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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
The Shield - Season 5 [DVD] [2008]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 19 November 2017
The one star does not reflect this superb series, with every season seemingly improving on the last series. Yes there are faults: the whole issue with Terry Crowley never worked for me (Vic would have found another way to be rid of Terry rather than resort to murdering a cop) and Emolia's 'acting' to name but two, but its still superb riveting television. The 1 star doesn't reflect the extras either, lots of them, and all well done. This only gets 1 star from me because I thought the 4 disc DVD would add in the missing scenes in the last episode 'Postpartum'. It doesn't, no different from the 3 disc version in that sense. For goodness sake the episode is called 'postpartum', and even the picture on the DVD has a frame of Vic holding Danny's new born baby....never to be seen in this episode. How was this not added to the DVD, even as deleted scenes rather than 2 boring ones that were? So, if your after the extended final version don't bother buying the 4 disc version. Region 1 I believe is the only way to get this.....
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on 27 September 2011

If you haven't yet seen Season 5 of "The Shield", it's one of the best yet. Outstanding performances from all concerned make this riveting, edge-of-your-seat, exciting, and tormenting stuff.


DO NOT WATCH THE DVD 'EXTRAS' BEFORE YOU HAVE WATCHED ALL THE EPISODES ON ALL THE DISCS. They contain spoilers. Spoilers so important that they ruin the series finale. Pointless, and what a nonsensical waste!

Otherwise, if you avoid the 'extras' (at least before you finish watching the series), you'll agree that this is superb stuff. People have claimed that some of it has been edited down. I never saw the original US version, so can't comment, but without knowing that it was edited, I'd never have guessed.

This is gripping. One of the best seasons of a consistently brilliant show.
I give this 4 stars out of 5 because the spoilers... well, they spoil it.
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on 25 August 2010
The Shield continues to amaze with high quality writing, great action, and superb tension.

I had enjoyed every season up to now, but I don't think any of them had gripped me as much as this season. The Kavanaugh character is fantastic, and the antagonism and cat and mouse action between him and Mackey is a joy to behold.

Throw in a stunning finale, and you have one of the best seasons of one the best shows of all time.

Unfortunately, it missed out on the 5 stars because of the shameful decision to cut down the double episode finale. Some key scenes have been cut out - a fact I didn't actually realise until I started watching season 6, and saw some of them in the "last time on the Shield".

Absolutely baffling decision - it's like they were running out of DVD space as it could easily fit on one of the discs that only has 2 episodes!
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VINE VOICEon 23 February 2008
After the marvellously horrible Antwon Mitchell has gone down for a stretch, Aseveda has left the force and Glenn Close's Captain Rawlings left the series what challenges remain for our amoral heroes in the fifth season? The answer has been cooking for a while as the bravest and the best of the strike team (in a real moment of irony) is caught bang to rights. The man tasked with defeating the strike team is played by Forest Whittaker with a smile that would scare a shark and a delightful mix of obsession and guile. Vic Mackey is facing heavy duty artillery here and it shows in his reactions, which are not as skillful as in the early days.

The Shield always was an intense series and this season simply ratchetted it up a bit at a time. One is left, as ever, keen for more. But in this case one is also left wondering at the last episode whose menu illustration was Vic holding a newly born child. Will he be handing out cigars in Season Six?
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on 18 February 2010
Just when you think the Shield might get repetitive, they find a new angle. Vic and the strike team become the target for an obsessive Internal Affairs officer, played by Forest Whittaker who brilliantly leaves you guessing whether Kavanaugh is a good guy or a bad guy - the moral ambiguity that makes The Shield such compulsive viewing for fans. It really is great to see a show which treats its viewers as intelligent enough to make up their own minds about right and wrong and which poses questions instead of preaching. The fact it does so at breakneck speed and with breathless excitement is just a plus! If you haven't seen the Shield yet - go back to Season One and enjoy the whole ride. Five seasons in I'm still hooked and rushed out to buy the next season. Brilliant.
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on 13 April 2007
"The Shield" is one of the few programmes that have gone from strength to strength in terms of writing and tension over the last few years. While fantastic television such as "The Wire" and "The Sopranos" will place the viewer at distance and let you watch the action unfold, "The Shield" refuses to let the viewer have this comfort. Instead you are thrust head-first into the gangland style action that downtown LA is widely known for.

In terms of narrative you will not find anything tighter in TV or cinema. "The Shield" follows the Farmington Strike Team, an experimental gang enforcement squad who use unconventional methods (such as: drug dealing, murder, and evidence tampering) to get the dangers of society off the street. In the last four seasons the Strike Team have been the hunters in the streets of Farmington taking down all the gangs by whatever means necessary, however this time they have become the hunted (this review will not give a detailed plot synopsis). The always excellent Forest Whitaker plays an obsessive Internal Affairs agent who will stop at nothing to destroy the Strike Team and place them behind bars. As Whitaker's character manipulates the Strike Team, they begin to question their loyalties among each other, which eventually climaxes in what can only be described as purely Shakespearean.

As with every season of "The Shield", season 5 delivers what this groundbreaking show has become known for: tight writing, break-neck pace, fantastic characters that you can sink your teeth into, and asks the viewers intelligent questions such as: what can be categorised as justice and how far does one go to deliver it? While other shows such as "24" fill the season with sub-plots that barely relate to the main story, "The Shield" refuses to sidetrack from the main narrative and delivers in what can only be described as 11 hours of heart-pumping tension filled drama!
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on 6 May 2013
Another great season and new stories, the writers seem to have done very well in maintaining interest throughout the SEVEN seasons (although I was ultimately very disappointed by the direction things took in Season 7 - watch it and see - the plots seemed to have the actors act out of character). I have watched this through twice and am about to start again...
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on 22 October 2008
OK, I know people are criticising the fact that the last episode was cut. That's been said enough, so I'll leave that behind.

One of the things I like about this series is that they are quite clever in how they develop the plot. Occurrences from Series past are brought back into the fray, and it all fits together well. No "dead characters being brought back to life" in the Shield!

A good Series in a good show. Keep 'em coming!
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on 29 October 2008
This installment to The Shield saga is just as good as the others have been. Right away you are introduced to the IAD rat Kavanaugh, who is only as brilliant as he is detestable, and unsurprisingly excellently portrayed by Forest Whitaker. Kavanaugh relentlessly pursues the Strike team for their numerous misgivings throughout the previous four seasons. Vic, Shane, Lem and Ronnie seem to have put all differences behind them at the start of the series, but as Kavanaugh sinks his teeth into every potential lead, the team suffers, and the always loveable Lemanski is exposed. All the shocks, squirms and grit are still there as you would expect from this masterfully written and shot series, and the story gets stronger as it lurches towards its devestating conclusion. I defy anybody not to enjoy the Shield - buy now!
I never saw the originally aired final episode and cannot comment on the ommissions, however I do not feel the season is left hanging from the released version.
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on 21 March 2016
If you have never seen the shield and like police dramas filmed in a fly on the wall style with a 'nitty gritty' feel then look no more.

The first time seeing this had me on the edge of my seat, I have watched the who series several time over. This show is N all time favourite
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