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on 4 January 2015
This was my second purchase of this model. It appears as though they both fail in the hotplate area. It worked well for about a year and a half before one of the hotplates stopped working and then the other failed six months later. The oven itself isn't bad, still working in year three and so is the oven light. We use it everyday. The outside does stain easily though and the glass door is too opaque to be able to check the progress without opening the door. I think in our next purchase we'd go with a different model/brand and buy a separate pair of hotplates.
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on 15 June 2011
The item was delivered on time and though the packaging showed small signs of damage the oven was in good order. My daughter, not an adventurous cook, finds the oven convenient and that it performs well. The item fits the space in her flat's small kitchen and she now is sourcing a shelving unit to fit underneath and put the unit at work top height.
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on 6 September 2017
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on 8 November 2017
Very pleased
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on 30 April 2015
First one supplied made loud bang and blue flash/spark. Second started billowing white smoke from side vent after 4 mins heating plates. Cheaply made,
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on 12 February 2012
I thought I should write a quick review of this product because when I was reading previous reviews to help me decide whether to buy it, there were clearly several controversial issues. Does it have a grill? Will it burn you if you touch the handle? Will it burn your food or leave it cold? Will it ever arrive in the first place if it's being delivered by Yodel? Well, here's my experience and some answers to those questions.

Delivery: Ordered it from Amazon on Wednesday 8th February. Free super-saver delivery. Delivery (by Yodel) estimated Monday 13th. I was worried because online reviewers suggested Yodel were rubbish and wouldn't even knock the door. In fact the Yodel chap knocked the door very adequately and delivered the item with a smile about 5pm on Friday 10th Feb. Everything was present as expected and undamaged in the box, including a user's manual (which some reviewers said wasn't provided).

So is there a user's handbook? Yes. The user's manual is clearly written and helpful. For example, it explains that the heating element at the top of the inside of the oven works as a grill, but that to use it effectively you should leave the oven door open so that the oven thermostat doesn't kick in and turn the grill off while you are grilling. The manual also explains the short "before use" sequence that you should go through before you first cook, to get rid of any smelly fumes from the components.

Is there a grill? Yes. See above, or read the instructions in your user's handbook! I am completely confident that I will be able to make my cheese on toast. The grill doubles as the top heater element for the oven, if you choose to have both top and bottom elements on. It's worth experimenting with that depending on what you're cooking.

Does the oven actually cook anything? I have just roasted a tray of vegetables to perfection. Set the oven to 200 degrees, leave parboiled veggies in tray of oil in oven for one hour, basting half way through, and voila! If I am able, I will put up a photo to show that they cooked brilliantly: I like them crispy and brown so I left them in for an hour. That's exactly the same time as I used to leave them in the full-size gas cooker that this mini-oven is replacing! I warmed the oven to temperature with both the upper and lower elements on, but left the veggies to roast with just the lower element (and its fan) on, which kept the oven happily at the 200 degree setting without "toasting" things on the top shelf!

Does the handle get so hot that you can't touch it without an oven glove, as some reviewers say? No. Not for me. After my 1-hour roasting experiment the handle was cool to the touch. The glass door was hot, and the top of the oven around the hot-plates was hot, but the handle was cool. The user's manual does warn you very clearly that the outside of the oven (including the handle) could get hot, but for me the handle stayed cool.

Do the hot-plate rings work OK? Yes. This is an electric cooker, obviously, so they work like electric cooker rings, not gas, which is not to everybody's taste (slow to warm, slow to cool), but they were as good as any other electric hotplates in my limited experience, and certainly adequate.

Is this the best oven in the world, without peer? Obviously not. I paid about 70 quid for it, and I am not a haut quisine establishment, so I'm not reviewing it as though I am the Queen's banquet chef. Some reviewers were perhaps expecting too much? It's cheapish and cheerful and it seems so far to be doing exactly what it says it will do. It is not a £900 super deluxe item, and it is not designed to satisfy a top chef catering for a party of twenty, but for an oven with a couple of hot plates for less than £100 (reduced price sale, admittedly, when I got it) I'm a perfectly satisfied customer, full of perfectly roasted vegetables and looking forward to my pizza and garlic bread for tea!
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on 27 July 2013
I usually make purchases based on reviews and as a norm pay some but little attention to bad reviews as i feel some people can be just to fussy! This item however i was wrong!!!

I'm currently on my 3rd one of these items in 4 months!!

The first the hobs never stayed at a constant temperature, i understand they turn on and off to maintain temperature but switched off to an extent the hobs went cold and to get hot again i had to switch the dial off then on again this needed to be repeated several times. and the oven would not stay above 150oC unless the top and bottom element were switched on. This unit also fell off the table so i purchased another unit.

The second unit, the door locked closed and had to be forced open to remove the food, it also had the same problem with the oven not being able to maintain heat in the oven and the hobs cooling down. I sent this for a replacement with amazon.

The 3rd unit, stopped working altogether, i attempted to change the fuse in the plug to no avail. This unit also had the same problem with the oven not maintaining heat, and the hobs cooling down.

I have given up hope and have been asked to send the item back for investigation to be replaced. the problem i have is i bought a small appliance like this because i dont have space so keeping the box to send it back in im not going to keep and cant be bothered to go through the hassle of finding a box suitably sized and packaging it just so i receive another unsatisfactory item. it can go to the metal man
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on 6 November 2009
For a little box this really does the job. We all seem to rely on huge range cookers needing large oven and many hob rings but for one person this really is a space saver. From slow cooked stews to roast chicken nothing is a problem. You have to be careful though as the oven gets much hotter than you think it will - easy to keep clean and very quiet dispite having rthe fan oven. All I need to do now......bake a cake. Would reccomend this for any small kitchen, bedsit, boat,caravan.
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on 5 June 2011
My landlady bought this for me as my main cooker in a small kitchenette. These are the limitations I have encountered in two months of daily use:
- The hotplates are slow to heat
_ The hotplates do not remain hot throughout cooking as though a thermostat were shutting the heat down and then restarting - very frustrating!
- The larger of the two hotplates will not work while the grill/hob are in use
- The overall build is flimsy
- Hob is difficult to clean; almost immediately, a brown burn type stain appears and cannot be scrubbed away
- The oven element is exposed rendering it almost impossible to clean the oven floor
Overall, frustrating to use. Suggest you spend more on a higher quality item.
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on 18 November 2010
I needed a cooker whilst our house is being refurbished and we were living in the Garage!!! I read as much as I could about the different mini cookers with hobs on the market, and found that this one covered about everything that you would need. The Oven and Hobs work at the same time and you can turn the hobs down to simmer. The Grill works as long as you leave the door open and works well. I cannot think of anything you cannot cook with this small oven, and would tell anyone if you are looking for a small well priced item then this is the one!
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