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on 31 August 2008
This is a good product, and the wireless technology makes it well worth the upgrade from the corded version. Simple to install, all very hassle-free. It uploads your skype contacts onto the handset, and the address book will even flag up those that are on or off-line.

Audio quality is not perfect, but is considerably clearer than a conventional phone-line, so also a thumbs-up in this regard.

Verdict: a good functional product, reasonably priced for its features, and does what it says on the tin.
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on 24 October 2014
Delivery as quoted. Well packaged. Bought this quite a while ago for my son at University so he wouldn't spent too much of his grant ringing his mum, (aw, bless him as his mum would say). It has been extremely useful in its time but now with Face time & Skype plus built-in video cameras, is it time to donate it to the local charity shop? It certainly is well made & was excellent VFM.
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on 13 May 2013
I recommend this product it increases sound quality. you can hear the person better and they can hear you better. it does take control of computer sound however this problem was answered in a review by another customer.
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on 19 October 2008
Installation was really simple. The software user interface simply auto-runs whenever the computer is booted and allows you to alter the volume settings for both the microphone and the speaker. Easy to use the handset, to access your Skype phonebook, call history and to give and receive calls.

Reception has sometimes been a bit of an issue. Maybe around 10% of the time it has been a little 'choppy' when using it in a different room to the receiver.

Build quality of the whole unit is pretty good and the outer shell of the handset is very rugged, however, the LCD display sometimes displays groups of pixels that it shouldn't, but it doesn't cause a problem, just cancelling the screen can return it to how it should be.

Value for money.. Having read the review of other wireless Skype compatible phones in the same price range, this one seems to have less to fault and costs less too. As with all cheap wireless technology, there are many things that could go wrong compared to a wireless handset. But if this is your budget and you would prefer a wireless one I would choose this one over the others.

ADDITIONAL (April 2010): Ever since Skype was updated I've been having problems with this phone. Every so often the phone's display will carry on showing the last call which you've made and there's no way to get rid of it (removing the battery or rebooting the computer won't suffice). This makes navigating the phone lists impossible without using the computer display. I have been having issues with my computer but I thought I would say this just as a precaution for anyone wanting to buy one! Asides from that I'm pleased with it!
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on 1 January 2009
For most people, this will probably be a very handy addition to their desktop clutter. It worked reasonably well from the start, not even needing an initial charge, although I had to change back the Windows (XP) audio settings before it would stop playing other sounds - music, etc - through the phone. You only need to do that once, although read the final paragraphs for a caveat.

Once installed, you'll get the ugliest icon imaginable in your systray (the little icons next to the time on your Windows screen). It's hideous, bright green and with no attempt at a 3D effect, so it looks like an icon from a 1980s freebie kids' game. Small point, but a niggle nonetheless.

It's extremely simple to operate. Even the most trembling technophobe could use one - at the very simplest, a call to a contact set up with a fast-dial number can be made by pressing the number and then the green call button; an incoming call is answer simply by pressing the green button The display is clear, the build quality solid enough, and it fits well and feels good in the hand.

The base unit connects with a USB cable - I couldn't get it to work from a hub, so you'll probably need a spare port on your computer. This provides power as well as data, so it's a pretty neat setup. There is a hands-free mode on the base unit, but the sound I got from that was terrible; on an "echo" call to Skype Test Call I could barely make out what I was saying. Not a big problem to me - after all, if I'm next to the base unit I'm next to the desktop mic and speakers, and I'd prefer to use that anyway. It will mean that headset users won't have an alternative, though.

That knocks off one star from a five-star review. There's simply no excuse these days for a hands-free unit not to give perfectly adequate sound quality.

Why the other star knocked off? Well, this will only apply to people in the same situation as me, but it's enough for me to return the product for a refund:

You simply can't use it as a supplement to your existing setup, be it mic/speakers, headset or whatever. The software is very tightly integrated between the "SkypeMate" phone software and your regular Skype window (indeed you can switch tabs on the Skype window by pressing a key on the phone ... if you want to for some strange reason of your own), which works well on most ways, but means that you cannot receive a call on your normal setup. Incoming calls will always come to the phone, no matter how it's set up. Before making an outgoing call from your computer's hardware, you need to make two changes to the setup (change audio settings, setting your sound and mic back to your soundcard), and these are overridden as soon as you use the phone to make a call or even just receive one. It's unlikely that any of the competitors will be any different here, since it's the Skype software that's at fault.

Since I'd only purchased the phone as a secondary device, intending to use it for those times when I had to be away from the computer, this renders it useless to me.

But if you bear that in mind, and are looking for a simple but effective phone to use with Skype for all calls, look no further.
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on 29 December 2010
Much has already been said about this phone and the vast majority of comments are correct. It is a surprisingly well made phone with the black parts being made of a rubber making it comfortable to hold, the handset doesn't feel quite so cheap as most skype phones. When it comes to sound quality, different people will have different views on just how good that is. I personally think the sound quality is equal to any dect cordless house phone. I did see mentioned in a couple of reviews about the phone kidnapping windows sound settings and people having to constantly reset them, this is a common problem with skype phones and is more to do with the skype software and windows than the phone itself, and it can be overcome by adjusting just one setting within windows, so my main reason for this review is to point out how to overcome the problem of all sounds being emitted from the phone whilst it's running. You may have to restart the skype software afterwards, I can't remember if I had to or not.

In Windows 7, simply right click on the speaker icon in the system tray and select "Playback devices" then select the playback device you would normally use for say listening to music, first things first, set it back as your default playback device and click on "Apply", then select the "Properties" button followed by the "Advanced" tab. In the advanced section untick the box which says "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" and finally click "Apply" then "OK"

Now the skype software will still use the phone for its audio and mic but it will not interfere with normal windows sounds or playback of music etc.

I don't know if there is a similar problem on XP or not, I only have a virtual copy of XP now and could not find a tick box regarding allowing applications exclusive control, the only tick box I could see was "Use default devices only" so if anyone is having a similar problem in XP it may well be worth ticking that, you can always go back and untick it if it makes no difference.

I gave it 5 stars because I think it is worth the money, setup is easy and the sound kidnapping problems are not the fault of the phone and therefore not exclusive to this model or brand.

Anyway, I hope someone finds the above info useful.
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I've read a few of the reviews here and it seems that there are good and less good experiences. In my case it's all been good.

The entire process was a simple case of getting it out of the box, plugging it into the computer and that was it. No messing, no faffing and not settings to mess around with.

On a Windows 8.1 PC when I plugged this in, a pop up appeared and simply asked if this Skype device was to be set up on the registered Skype account on the computer. That was it. I don't believe it could be any simpler.

Sound quality is good and the range seems to be similar to a normal cordless DECT phone. All your Skype contacts are of course available automatically.

One small thing to bear in mind. This is not a standalone device. It has to be plugged into a PC to work and of course you need a Skype account first.

As I mentioned this is on W8.1 so despite not being noted on the box or Amazon, it works perfectly with the latest version of Windows.
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on 7 June 2012
Had bought this phone originally in 2009 to use with a PC operating on Windows Vista system and had no problems setting it up and using it to contact family and friends around the world. However I recently bought a new PC which uses Windows 7 OS and which came with Skype pre-installed but when I plugged the phone it it would not work properly as it would not ring nor did the lcd screen show any display. I contacted Sogatel who responded very quickly and said that the phone would only work if Skypemate was installed on the pc and they gave me a direct link to download this program which saved a lot of time trying to hunt for the original installation cd that came with the phone. Having now installed Skypemate on my pc the phone works very well indeed (saved me having to buy a new phone) and I would like to thank Sogatel for their very prompt and very helpful response.
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on 23 November 2008
Sogatel - Skype compatible USB cordless internet phone - Vista and XP
Some reviews say this is a problem with Vista - I have Vista and installed it so easily. No problem. Although it's Skype compatible I use mainly Voipcheap and one review mentioned you need a separate download to be compatible. I had no problem whatsoever, it works with both Voipcheap and Skype. Phone quality is excellent, as good speaking to Australia as the UK. A nice handset, works well in any room in the house well away from my PC. For the price this is a great phone.
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on 26 October 2010
The sound on this phone is awful - very very muffled and as I am fussy over this kind of thing there is no way I could use it - I would just throw it at the wall. Nothing else to be said really. I am returning it and asking for a refund.
I have just come back to edit this as I returned the phone, had an email saying they were refunding the cost plus shipping, and also the amount it cost me to return it. I had the following message " We have
received the returned phone today. Our returns team has tested it and
found that there is a problem with the handset you received; it
produces audio feedback when used instead of the crystal clear sound
that this item usually delivers. We are very sorry that the phone you
received seems to have had a manufacturing defect. If you need any further
assistance, or in future would like to try a replacement (which we can
open and test in advance if required to make sure that there are no
further problems) please let us know."
Although I had problems with it I am satisfied with the customer service and prompt response. Couldnt really ask for better - these things happen unfortunately but as long as the problem is resolved it is ok and I accept this.
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