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In Rainbows
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 21 January 2008
I'm getting so fed up with the attitude (inc. the Amazon reviewer) of 'the new Radiohead album has guitars in so its good', I feel compelled to write a review of my own.
Contrary to popular belief, Kid A and Amnesiac do use guitars - but they go beyond the traditional indie chord progressions of The Bends, and to a lesser extent, OK Computer.
The use of guitars in the new album is more akin to the supposed 'experimental' side of Radiohead - but they are not the album's defining feature.
Admitedley, the album is more accessible than Kid A and Amnesiac - largely due to the exposure of Thom Yorke's voice. As with The Eraser, Yorke indulges into the songs of In Rainbows. Songs such as All I Need and Reckoner are further drenched in instrumental textures, not unlike those found on OK Computer. Yet they also borrow the electronic aspect of Kid A/Amnesiac.
In Rainbows is an indulgent album. It indulges all the band's previous success, and Yorke sings through with none of the self-consciousness of Hail to the Thief, rather he revels in the beauty of the result.
And it is beauty. The music of OK Computer was made ever more beautiful by its context at the end of the 20th Century. What made Kid A so special was the dramatic nature of its New Millenium release, but now is not the time for drama, the context of In Rainbows demands its aching, self indulgent tone.
Once again, Radiohead have soared above their peers - just as they did with OK Computer, Kid A and Amnesiac. 2007 was, in my opinion an awful year for music, and upon first listen, In Rainbows made me wonder why I ever listened to anything else last year. I urge you to buy this album, to dispel the myth that CDs don't sell - the more accurate fact is that bad CDs don't sell, good ones will.
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on 7 January 2008
Am listening to this as I type and have to say that it is a thing of beauty and reminds me a bit Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden.

I downloaded it on release and then have bought the physical release and have to say that the "full fat" recording is even better due as it is a much higher sample rate than the MP3 release. It just adds extra layers to an already luxuriant sound.

Recommended to anyone who liked the download.
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on 16 March 2008
This is yet another fantastic Radiohead album with moments of absolute magic. It's a departure from the various past styles to a fairly whimsical floaty album, which I'm a huge fan of!

My only issue with the album is that some of the songs seem to cut short. Songs build to a peak, a state of pure emotion, possibly genius...and then they abruptly end. Some of these beautiful sections could be dwelled upon a little longer in order to appreciate and bask in the glory of the wonderful sound they've produced.

Still an excellent album!
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on 13 May 2008
I find it interesting how people (PR?) have built up and then knocked down a number of Radiohead's albums over the years - it will be interesting to see how In Rainbows is re-evaluated in years to come.

For me, it's a very good album but not the "return to form" that some people would manufacture.

For starters HTTT was actually a great album in parts despite some reviews to the contrary - Where You End, A Punchup, There There, and the title track all deserve a place in their canon up against any song they have written (not to mention the b-side I Am A Wicked Child). For that matter, all their albums have tracks of true undiluted greatness.

So what of In Rainbows? Well to me, it sounds like a b-sides album (as does the bonus album!). If that sounds like a criticism, plenty of my favourite Radiohead tracks have actually been b-sides - Pearly*, Palo Alto, Polyethylene I/II and the aforementioned Wicked Child.

However, for me the album doesn't seem as coherent a whole as The Bends or OK C******r, more like a collection of tracks. Equally many of the individual tracks feel somehow a little like doodles (great doodles by the way) rather than actual completed tracks.

If this all sounds like a criticism, it's not actually, more a plea for some perspective on what is undoubtedly a great album, but not the pinnacle that some seem keen to claim...

Personal favourites are: Reckoner (Yorke's voice at it's most beautiful), Nude, All I Need, Videotape (even though, maybe because, it is similar to Pyramid Song), House of Cards, Bangers + Mash
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on 24 April 2008
quite often with radiohead albums i have thought upon my first listening "what's that?" but after a few plays you really do start to "get it" and after several listens, you really discover the depths of the genius in the work. i think this is quite possibly the best radiohead album yet - and definitely another wonderful example of their unique magic. i love it - the band are really together and thom yorke truly has the voice of an angel. do yourself a big favour and buy it :)
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on 15 December 2007
From first note to last, "In Rainbows" demands total attention. More immediate than the "experimental" releases "Kid A", "Amnesiac" and "Hail To The Thief", (and Yorke's "The Eraser"), the calibre of songs surpasses anything else released throughout 2007.

Radiohead are much more than a "rock" band, and "In Rainbows" is a collection of songs which provides a contemporary backdrop to 2008, and indeed 21st Century Britain ("Jigsaw Falling Into Place" is surely a scene enacted in all "Great British" towns on a Friday/Saturday night). Yorke and Greenwood's recent NME and MOJO interviews eluded to some of the more intimate themes of the record which clearly seep through the record.

Radiohead maintain their position as the complete rock(?) band. If you enjoyed "OK Computer" and Radiohead's highlights of the last 7 or so years ("Knives Out", "Morning Bell", "Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin" etc.), you can not fail to enjoy "In Rainbows".

Not music - art of the purest form. Indispensable and essential.
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on 28 October 2010
One of the best by a great band, this album deserves to sit alongside paranoid android. No weak tracks, some positively sublime. The only problem is the vinyl pressing. It's very poor with audible distortion and mushy sound balance. It was not my deck, I even took the album to a high-end hifi shop to give it a spin and the problems were still there. Buy on CD.
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on 15 June 2009
this is probably one of the few albums i own that when it finishes in the car, i let it go round again... and sometimes i drive for 3 hours straight..
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on 11 December 2007
If you're like me, you genuinely believe that Radiohead are one of those truly rare bands that really do manage to better themselves with each successive album. Rest assured, 'In Rainbows' does not break this trend. Track for track, it's undoubtedly the greatest selection of songs Yorke & co. have ever compiled. It's also pretty sparse; with many of the songs brand new, whilst a handful date back to the 'Hail To The Thief' sessions. The true highlight of the album, however, is 'Nude' - a beautiful ballad dating back in some form or another to at least 1997, during the 'OK Computer' tour. The band have been trying to agree for the better part of a decade on how to approach the song in the studio. At last, it surfaces as a modern, polished Radiohead classic.

'In Rainbows' is such a focused, no-frills record; it really is simply ten great songs. There's no filler, no experimentation, just great music. There's certainly something for everyone here, with personal favourites including 'Jigsaw Falling Into Place' (the first single taken from the record), 'Reckoner' and of course, the haunting final track, 'Videotape'.

Despite its diversity and the sheer quality of most of the tracks, the biggest complaint of 2003's 'Hail To The Thief' was that it was somewhat overlong. True, it could have been trimmed down. What we have with 'In Rainbows', therefore, is a record so focused - perhaps even intense - that it delivers so utterly and completely that you almost wish there were 12 tracks instead of 10.

That said, true fans have ordered the discbox : )

5/5, the best thing they've ever done.
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on 16 April 2008
i wish i could have given it more than 5 stars. Radioheads have done it again and produced an absolutely outstanding album. Nude, Videotape and reckoner are brilliant. I earge everyone to give this album a try. You won't be dissapointed!
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