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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 October 2013
Ok. There's only one thing I want from an alarm clock - that the alarm goes off at the time I set.

And the main thing I want from a radio-controlled clock is that when the hour changes in Spring or Autumn, it will switch automatically.

I've had this alarm for a while now, and it's proved to be totally untrustworthy on both counts.

First, last thing each night I have to check that it actually remembers the alarm time (07:30), because on a regular basis it forgets and resets the alarm to 00:00. Forgetting to check this has already cost me two no-breakfast, frantically rushed mornings.

Secondly, this has the worst 'radio' reception of any of my radio-controlled clocks. Signal strength can't be blamed, because all the others perform perfectly.

As an example, when the hour changed last night, this clock failed to register the fact at all, so the alarm woke me an hour too early this morning (finally prompting this grumpy review!). It was almost 1PM today before it actually realised that the hour had changed. I suppose it would have been worse in Springtime, when I'd have been an hour late!

I noticed that other reviewers had had similar problems, but ignored them. I wish I hadn't.

There are lots of good low-priced radio controlled clocks around, but this isn't one of them. Not recommended at all.
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on 14 September 2012
I bought this clock on the basis of the good reviews when my previous alarm became unreliable. It was 20 years old, had dual alarms and woke me up with a gentle noise. It was the perfect clock. Unfortunately, that model is no longer made and I chose this as the next best.

The clock had a much cheaper feel to it than my old one and the buttons felt clunky in use. In use I was disappointed that there was no way to turn the alarm off and have it automatically reset for the next day, which meant getting into the routine of resetting the alarm at bedtime and the alarm noise is very loud and irritating. Maybe others will think that is a good feature, but I prefer to be woken up more gently.

At less than 3 months old the alarm function has failed on 3 occasions because it randomly resets to 12:00. If this happens before 12:00 it means an unexpected wake up alarm at midnight, if it happens after 12:00 it means the alarm does not go off in the morning and I am late for work.

Would not recommend.
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on 12 December 2013
Lovely looking clock, slightly irritating tone (but I suppose that's the idea) and seemed to work well for a couple of months. Then it started to reset itself erratically, which would have been fine but the alarm resets too - for midnight! Not great if you fall asleep at 11pm and a disaster if you rely on it (as is usual) to wake you in the morning.
Then - eureka! It's the mobile phone! I'm sure someone else has worked this out but judging by other posts here and a lack of any reference via Google it isn't common knowledge.
I suspect that many people have their mobiles next to them at bed. I only occasionally do this, hence the lag between purchase and the apparent malfunction.
I now keep the alarm on the other bedside table when I need the phone or, more usually switch it off altogether. It looks like it only scrambles the clock when close together. So far, so good.
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on 3 November 2013
Probably the best cheap (or "inexpensive" if you prefer) RC alarm clock I've owned yet.

Besides having the advantage of automatically setting itself (apart from the alarm, obviously), it has a nice clear display that's easy to read, even from the other side of the room. The controls are a nice combination of clicky button and clunky switches, located on either side of the base, although you'll probably only need to use them to change the alarm settings.

Not all the functions are immediately intuitive, but a quick glance at the instructions should solve any issues. I really like the fact the "snooze/light" control is a nice big oval button at the front - easy to access.

The night light is a little bright for my tastes ( a bit harsh on tired, bleary eyes in the early hours I find) and as my internal alarm clock often wakes me beforehand, I'd have preferred a quieter/gentler alarm tone.

These are fairly minor niggles though and overall I'd say its great value for money.
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on 22 October 2013
I bought this clock to replace a digital radio-controlled (Oregon Scientific) model that had served me well for over a decade.

I had expected the technology to have moved on in that time but with this Acctim 71137 was sadly disappointed. Most of the important functions, like setting the alarm time and switching it on, are via clunky sliding switches which feel like a throwback to the 1970's. I'm not at all confident how long the contacts of these unnecessary moving parts will last in regular use. The first clock delivered was DOA anyway so had to be replaced.

When checking the time at night, by pushing the backlight, the viewable angle of the clock is very narrow (and pointing upwards) so that I also have to tip the clock forwards in order to see the time.

Other points of dissatisfaction have already been fully covered Linda Bridge in her review from 14/9/12. I concur entirely with her synopsis and wish I had given it more weight before making my purchase.

I've only owned this clock for a few months but am already looking for a better-designed alternative. Not recommended.
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on 26 October 2014
I have a house full of radio controlled clocks, as I'm too lazy to rush around the house changing them all when daylight saving time ends. Here we are, 26th Oct and my clocks have all changed - except this one! I've already had to reset it a couple of times due to inaccurate time, and have forgiven it for permanently showing a temperature 2 degrees more than the true one - but this as a step too far!! Fortunately I don't need an alarm clock so it wasn't a problem this morning, but I'd have been very disgruntled if I'd been relying on it to wake me up!
The clock looks good, but isn't up to the task.
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on 28 January 2012
I bought this based on reviews by other Amazonians and am not disappointed. This clock is very sturdy and the display is easy to read at all angles. The radio controlled function ensures pinpoint accuracy and, as the previous reviewer said, it is very handy to have controls on either side of the clock.

Although I usually prefer a mains operated clock, I am very satisfied with this little item and it was a very good price too. Very good if you have dexterity problems, by the way, as the buttons are a good size.
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on 28 January 2013
Had two of these. The first one took about 18 hours to get a time signal and then after 6 months it lost it and would display random times. Batteries checked and fine. Amazon, to their credit, sent me a replacement without any fuss, and this picked up the signal within minutes.

The second one so far is ok, but is a bit temperamental and receives the time signal fine on one windowsill but not another.

Having a different time signal clock in the house, it appears they are often a bit like this - the time signal symbol comes and goes on that one too.

And in case it's not mentioned elsewhere, the snooze is approximately 4 minutes.
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on 22 January 2015
It's ok. The main pros are, it lights up briefly when the alarm goes off and it's loud enough to wake me up. The cons are, the contrast on the display when not using the light is very poor, making it tricky to see from certain angles. Also, the button to turn the alarm off is extremely fiddly. My search for the perfect alarm clock may gave yo continue.
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on 31 May 2014
This item arrived promptly and was easy to set up as they normally are (I have to other Acctim clocks). Keeps excellent time and the blue light is great at night. If you are a little deaf like me then the alarm is not loud enough this is the only draw back to the product. Not the clocks faulty just one owner who is a little older and has deteriorating hearing. Excellent product. Remember to keep it level so you can see it.
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