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on 11 July 2009
Bought this for a holiday, but so good using it already in the garden. Excellent sound quality, yes the on/off button is fidly, but honestly this is a minor irritant given the quality of the sound. I am going to get another and a slitter for stereo, so it can't be too bad can it
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on 4 July 2014
Broke almost immediately. Useless unfortunately
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on 4 July 2009
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on 16 April 2008
I have just bought this while on holiday in the US. I wanted a portable speaker for my iPod, and this was one of the cheapest in the store, so I wasn't too sure whether it would be any good. However, I knew that Altec have a good reputation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. which is clear and bright. I haven't tried it on the loudest setting as I am in a hotel room, and don't want to upset the other residents!

Initially I found it hard to turn the speaker to the off/on position, but it has become easier. I'm also using rechargeable batteries, as it seems to use them quite heavily.
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on 9 September 2008
I finally got one of these last weekend and I must say it is way better that I expected!

For such a small unit, it is seriously LOUD and actually has some bass too. Works well with any genre of music...as My girlfriend found - she hogged the thing for most of our trip!

I used mine with a Sansa e270 and an iPod Shuffle. Great by the pool, booming in the hotel room with no complaints.

I imagine it will a great aid for getting my on back - on those lovely people who use their mobiles to play loud, annoying, tinny, music on public transport! Tee-hee!

A good, no-fuss product, which you won't regret buying.
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on 12 December 2007
Considering the limitation of the speakers employed this tiny item punches well above it's weight. I have connected the speaker to my desk top computer, sat nav and Snow Fox MP3 player and never been let down by the lack of punch and clarity.

In fact placed centrally in a collegues 53 seat coach, whilst parked up, the sound spread around and down the entire vehicle (40') which is something I did not expect. in the larger space of my company's staff mness room it managed a creditable performance in an area 120' x 40'ceratinly sufficient to provide a clear mabient sound without being stressed and distorted.

The EQ setting on the Snow Fox is very basic but with the unit in "pop" mode the bass is present and the trebles are clean with little or no distortion.

The only gripe is with the on/off switch which is infuriating to operate and feels as though it is a couple of grit particles not electrical contacts, squeeze too hard and nothing happens; relax and the soft twist completes the switching operation. B*st*rd thing!!!!

This is the only down side of this neat unit and something that A.L. need to address before they have a host of broken units returned because the switch is an utter, utter pain in the fundamentals!!

My wife and I have an orbit each and my colleague was so impressed by the combination of Snow Fox and Orbit speaker that I am buying him one to add to his collection of "travel gadgets" and have no doubt that his wife wil also at some point benefit from her own Orbit in the not too distant future.

I would recommend the unit to those who like my collegue and I travel a good deal and have litle space to carry larger bulky items but want a "room" filling sound without too many complexities.
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on 6 April 2011
as it turns out, this is an amazing speaker. guys, its 14 pounds. whats to fault. before i begin, i am a type of adiophile, so music quality, and speakers are important to me. for a portable speaker, it purfect. sounds great, mids are good, highs are crisp. where you [put this speaker is also important~! hard surfaces are good, and soft surfaces are better, ie, bedding, clothing, e.c.t.
bass-0 the most important thing to some people. thisis a portable speaker, not a thumping 1000w subwoofer. there is a little bit off bass, but its not mwnt for bass, if you want bass, go and get a subwoofer, or a massive sound system, this is iether a laptop speaker, or a speaker that fits in your pocket for you iphone, ipod or phone. anything with a 3.5mm headphoe jack. in the box is a 2 year warranty, a 2.5 mm adaptor, and sony erricson addaptor for sonys own jack, probz the worst invention on the planet, and the unit. the complains about the difficult on off switch? rubbish, if you have greasy hand, then its tough, but if your hands are clean, it goes on and off easy! it gets distorted at high volume, but i mean, really high, this thing is so loud! but otherwise, cant fault it, purfet, 10/10. quick note- takes 3 aaa batterys, last 24 hours ;)
if u lookin at this, get it, u will not be dissapointed at this amazing speaker. u must remember, its small, its portable, its a single speaker, its not ment to be a bower and wilikins zepplin, it £14, and for the price better than most low end cd players, fantastic :)
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on 24 June 2008
I have tried loads of MP3 portable speakers and for the size and price these are the best I have heard. Small and light they present no problem to slip into your luggage and yet deliver a big enough sound for any hotel room. Bright highs and good bass (for a portable speaker) gives an easy on the ear listening experience. Mono sound it may be but with speakers this size it's not something you are going to miss. Battery life from the 3 AAA's appears good. I took mine away for a week and played it every evening in the hotel and they are still going strong.

Highly recommend this product
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on 7 May 2009
I brough this speaker to take on a camp with 30 kids, so obviously I didn't want to spend to much, or have to much weight & wires to worry about. It is loud for such a small size, the sound quality was very clear and it doesn't distort the base untill the battery start to run down. The volume is great especialy when you consider my Creative Zen dosen't turn up that loud. However it was certanily louder when the kids decided to try it with thier Ipods!

It also survived been dropped a few times, not only on mud but also hard flooring. Even then only damaged recived was the grill on top popping out slightly but it soon went back in to place. Once I got used to the unusual switch to turn it on (Grabbing the silver rim without touching the speaker elsewhere)it was easy enough to use. To be honest I had more fun with the battery compartment, the slot for opening is not much use I tend to use the feet to push against.

The batteries seemed to last very well, even when I was using pound shop specials, whereas my rechargables last even longer.
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on 27 January 2009
Yes, the ring power device is fiddly, I know it sounds odd, just use less pressure.

I'm getting another one, because it doesn't like rough treatment and extremes of cold, so the cone has blown.

I'm getting another one, because its really, really good, small, high volume and quite bassy and perfect along as it is treated with respect, I would never have paid £45 for it though.
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