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on 21 May 2017
Suited the need
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on 7 February 2009
If you fly FSX then the principles will be familiar with the added bonus of shooting down the enemy (if you can) BUT the graphics do not have the same quality as FSX BUT then again this is a game, and for that they are good enough.

I like been able to take different positions in the aircraft and like the missions.

As MS have sacked their development team for FSX (as of Feb 2009) this may be as good as it is going to be.

Worth the money.
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on 6 January 2009
This is a very addictive combat simulation. Not only can you fly the best fighters (and bombers)from the allied and axis powers during WW2 but the combat can be very intense.

The down side is that the online combat facility (the ability to duel against budding aces from around the world) is no longer supported by microsoft and therefore no longer available.

I would strongly recommend purchasing the Firepower add on pack as this gives you even more aircraft options !!
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VINE VOICEon 14 May 2011
I was one of the MS Combat Flight Simulator fans that was bitterly disappointed when this was originally released at full price. It needed a huge patch to run smoothly and my mid range PC struggled to present the graphics at anything above minimum.

The marketing men had tried to widen its appeal with the style of gaming campaign. I doubt they were successful. I found it boring and unrealistic.

I stuck with all the IL2 releases. They were astronomically better in almost every way.

I recently tried Wings of Prey. The aircraft were OK and the terrain was superb. However, the missions were unrealistic and arcade-like. For some reason, it reminded me of MS Combat Flight Simulator 3 and inspired me to try it again.

I dusted it off and reinstalled it. On my new mid range PC, it runs as smooth as silk at maximum settings. The aircraft look good from the outside (but still disappointing inside). The terrain is OK but not amazing by today's standards.

The campaign is still rubbish. However, the single missions and the quick mission builder are very good indeed. They offer far more realistic combat than wings of Prey. The ground attack missions are superb. The air to air missions are tough. Some enemy aircraft seem to be able to fly, even when you pump hundreds of rounds into them!

You need to add the big patch (it's available for download and is included in add-ons, like Battle of Britain). I found it was a good idea to turn off the labels. They are so thick, they obscure the target. You may want to remap a few other keys, too (very easy).

If you want a break from IL2 and found Wings of Prey unrealistic, it's worth trying. If you haven't bought it, it's now at a budget price, so may be worth considering.
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on 4 December 2010
This is my first flight simulator and after reading several reviews I was concerned that my PC might not be up to the job, but it runs plentey smooth enough ( I don't even have to disable my security to free up some processor). If like me you are not used to flight simulator games, you'll need some patience, there's a lot to learn. I've been playing for a month now and I'm starting to survive for quite awhile. Once past the initial 'learning to fly' stage, it get's quite addictive. All good fun and well worth the money.
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on 2 December 2012
I really wanted to like this game and in some ways I do. It had some great ideas in my view...

1. A nice idea for a truly dynamic campaign where you could win or lose- For both sides.
2. Immersive pilot aircaft backdrops while choosing aircraft type in campaign.
3. Interesting way to rpg a pilot (you).
4. Very detailed ground stuff (explained later).
5. Relatively ok-ish air combat.
6. Interesting crash\landing scenes.
7. Controls can all be customised relatively easily.

The campaign I liked because it had a somewhat random element to it and it allowed either side to win (No one at the time of the war knew who would win, no matter what they say). Actually, once I figured it out, it became quite easy to win the campaign as long as you bombed the heck of factories and the frontline letting friendly ground capture points. You could even win the war by 1944. However, playing as the British I always mostly enjoyed the game when the Axis managed to get a foothold on England. Fighting a desperate battle over Big Ben to stop fighters and bombers always made the campaign for me- In fact, I would sometimes LET the Germans win for a bit just so they would cross to England so I could kick them back out!

What really makes this game is the GROUND COMBAT, it`s obvious. Take a Typhoon or other ground bomber\fighter and seek ground targets in a bomber mission. It`s extremely detailed and realistic in my humble opinion; convoys open fire with mgs as they travel along the front lines, dense frontline armies take pot shots at you if you fly low. blowing up something is very realistic to me. Have you watched real life footage when a plane hits a train and it explodes in a massive pall of smoke? You get the same thing here. Drop a couple of heavy bombs on a munitions factory and make sure you get well away while looking back as that thing will BLOW and take you with it if you aren`t careful! I do love the explosions. I particularly enjoy bombing battleships and cruisers as they explode satisfyingly as well - the AI is not too bad at it either. Strafing is really fun in this game. But watch the AA!

The dogfights are less good. the AI is not very realistic and I have seen some strange things in attacking a fighter. For instance, I attacked and shot an enemy fighter, the pilot bailed (they bail funny by jumping vertical out of the cockpit, by the way) and as I passed the empty plane, its MGs opened fire on me!! Friendly AI pilots aren`t too good at backing you up or even fighting really and there`s a bug sometimes where if I fast-travel to a fight, my engines quit and I can`t restart them. I lost several fights cos I had to glide to earth. basically, dogfights just aren`t what they should be, IL2 is far, far superior and realistic at this.

This game used to really crawl when I first got it, but with more modern PCs today it pretty much flies now. I don`t like the graphics that much; it`s like a muddy sort of palette- Clouds suffer for it and don`t look `cloudlike`, they look drawn on, but acceptable.

Ok game for a change if tired of IL2, but it will never be the best WW2 flight sim... maybe the best WW2 ground attack flight sim.
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on 9 December 2008
I won't dwell on the flight, as I'm no Flight Sim buff in particular, except to say that it's fun to play and realistic enough to not seem ridiculous. What really gets this a one-out-of-five is the terrible campaign mode, which promises to add an extra dimension to the game but actually just makes all of your efforts seem pointless. Despite every mission achieving primary goals and hitting secondary targets besides, I always lose the campaign within a month. I may be doing something wrong, but this is after trying various different techniques and studying the help files to no avail.

My advice? buy a better standalone flight sim, and a Total War game for a Campaign mode that actually works.
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on 28 March 2010
The graphics of the game are excellent and the various scenarios are good.
As yet I am still getting used to the different commands and the flying modes but given time I am sure this will prove to be an exciting and demanding game
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on 14 June 2011
Software installed OK (using Windows 7 Professional). But then came the graphics problems, the terrible response times and the need to re-install and then eventually uninstall and throw it in the bin. There are far more reliable flight sims out there.
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on 5 May 2013
Totally unbelievable flight model, crappy graphics and oh so frustrating. -You will fire TONS of bullets at any target because they are so damned small. You can see maybe two or three pixels that are supposed to represent a staff car, a tank or a gas truck and they don`t resolve into anything recognisable until you are on top of them, at which point they are out of your weapons sights. The only things you can hit are things like huge hangars or bridges which disintegrate when you hit them with bullets?I mean Seriously ? are we supposed to believe a spitfires guns are enough to destroy a hangar? -I would have expected to see this sort of game quality on a sinclair spectrum not a PC.
Save your nine quid and put it towards something like crysis, - you`ll get far more enjoyment for your money. This is a windows 95 era game being sold at windows 7 era prices, I might have been a bit kinder if it was being sold for a couple of pounds but not nearly ten quid....
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