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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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This is the debut album from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins who was, I assume, 19 years old when she completed it as she was born in May 1988 and the album came out in 2007. Credit must be given, then, to a young lady who not only sings well - most of the time - but who actually wrote most of the 12 songs here. My favourite one however was composed by Bob Dylan ('Make you feel my love') which stands out from all the others in terms of its lyrics and poetic balance.

It's an album that needs to be played several times to appreciate it. First time round I was rather disappointed; I bought it on the back of only hearing 'Chasing Pavements', which I think was also released as a single, but on first play I gained the impression that this was the only song I liked. Fortunately after a few more plays I changed my view on that, in fact I now prefer several other songs to the one she is best known for. One example is the more up-beat 'Right as Rain' which is pretty good.

Adele wrote seven of the songs on her own (or at least she is the only credited writer for seven), and of the remaining five she played a key role on four of them. The only 'cover' therefore is the aforementioned song by Bob Dylan but it does come over as the most musical song, the best produced and the most complete. In other words, the mastery of Dylan shines through and demonstrates that while Adele has talent and promise, she has someway to go before she's the finished article.

On occasions she seems (to me) to sing in a way that is removed from her natural accent; I noticed this on the opening track 'Daydreamer' in which she has a few Lily Allen-esque moments that I felt don't really suit her overall style. It's the sort of thing that she herself will probably cringe about when she hears it in years to come, but let's be fair, she's a teenage singer-songwriter and she should be admired for what she's achieved at such a young age. She shows signs of class, and I'm sure she'll improve with age and experience.

Now that I have played the album several times, I like it more than I did on first audition, but it still doesn't blow me away. Quite good, and by no means a classic, but showing positive signs for her future.
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on 25 August 2011
I ordered both Adele's albums at the same time because I'd heard one of her songs and given that I live abroad and I've totally lost touch with the British music scene, :-'( I hadn't heard much about her until that point. 19 is a great album led by a great talent with a great voice. I'd like to mention two strong tracks which are the honest and clever 'Daydreamer' and 'Best for Last' which I can only describe as two people's opposing ideas about where a relationship is going sung by one vocalist, Adele. It's just great! My absolute favourite though is 'Melt my heart to stone' because of the amazing vocals that she lays on the track. 'Tired' and 'hometown' are also just great. I feel nostalgic when I hear hometown and imagine her singing about our great capital! Great work!!
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Having bought 19 and 21 together it was the tracks on 21 that were, of course, most familiar as you can't turn on a radio without hearing something from that album.

So it was a treat to listen to 19, her debut album, and find it ever so slightly less polished (or less over-produced, perhaps) than 21 but nonetheless very, very Adele.

It has its hits too: Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory probably gave Adele the heads-up she needed but then again all the tracks grow on you after a few dozen listening sessions in the car. After all, Daydreamer, First Love and Make You Feel My Love all show off her brilliant voice and its complex range of emotions.

I get the feeling a lot of her songs are at least partly auto-biographical which perhaps makes them even more poignant and listenable.

I don't know how anyone could not like listening to this pretty much laid-back, middle-of-the-road type music. It doesn't offend, it's beautifully written and the music never gets in the way of her fabulous voice.

If you don't know Adele then do yourself a favour and buy this. You'll be amazed.
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on 3 March 2016
I am probably the wrong age group that this is aimed at. I have listened to Adele in a mixed up order, I liked 21, and loved 25, this one just seem to have something missing for me. there were a couple of songs I found ok "Chasing Pavements" and "Make You Feel My love", but everything else just did not seem to grip me. However if you have head 25 you can definitely see how Adele has matured as an artist.
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on 11 July 2011
Just heard some Adele recently and thought I'd give this CD a try. I'm really enjoying it and love her soulful smokey voice. Yes a total fan now and will try 21 next. Probably not her usual agegroup of fan as I'm 50+
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on 10 February 2011
This album is fantastic! the songs are very relatable to and well written.
its nice to see a pop artist that doesnt rely on autotune and computerised
back music. Adele's album is a sold start to what i hope will be a long lasting career.
In my opinion she is one of the best artists of the last 10 years.
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on 26 February 2016
After watching Adele perform on TV and been impressed with her performance, I decided to buy all her previous albums on a whim.

I can't say the whole album is likely to be regarded as a "classic" but there are one or two real gems, such as Chasing Pavements, Make You Feel My Love and Hometown Glory. The recording quality on this CD seems a little bit poor to me - her voice has something of a raspy edge to it which I wasn't expecting as I don't hear that when her music is played on the radio.

Adele's "Best Of" album, if she ever releases one, will be a killer!
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on 5 March 2016
I like Adele from the start, It's taken me ages to get around to buying this album, "Chasing Pavements" is still without doubt the best track.
The rest is very different and constantly makes me think of Amy Winehouse, I think it has not quite made my expectations
It's not unpleasant just not the same standard as later albums, it's very raw.
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on 1 February 2008
Adele`s "19" is a good debut album.
Of course people have different opinions...some will say it is a great album, some that it is a work of a teenage songwriting genius, some may suggest Adele is yet another mockney accented `ladycomplainer` dropping her t`s for the boys and walking straight into the hall of fame where once Queen Lily Allen, Princess Kate Nash and court Jester Winehouse competed for middle class, ex-drama school, dumbed-down anti-prom queen of the year?
My opinion of "19" is that it is a good debut album. Adele quite clearly has a fine voice and the selection of songs never settles into a familiar pattern of `the danceable number followed by the ballad, etc etc..`
The instrumentation of the music is also to be admired with some songs just bass and vocals or guitar and vocals and some songs arranged with succinct orchestral leanings.
All in all...a good debut album.
I wouldn`t say much more than that.
Surely it is a prerequisite that a singer has at least a good voice (or unique voice?), decent tunes and of course a healthy dose of real talent.
Based on that prerequisite...Adele`s "19" is a good debut album. Any talk of the Brit Awards is just a sign of these uninspired times. Award the average the tag of genius and listen may just hear Lily, Kate and Amy laughing at us behing our backs. They know better and so should we!
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on 30 September 2016
What can I say? Brilliant album, brilliant artist. You really feel the genuine emotion in Adeles songs. I'm not a 'downloader', as bizarrely that costs more than to have the physical CD?? - and once the CD is mine I can rip to my PC to listen on there anyway!
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