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on 5 March 2012
Adeles ubiquity is truly horrifying,whether on the car radio,pushing your trolley round the supermarket,eating a chicken drum stick in Harvester it will be sure be soundtracked by the nations "sweetheart" Adele bellowing mournfully about some bloke who stole her snickers bar 10 years ago.
Whats quite funny is what made people love Adele seems to be what she is changing,out goes the trackies,hooped earings,big belly income the stylists,yes men and a sense of importance.Wow....Adele gets her speech cut at the Brits.
GOOD....i propose gaffer taping their mouths.I don't care about these rich luvvies.I can just about afford a microwave meal for one.
19 is a bland,generic album akin to be trapped in a room with a woman at the certain time of the month in need of a hot water bottle and bar of chocolate.The self absorbsion is STAGGERING.So what if you are not happy?Or your boyfriend hasn't bought you a bottle of d and g?People are starving,homeless.
Though obviously Adele is in no shape,way or form starving.
I mean theres what 300 reviews of this cd,never in my life have i seen a cross section of such boring,boring taste.This is music for boring people who place cds next to their groceries in their shopping trolley whilst giving dirty stares at the parent whose kid is throwing a loud paddy.This is the music of daycentres,building sites,hairdressers....devastating mediocrity in a cess pool of emotionally facebooked,googled tweety apathy.
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2008
I don't care if one of my best mates works with her Dad (true story - made even funnier by the fact that when her dad mentioned this to my mate his reaction was "who?") I have to call it like I see it . Or hear it.

I hate Chasing Pavements. I'd probably hate it if it wasn't on Radio 1 every 13 minutes (approximately), although that doesn't help matters.

So it wasn't with the lightest of hearts that I plonked the CD into the player and cranked it up. And my opinion...? Well it's not too bad. Granted I don't particularly like it all that much, but neither did I rush out of my comfortable listening position to turn it straight off. Indeed there are odd occasions when I'm throughly enjoying what I'm listening too. Brief occasions I would admit but nevertheless that's more than I expected.

Her "other" single Hometown Glory is quite delightful, with its memorable piano led backing and My Same is the one "upbeat" moment that stands out from the pack with it's jazz stylings. Two decent songs though do not make a memorable album. Some compare her to Amy Winehouse; I'm more inclined to compare her to Joss Stone.

It's an accomplished album in terms of the music, but seems too "accomplished", or should I say, contrived. Like most of Joss Stone's ouevere, there is that nagging feeling that this is music by record industry committee. As a result it's difficult to hate the album, but even more difficult to love it. Without the hype this would just be another in a long line of "ok" female singer-songwriter albums vying for your attention.
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on 19 February 2008
This girl has got a voice, but she doesn't yet have enough strong material to make an album. (Two good tracks book-end what is mostly filler and "skippers").

What she needed to do was to get out on the road and perform. Some of these songs need to mature, some need to be ditched and she needs to write far more material in order to pick and choose the stronger songs.

Adele herself needs to grow into herself and to learn how to perform a song. She needs to learn that a great voice doesn't need all the wobbly bits. That's for lesser voices that need to cover up their short-comings.

Unfortunately it seems the suits have stepped in and put the kybosh on things in exchange for a quick buck and a leap on the Whinehouse band-wagon.

She deserved better.
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on 23 February 2008
Each to their own, and you can rightly say that if I don't like it I don't have to buy/ listen to it, but every time I flick the radio or TV on these days there's some media pseud waxing lyrical about the latest angsty, warbling, white female teen soul singer from North London, or worse - the actual output of these "sensations" hogging airtime.
And I just feel we're all being conned here.
"Chasing Pavements" is, I suppose, a nice enough little tune if that's your thing, but genius? Evidence of extreme talent? Give me a break!
It's got the kind of melody anyone remotely musical could come up with and perfect whilst abluting in the shower, and the kind of angsty, self indulgent lyrics that beg for a quick toe in the b-hind and an instruction to go forth and live life.

In fact - now I've ranted a bit that's exactly what I'm going to do.
"should I give up?" - yes, please....
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on 8 January 2008
Today I heard Terry Wogan say after playing the song about pavements "don't we have a lot of croaking female singers at the moment who all sound the same." Couldn't improve on that comment
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 January 2009
This is the debut album from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins who was, I assume, 19 years old when she completed it as she was born in May 1988 and the album came out in 2007. Credit must be given, then, to a young lady who not only sings well - most of the time - but who actually wrote most of the 12 songs here. My favourite one however was composed by Bob Dylan ('Make you feel my love') which stands out from all the others in terms of its lyrics and poetic balance.

It's an album that needs to be played several times to appreciate it. First time round I was rather disappointed; I bought it on the back of only hearing 'Chasing Pavements', which I think was also released as a single, but on first play I gained the impression that this was the only song I liked. Fortunately after a few more plays I changed my view on that, in fact I now prefer several other songs to the one she is best known for. One example is the more up-beat 'Right as Rain' which is pretty good.

Adele wrote seven of the songs on her own (or at least she is the only credited writer for seven), and of the remaining five she played a key role on four of them. The only 'cover' therefore is the aforementioned song by Bob Dylan but it does come over as the most musical song, the best produced and the most complete. In other words, the mastery of Dylan shines through and demonstrates that while Adele has talent and promise, she has someway to go before she's the finished article.

On occasions she seems (to me) to sing in a way that is removed from her natural accent; I noticed this on the opening track 'Daydreamer' in which she has a few Lily Allen-esque moments that I felt don't really suit her overall style. It's the sort of thing that she herself will probably cringe about when she hears it in years to come, but let's be fair, she's a teenage singer-songwriter and she should be admired for what she's achieved at such a young age. She shows signs of class, and I'm sure she'll improve with age and experience.

Now that I have played the album several times, I like it more than I did on first audition, but it still doesn't blow me away. Quite good, and by no means a classic, but showing positive signs for her future.
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VINE VOICEon 13 May 2011
Adele's appearance on the music scene is more like a whisper than a shout as her vocal talents show glimpses of some promise but her English accent doesn't help to define her as a distinct singer. It's a shame really as there's just way too many artists doing the same as Adele and her sound just drifts into the same category as others. Having said that, the album tackles the hardship of love and focuses on Adele's breakup and the theme stays true to that all the way through.

The album starts out with the beautiful ballad 'Daydreamer' which is one of the standout tracks on the album as she manages to pull some excellent vocals out the bag before drifting seamlessly into 'Best For Last' that filters out the background track with the bass guitar strumming what seems like random notes. It's a slower, more deliberate tone to the track and it strangely works. Despite the weird backing track that doesn't do the song much justice, the vocals are top notch and the acoustic feel to the track is exactly what's needed here and is spot on.

Adele's hit that got her noticed in the charts 'Chasing Pavements' then hits the speakers with a brilliant build into a euphoric chorus that rises the tempo of the track and makes it one of the best on the album. The themes of love and loss are really emphasised in this song and the album is lifted dramatically.

The tempo then rises dramatically for a song that almost tiptoes around Amy Winehouse's territory 'Cold Shoulder'. In my opinion, this track works better with some gorgeous vocals and an all-round better track with some excellent use of drums and percussion that really make this track pop.

'Crazy For Love' and 'Melt My Heart To Stone' are two excellent ballads that just drift by with some haunting vocals before the strange melody of 'First Love' sounds like a mobile but strangely the vocals work. The haunting chorus from Adele is fantastic and to be honest, the off-the-wall melody just enhances the song.

The upbeat style of Amy Winehouse returns for the soulful, funky 'Right As Rain' which boasts yet a different side of Adele with a euphoric song that lifts the mood of the album. The backing track is by far one of the best on the album, its not too overpowering but isn't so in the background that it feels like an acapella which is good. The track is definitely one of the best on the album.

'Make You Feel My Love' is the other standout with a simple piano riff over some gorgeous vocals which works better than the majority of mediocre vocal efforts here. Adele finally finds her form with this song and is the song she should have based the rest of her debut album on. The style of music is fantastic and the vocals are just as good.

The rest of the album dips back and forth between ballads and upbeat tracks, keeping the style of music fresh and finishing on the brilliant vocals of 'Hometown Glory'. To be honest the album was good but nothing groundbreaking in my opinion. Adele's ideas are somehow not all that original with the talents of Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Amy Winehouse and Duffy all attempting exactly the same as she is.

Overall, 19 is a mixed bag really with some gorgeous talent with soulful vocals and some excellent variety in track selection but the biggest problem with Adele is the lack of originality in her field and the English accent that creeps into the first half of songs here which makes her sound like some of the other British singers. It's not a bad thing and the album works well its just that the lack of anything truly groundbreaking prevents this album from being the 5 star hit it so easily could have been. A good effort from the debut album though.
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on 10 February 2011
This album is fantastic! the songs are very relatable to and well written.
its nice to see a pop artist that doesnt rely on autotune and computerised
back music. Adele's album is a sold start to what i hope will be a long lasting career.
In my opinion she is one of the best artists of the last 10 years.
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on 4 January 2016
What a voice! Very talented performer. Made a promise this year that I'd buy all 3 Adele albums. This one was the first I chose. I love 2 particular tracks on this cd. Chasing Pavements and Make You Feel My Love.
review image
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on 1 February 2008
Adele`s "19" is a good debut album.
Of course people have different opinions...some will say it is a great album, some that it is a work of a teenage songwriting genius, some may suggest Adele is yet another mockney accented `ladycomplainer` dropping her t`s for the boys and walking straight into the hall of fame where once Queen Lily Allen, Princess Kate Nash and court Jester Winehouse competed for middle class, ex-drama school, dumbed-down anti-prom queen of the year?
My opinion of "19" is that it is a good debut album. Adele quite clearly has a fine voice and the selection of songs never settles into a familiar pattern of `the danceable number followed by the ballad, etc etc..`
The instrumentation of the music is also to be admired with some songs just bass and vocals or guitar and vocals and some songs arranged with succinct orchestral leanings.
All in all...a good debut album.
I wouldn`t say much more than that.
Surely it is a prerequisite that a singer has at least a good voice (or unique voice?), decent tunes and of course a healthy dose of real talent.
Based on that prerequisite...Adele`s "19" is a good debut album. Any talk of the Brit Awards is just a sign of these uninspired times. Award the average the tag of genius and listen closely...you may just hear Lily, Kate and Amy laughing at us behing our backs. They know better and so should we!
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