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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo DS|Change
Price:£19.99 - £25.97

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on 24 May 2008
I just bought the game today. Got to play it for a few hours. My inital thoughts were YES!! I love games like Monkey Island (classic Amiga game) and Broken Sword (another classic series). This game operates similar to these. Although it seems to be not as overtly witty. What you do is, go around and talk to people, find objects and use them to interact with your environment. If you like this you'll probably also like hotel dusk. Although this game uses static back grounds rather than Dusk's 3d first person navigation. But dusk is quite a humourous game and has a unique a-ha "take on me" comic book style. Beautiful looking game. Anyway, they don't make too many games like this (Tunguska) unfortunately. I would recommend Tunguska. If you like your point and tap adventures, chances are you'll like this.
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The story of Secret Files: Tunguska plays out like an indiana jones movie/ tomb raider game plot - in a point and click style adventure. The story is engaging enough to keep your interest, but not too in-depth or confusing to detract from the game.

Its no great shakes with the puzzles, which takes the old fashioned "combine A with B and use on C, and then D will happen" format, but enough thought has gone into them that they aren't tedious, and MOST require a reasonable amount of thinking to get the job done.

The pointing and clicking is also great - the (surprisingly gorgeous!) backgrounds are static, but the character is fully mobile, so you have to roam around the screens to solve the problems: the opposite of games like CSI.

The length is spot on - I think it works out at about 10-12 hours long all in, so would be great for holiday travelling, long journeys, rainy days off etc. And that's another nice thing to it - you can very much pick-up-and-play - you can save and switch off at any point, and its very easy to pick up where you leave off.

It doesn't get a perfect 5 from me for two reasons however:

1 - And I think this is the biggest flaw - A fair few of the puzzles - maybe 15-20% - are utterly, totally illogical and/or non-intuitive. You therefore end up frustrated after wandering around desperately thinking you MUST have missed something, then stumble onto the solution by fluke - just by literally clicking on any and everything in sequence, so there's no satisfaction when you solve it, and a degree of irritation (not because you feel stupid for missing it, but because there's no logic as to why doing that would work!)

2 - there's no increase in difficulty. Its as easy and hard at the start as it is all the way through. In fact I think the very end level is probably the easiest one! I'm sure this wont actually bother a lot of people, but it seemed odd that I was stuck for ages in an early level (which I loved, because I hate when games are too simple, and got a great buzz when I finally cracked it), then sailed through the last few stages (which confused me, as I thought itd get harder!)

That said, it IS good fun, at times actually funny, is a perfect format for the DS and would probably appeal most to the slightly older end of the DS player market - i.e. 20+ - who fondly remember the traditional point and click adventures like Monkey Island etc. Not sure how a younger audience would go for it though - So if youre thinking for a gift, its probably more appealing for 16+ rather than the 12+ it reccomends (theres nothing adult, violent or scary in it other than a few mild swearwords, but aside from that I just dont see it appealing to younger audiences)

Hopefully DS game makers will do a lot more DS transfers of other great PC adventure games, because this one is worth every penny and I highly reccomend it!

(** For fans of this game, I also read Secret Files 2 is out this September on PC - hopefully that will migrate to DS too!)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 February 2009
Don't be put off by the bad reviews as I almost was!

This is a really good point and click adventure game. If you like games like Broken Sword, you should enjoy this.

You play predominantly as a female but some quests involve also switching to the male character.

The puzzles are pitched at just about the right level - not too easy so you just walk through the game but not so hard that you sit for hours or even days wondering how to progress.

The logic used in the game requires a creative mind - some of the items you would never combine in real life but if you have a good imagination you can work the puzzles out with a bit of creative thinking.

Great game, enjoyable plot, exciting adventure. If anything just a little bit too short as I wanted to play more.

Well worth the price, would have paid double.
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2009
Secret Files is an adventure point and click game, similar to the broken sword series of games. Unlike broken sword however you can press a button to come up with all possible clickable points, which on the DS with its small screen is a definate plus.

You follow the character Nina as she searches for her father, helped by a guy named Max. In certain sections of the game you can interchange between the two characters at a flick of the stylus, which keeps things interesting when you get bored in one location.

The graphics of this game, although abit pixalated are certainly very impressive for a DS console and contains plenty of short cut-scenes with voice-acting.

The puzzles all for the most part make perfect sence. The only thing that drove me crazy is that you can pick up and combine items before you've come to the puzzle where they should be used so it can seem abit illogical when you're carrying around a bowl that you've filled with water and then mixed with oil seemengly for the sheer joy of it. To really understand the puzzles you have to pay attension to every single thing and make sure you read some of the journal entries you make along the way.

In the nine hours it took me to complete this game (too short, hence the four stars) I got really stuck about 5 fives where I just started combining everything together. Once you do know the answer however it does make sence. A little complaint would be that the difficulty throughout the game remained the same, it would seem that if I'd never played Broken Sword and know this type of gameplay I'd have had a really steep learning curve. Myself as a fan of these type of games was a tad annoyed that the difficultly didn't prograss any, although I wouldn't say the game is easy.

So overall I'd say that the game was far too short and needed a better progression of puzzles to keep the new adventure gamers playing and to stop people like me being frustrated at the constant pace. Overall a really good addition to the genre though and I'll certainly be buying the sequel.

Also, you have t0 love the credits, buy it and see for yourself.
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on 12 June 2009
This is a really enjoyable point and click puzzle game. You spend your time collecting objects, which you then use in combination or on their own, to make your way through buildings and areas. Some of the puzzle combinations don't make any sense at all and I only progressed by accident on a couple of occasions by trying every object combination! I would definitely recommend this game and recommend you don't seek out a walkthrough, this would make the game far too short, it's not that long as it is, perseverance is the key if you get stuck!
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I really enjoyed playing this game as so often the storylines are thready and end dismally. This one didn't though.

The plot is about strange goings on in Siberia when in 1908, a massive explosion occurs which triggers massive destruction. Fast forward to modern day and Nina one of our main characters, finds her Father has disappeared or has he? She and her boyfriend Max then set off on a series of adventures to find out where he is and even if he is still alive. Quite frightening in places but in a good way.

The game isn't overly difficult but I have to admit that I did 'cheat' a couple of times (oops).

This game is probably for older kids because of some of the language used but in general, the dialogue is pretty funny in places particularly between Nina and Max.

Highly recommended as there appears to be a paucity of this kind of game for DS platforms at present.
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on 26 August 2009
Having previously played Hotel Dusk on the DS, I decided to buy Secret Files: Tunguska.
I was very impressed! It kept my interest from beginning to end. The storyline was interesting, along with the cutscenes which helped move the story along.
The only bad point in my opinion would be that sometimes the items that you need to combine to enable you to progress through the game didn't always make sense! I found myself quite frustrated at some points and even resorted to the use of a walkthrough, which kind of dampens the feeling you would have gotten had you been able to solve the problems yourself! The only other downfall would be that the game could have been longer as I was disappointed when it came to an end!
Having said that, it really was an enjoyable game to play and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the point and click genre of game.
I've just purchased Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis, which I can't wait to play and hope its as good if not better than Secret Files: Tunguska.
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on 20 June 2009
I love puzzle solving and thinking games so this was right up my street. Great graphics for a little screen, the story line was quite mysterious, so that kept me interested, I got a little lost on the plot but it didnt affect the play. A few times I was stuck and had to go back and forth until I figured out what needed to be done - gets you really thinking, the only negative I can think of is having to read lots of text about what the characters are saying, when all you want to do is solve the next part of the puzzle. Love the way it splits between 2 characters, and left me wanting more.
This game is for people who love puzzles and have the patience to solve them!
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on 21 May 2009
Loved it, liked the story and puzzles not too hard or illogical in my opinion and im not the best gamer in the world! If you're a fan of this genre you can't go wrong, yeah its retro but great on a handheld when you want a break from button bashing, specially if like me use the DS to get through train journeys/commute. There has been a fair few bad PC to DS conversions but this ones been done really well, good graphics and presentation with easy controls. I really hope there will be a sequel! Omy there is! A welcome change from the casual gimicky/ borefest Adultainment games that have flooded the DS market.
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on 30 September 2009
Quite simply, it's fab, I don't like the sound of my own typing, so I'll cut it short: Not too impossible, but challenging enough to make you feel like Einstein when you solve things, unbelievably addictive, great sounds effects that can be a bit spooky at times and an intriguing storyline that turns out to be rather graphic in parts *hence the 12+* Reminds me a LOT of Tomb Raider, but without the real time events. Really funky little game, that I'm not ashamed to play on the bus/train *^-^*
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