza against each other in a bloody "War"

Pro: This movie has some exquisite action sequences that have you, truly on the edge of your seat. The Shootout in the Chinese Tea House and the Car Chase between Statham and Li are two of the more memorable scenes in this entire film.

Con/Pro: This film has a very cliché story base as it's the typical "Cops partner's killed, Cop seeks revenge, Cop catches bad guy" movie. It is actually reminiscent of the old corny, but cool 80s action movies like Die Hard which some would agree is what gives this film its charm.

Pro: It has two very famous and memorable actors as the main characters. Statham gives us his trademark tough guy (Bad American Accent) take no nonsense attitude, and Li simply gives us his legendary Martial Art and acting genius that we've come to love over the years.

Pro: The end has a marvelous twist that I promise every unique viewer with no real idea of what this movie is about will expect the twist that does come at the end.

Very good movie overall and I would definitely recommend it for those who are and aren't familiar with past roles of Statham and Li.

Buy It Now!!!
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on 16 November 2014
This is something for the people that want full on thrills and spills with a marvellous cast and with just as good storyline. An F.B.I. agents partner gets killed and now no hold bars keeping his friend from getting revenge, always looking for his target and not until a few years later down the track that he comes out of hiding and he is found, Now there is more but why spoil it so I rated this an A grade plus for fantastic suspense and fabulous ideas that keep you glued to your chair not wanting to move as you must not miss a thing can we. Off you go pick up your movie and popcorn run and get comfortable for a night in with excellent entertainment that you will be locked into. Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon 30 January 2008
A slightly under whelming action thriller that stars Jet Li as a Rogue assassin up against Jason Statham's obsessive FBI agent.

Both turn in the type of performances that you would expect, but with a quite a bland generic script and the occasional lull in pace, the film really doesn't have anything new to offer the genre.

In terms of the action there enough fights, explosions and car stunts to satisfy, but you get the impression that budget restrictions meant that they couldn't do larger scale stuff.

One interesting development late on that redeems some of the negative points is a nice plot twist that may not be obvious to all, and that really justifies the motivation of Jet's character.

In closing, not bad, but not up there with some of Statham's and Li's other movies.
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Well, if you have watched films with either 'Jet Li' or indeed 'Jason Statham' on-board you'll know that generally it's gonna' be a good film with plenty of action within.
Now..'War' puts them together and yes it is in my opinion, a damn good action packed roller-coaster ride.
Both men seek revenge.
Both men seek justice.
With the 'Triads' duped into an internal battle and the city's law-enforcer's pressed by threat's, to take sides.
Can anyone be trusted ?
Are thing's what they appear to be ?
I'm not gonna' spoil the plot, just gonna' say if you've enjoyed films with either of the main actor's and enjoy great action, buy or just watch this one, you'll not regret it !
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on 25 January 2012
This film got some really bad reviews which it didn't deserve because its a cracking action film with some quality acting, and one of the best twists i have seen in a film. Even my girlfriend enjoyed it and she hates any sort of action/martial arts films. As always Jet Li was brilliant and Statham even put in a good performance apart from that silly accent. A FINE ACTION FILM
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In answer to Edwin Starr's famous question, in this context War is good for a decent evening's mindless entertainment for fans of the explosive shoot-stab-punch-kick-blow-em-up. Jet Li stars as the mysterious `Rogue', top rate hired gun for the Japanese criminal underground in San Francisco. He is stirring up mob warfare between the Triads and Yakuza, and Jason Statham is the tough cop determined to take him down.

The plot is hard to follow, but to be honest with all the excellently staged action sequences you really do not need to worry about the plot. There are fights, gun battles, explosions, car chases and gratuitous nudity occurring with a regularity that keeps your mind completely off whatever the plot was in the first place.

It's a perfect brain at the door evening wit a pizza and beer film. Never going to win an Oscar, but very very entertaining. 4 stars.
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on 28 June 2016
I hadn't heard of this and came across it cheap in a shop. Now - you couldn't find two more typecast action heroes than Jet Li and Jason Statham, both of whom really only usually play caricatures of themselves. The day before watching this I had seen "Unleashed" with Jet Li in it, and the fights in that were very poorly done. In War, the set pieces and fights are excellently constructed.

"War" was a breath of fresh air. Jet Li is the enigmatic bad guy, and when he needs to fight he does it in some style, martial arts (of course) plus guns, Samurai swords etc. Jason Statham is obsessed with finding and killing him after the murder of his partner with his wife and child.

Jet Li is brilliant, always one step ahead (or five) of both the Yakuza and the Triads whom he plays off against one another, so we have the personal "war" and the street crime gang "war" going on. His effortless ruthlessness we cannot imagine Jason Statham getting near, though of course we do expect good to triumph over evil.

But, all the best films have a great twist and things, as ever, are not quite as they seem.

Great boy scout adventure with great action.
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on 13 November 2016
I generally like and seek out Mr Statham's movies but this was really dull. I actually fell asleep after struggling to maintain interest in the moody 2 dimensional characters for two thirds of the film. It started promising, then became lots of moody Japanese dressed in black killing each other while Statham, moody and dressed in black, followed them. I lost count of the amount of times we saw him analysing a crime scene after it'd all happened and managing to spot tiny silver bullet shells before anyone else, like some sort of er, bald eagle. Go watch Hummingbird or The Mechanic instead.
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on 8 June 2009
I'm a big Jason Statham fan and was looking forward to seeing 'War', but I was bored rigid all the way through. 'The One' was much better.
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