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on 26 April 2008
Before anyone says I am a fanboy or anything else i wanted to say something, I own a ps3 and a 360 and am happy with both, i believe they both have good points and bad and personal preference is the key.

Recently my xbox 360 had decided it hated me after 13 months and packed in.
Refused to get my console repaired, lets face it, who knows when it will go again!

Begged my partner to Order me a 360 arcade while i was at work so i could get it before the weekend :P and had it out the box and set up in 2 mins flat when it got here, the included games are pretty good considering, but buy more believe me!!! have my hard drive from my old premium but im not using it, the missus has just ordered a arcade for our son so im gonna let him have it, he plays so much more than me, shame i have to work :)!
All in all i would recommend the arcade, yes i know it doesnt have a headset, it doesnt have a hard drive and only a composite av lead, but at £160 can anyone really say your getting ripped off?

In my case the premium/elite would have been a waste, i already have a hdmi cable, I have a wireless headset and am not worried about downloading off xbox live so its the perfect console for me, even if you dont have those things for a change i agree with microsoft, just buy what you want, when you want it, when you can afford it or whatever.
Take the plunge, its worth it, and at this price you can enjoy with a no guilt, enjoy!!!
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on 12 April 2009
This is my 2nd Xbox360 (yes the 1st one is still going) and loving it, yes they can be a little noisy, no louder than a pc, but for the sheer quality of games it cant be beaten and for playing media files such Divx,Avi,MP4, Dvd its fantastic just make sure you get the official remote but you can use your joypad! Right this is the Jasper Model put out by Microsoft to eradicate ring of death plagued by the first models, its suppose to produce less heat amongst other things. Its the Arcade Edition with the new built in 256mb Memory, 12.1A on sticker on back of console, a new lighter 150w Power supply (all tell tale signs of a Jasper Model)and a production date of 23.12.2008. If you pay an extra £10.00 you get Kung fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones and a extra wireless Joypad plus a Free HDMI lead for your HD TV. Also once you plug it into the internet you get New Xbox Experience, where you will get a free 1 month trial on Xbox live (Online Gaming) also on New Xbox Experience you can create a Avatar - a virtual person of yourself that will represent you on Xbox live, download Demos of games, watch game and film and music trailers, watch films in High Definition (Separate costs for film) Overall the Xbox 360 is one of the Best game experiences to come along in a long while, also for £125.00 for a Arcade machine you don't have to watch the Penny's like PS3 fans.
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2009
I have been after a next generation console for quite a while now. Having only been put off by the price I'm now happy to be the proud owner of said Xbox 360. I guess a lot has been said about the 360, certain chips, cooling problems and of course the red rings of death. However if you can get past all this nonsense (nowadays problems only happen in the minority, albeit a vocal minority) you can own a very impressive console. To clear some issues up my console was bought in December and does not include the newer Jasper chip. I would recommend people stop getting so obsessed by it, (as they were with the Falcon chip) it's not going to make a difference to your enjoyment of this console.

So why the Arcade? I bought the arcade for what I wanted to do, gaming. I'm not hugely interested in going online and wasting hours playing against some chap in Australia. For that very reason (and the reduced price tag) I opted for the arcade. Of course if my opinion on online gaming changes (but judging by the amount of time I have in the day for gaming I doubt it), the necessary upgrades are available to me at a reasonable price if I wish. One of the main disadvantages I guess of not going online is the games coming out that seem centred around online play. A great shame because console games should cater for the single or co-op players first not online play. So there are a few games (*cough* quantum of solace *cough*) that give you an extremely short and unrewarding single player campaign to make way for online play.

The console itself does run fairly loud, however it's hard to notice once immersed in games like Gears Of War. One other significant problem is the size of the power pack, it's quite large, so be sure you have a good sized space to store your Xbox. It's also good practice to make sure your Xbox is sitting vertically and not jammed in a corner but given some space to ventilate. The wireless controller will reach a fair distance so if you have a large living room and you sit far back from your TV you'll get the same response if you were right next to it. Far better than the Nintendo Wii which had me virtually cheek to cheek with the TV just to use their wireless controller. The controller itself is extremely easy to get used to if your coming from ps2 or Nintendo, even though it may look daunting.

As for the games I'm very happy. The Xbox has a fantastic catalogue of games, which is of course growing. I'm at the moment playing the first Gears Of War (as I want to get into the series) and it's a fantastic experience.

As I say I'm immensely happy with the Xbox 360 and I'm glad to be experiencing next gen HD graphics and really fluid game play.

P.S - Please, if you can, get an HDMI cable with your console. It improves the experience greatly.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2008
Well i myself have an 360 and i just adore it, with its large number of games on the market and excellent array of online features, this is truly a gamers console. Im not a fanboy slating the other consoles as i do own a wii aswell and i love that machine too.

This entry level xbox is the cheapest availible as it doesnt contain a hard drive, but you do get 256mb pak for your save data and is basically all you need if your not a download fanatic, like for casual gamers who only own a few titles will get plenty of mileage out of the small memory pak.

However if your more of a hardcore gamer i suggest you look into the next level xbox with the 60gb hard drive, as Halo 3 players for instance will need a hard drive for download expansions.

Included is a wireless controller to get you started, the AV cable to hook you up to the television and free arcade games to play with, meaning great value.

The actual machine is no less powerful than the others, its just that it dont include a hard drive, and the extras required to get online. Hence the Cheap price tag.

If you ever wanted to expand you can always get the hard drive, headset and so on seperately at another stage when you see fit anyway.
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on 26 December 2007
Well I've been a pretty hardcore gamer over the years and spent lots of time on Live.

Just moved house and have no phone line for a while so took the plunge with an Arcade and I'm so glad I did. (Left my other Xbox360 at the family home)
Though there is no harddrive the memory stick has ample space for save games as I won't be downloading etc for a good 12 months. I have already ordered a HDMI cable ready for my Samsung LCD and I've had no problems pulling my saved games over to the new console.... AND ITS SO MUCH QUIETER!!!

The 360 Arcade has everything I need and £10 has got me the HDMI cable I have used before. Perfect!
A brilliant purchase and such a good idea from Microsoft, not all of us can go online and don't need that huge hardrive and expense. If and when I do need it I can buy a harddrive easily enough so I'm very happy.
Definitely worth the money savings for more games, and thats what its all about :)

Can't stress enough how happy I am with the HDMI connection as standard and the lack of fan noise..... such an improvement!
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on 12 February 2009
This is a bargain item, as i was very low on cash and needed an XBOX360 the arcade was my only option and i gotta say it was well worth it.
First of all for those with questions; yes you can play any xbox360 title, yes you can go on live BUT this takes up over 100mb of memory so be careful if you have a load of games and yes you can buy a hard-drive and attach it to the xbox360.
PLUS you get the Live ARCADE disk with it which i gotta say is really fun to play, my personal favorites are LUKOR 2 and BOOM BOOM ROCKET.
So all in all if you cant fork out enough for the models with a Hard-Drive this is for you. Gotta give it 5/5, 10/10 and 100%
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on 2 April 2008
I have recently bought an XBOX 360 Arcade purely for the release of GTA4. I bought it as the minimum cost that would allow me to play the game I wanted. That in mind I was blown away by just how excellent the machine is. I got Halo 3 Free with my console and once I had bought my HD Cable I can clearly see what all the fuss is about. It blows away the graphics on my Wii (using component cable) and everything is just awesome. I love the wireless controller that allows you to turn the machine on and off and to navigate easily.

Watching DVD's is also simple and as the XBOX controller is wireless there is no need to buy a DVD remote.

Also the arcade games that come with the console are nothing to turn your nose up at. They are fantastically addictive with Luxor (very much like Bust-a-Move) being my personal favourite. Theres also the likes of pac-man on the disk and for some reason UNO. I dont understand the UNO inclusion its like jenga for the Wii, games like that are meant to be played with the actual cards with friends and family not on a console. Testament to how addictive some of these arcade games are is in the fact I have played arcade almost as much as Halo.

Many 'serious' gamers should steer clear of this release however as the lack of a hard-drive means you have much more limited functionality when compared to the full XBOX 360. Still for people like me who are buying the XBOX to play a few games and who do not need alot of storage or intend to download games through XBOX live the 360 Arcade should have you covered. The best priced new XBOX going should meet most peoples requirements.
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on 30 July 2008
Regardless of its capabilities as a games console, the Xbox 360 Arcade is also the cheapest Windows Media Centre Extender on the market. And it does the job so well. If you have a Media Centre PC (XP Media Centre Edition or Vista Home Premium) and a home network, simply buy a 360 Arcade and network it anywhere in your house where you want to stream media from your Media Centre PC - including (if you have a TV card in your Media Centre PC) Live TV, Recorded TV, music, pictures, videos etc. In other words, all the functions of Windows Media Centre all around your house, only limited by the number of Xboxes you want to buy. I use one Xbox 360 Elite and two Arcades to stream Freeview TV and Media from the Media Centre PC all around the house. No need for HDTVs (or TV aerials) in the other rooms, just connect the 360 to your home network, an SVGA monitor and a pair of speakers and you're away. Such a CHEAP way to do something really cool with your Media Centre PC. The really nice thing for our family is that every 360 has access to the Recorded TV on the Media Centre PC - you record all the TV you want in one place, and then squirt it around the house as you want it.
Oh yes, you can play games on the 360 as well if you want to . . .
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on 8 January 2008
Got this and the wireless entertaintment pack as a xmas present and have to say its the best thing ever!

Even though the memory card is small its still fine for saving game files.

Its easy to use, the controllers are so comfortable to play with (gamecube controllers always made my hands fall asleep) its so easy to set up to your pc and stream music or movies from, go on xbox live which you get a free trial month of gold membership, so many great games to play, you can even rent movies on it. Its just the best piece of kit to ever enter my house.

The Wii now sits neglected as me and my boyfriend only play on this.

Its a little anoying you cant play xbox games without a hard drive but soon got over that by buying the 120gb one :) Plenty of space to download games and demos on now :D

If you're looking for a next gen console this is the thing to get! You will wonder how you ever played games without it :P
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on 31 May 2009
First you need to knwo that the Xbox 360 is well worth buying. At this price it blows the others out of the water. PS3 looks very good but this is so much cheaper.

My one tip when getting this is to look out for what you need from a games console. Personally I brought this one and then ended up paying more money to buy a hard drive and second controller when it would have been cheaper to have brought a different machine. Have a good look at the offers here on amazon and pick up the best package deal for you.

In short, get a 360, it's well worth the money
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