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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 28 October 2014
What a great stocking filler this is. I ordered it not over a week ago and it arrived today. Although the t-shirt was large the whole product was amazing. A must have for anyone who loves Family Guy.
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on 25 July 2009
Some people might say that it's a bit of a rip-off as it's just a long episode, but it's funny enough to warrant the cost. I'd recommend it to all Family Guy fans and to Star Wars fans who enjoy a clever parody.
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on 27 January 2008
If you Love Family Guy you'll be happy to pay the extra, but be warned the UK version does not contain the iPod version that's been discussed everywhere online (announced by the guy from FOX at the Apple Expo, he forgot that the US is NOT the whole world and to mention that this would only be available in the states). If you want to watch this on your iPhone/iPod you'll have to buy it all over again (and they say piracy is immoral!).
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VINE VOICEon 3 July 2008
For those who are regular watchers of Family Guy you will already know how easily they parody TV shows and movies in sketches that literally last a few seconds. Now they've decided to go one better and make a feature length episode as a parody of Star Wars Episode 4, and let me tell you this is just as strong as those few second long clips. Here is the scrolling writing that Star Wars is famous for but with a Family Guy twist on it all.

A long time ago, but somehow in the future.

Episode IV

It is a time of civil war,
and renegade paragraphs
floating through space.

There's cool space battles,
and the bad guy is the
good guy's dad, but you
don't find that out 'til the
next episode.

And the hot chick is really
the sister of the good
guy, but they don't know it,
and they kiss. which is
kind of messed up. I mean,
what if they had done it
instead of just kissed?

Angelina Jolie kissed her
brother. Yeah, she did. You
know it, I know it and
her Dad knows it. That's
why they hardly ever talk
anymore. You can run away to
Africa, but you can't run
away from the truth.

Oh, by the way, here's
a tip for you: when this
is over, go out and rent
the movie "Gia." She's way
naked in it, and makes out
with another chick and
everything. It's awesome.
I stumbled across it late
at night on HBO after I
had just got back from
hockey, and I almost
fainted. But I digest...

Princess Leia was coming
back from buying space
groceries when this

When reading that at the start of this, I just knew that the episode would be amazing. Chris as Luke, Lois as Leia, Stewie as Darth Vader, Peter as Han, Brian as Chewbacca and Hebert as Obie Wan Kenobie. Other Family Guy characters obviously take other roles from the Star Wars universe and they all blend together in a brilliant movie/feature length episode.

Buy it. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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on 27 January 2008
Had been looking forward to this release for a long time and when I discovered there was a special edition I knew it had to be bought. The special edition was bought without looking at what was inside, got home and was quite sad to discover a t-shirt inside that takes up the majority of the case for no need. The t-shirt could have been wrapped outside the box. If the t-shirt was to be taken out and worn there will be a big gap in the case. The case was also extremely difficult to take out and resulted in case being ripped. Just thought I'd let people know this problem.
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on 1 July 2008
This is a pretty pointless retelling of the original star wars movie with characters of family guy filling the roles. Really only for the most obessive fans of either series. The interest for most people will lie in the extras, theres a commentery on the episode (always entertaining) and a quite interesting george lucas interview (seth macfarlane being a total fanboy) as well as the usual making-of stuff. Was surprised they didn't include this on the series dvd as it's not as substantial as the stewie movie. More of a rental than a must have i'd say unless you'r as anal retentive as i and have to have every part of the series or you'll feel like a wall of your house is missing.
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on 23 February 2008
I saw this family guy special before i bought so i knew what i was purchasing when i ordered it and episode wise i was not disapointed, the jokes were new and had me laughing, it was fun to see the the characters of Star Wars get the family guy treatment and be warped so darth vader and C3PO were twop of the best! Although it was a little on the short side (around 45-50 minutes long) i was pleased with it.

The extras that you get in the collectors edition are not bad the booklet had some good artwork and the collector cards were nice but the holographic image that they make was a little lack luster, surely one of the space battle scene would have been better? The T-shirt looked okay but i can't help but think that in a month or so the same exact t-shirt will be in HMV stores, making your one alot less "collectable".

I recently got the Blade Runner collectors 5 disc dvd set for my mother and compared to that the family guy pack look pretty low grade, but this isn't a blade runner review!

The dvd extras are okay, you get an extra episode of family guy but it's from the forth season so i was left a little annoyed, why not give the fans an exclusive season 6 episode it also has a 3D version of the fight scene whichyou can use the glasses for but it's nothing great, another thing the glasses are cheap cardboard ones, why couldn't they give us plastic ones? but i guess they were trying to keep production costs down.

The family guy version of episode five entitled "Something something something Darkside" (an in joke) is already in production and they will almost certainly make an episode six parody but i can't help but think they will then make a more "definitive collectors edition" with all three episodes in it with more bits and bobs to entice us and make this collectors edition pale in comparison.

In summary if you really want this collectors edition buy it from Amazon as i have seen it in excess of £25 in highstreet stores but otherwise buy the normal version or wait a year or so and get the "super duper all three family guy star wars episodes in one! collectors definitive premium exclusive ultra box set" that will inevitably be released.
I gave it four stars because i'm a hardcore FG fan!
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on 21 January 2008
I recieved my copy of this Limited Edition Family Guy Blue Harvest DVD today and immediatly I out it on and watched intently and for those 45 minutes I was enthralled.

However, After it finished I was rather let Down by the Special Features which in my Opinion are Quite Poor. You get the same Features as the Normal Disc but with a 2 Minute 3D Fight scene which is also the only use for the 3D Glasses which are supplied. I watched the interviews with George Lucas and Seth Macfarlane that wre quite frankly Cringe Worthy and I found that the Only decent Special Feature was the Commentary for the Main Episode.

Also Included on the Disc is the Episode North By North Quahog which also appears on the Season 4 DVD Release. I was dissapointed by the Episode not because it is a Bad Episode (Which it Isn't) but due to the fact it is no Different from the Box Set Release apart from the fact that it contains no commentary whereas the Box Set one did.

Now, The Packaging is Okay. However, the US Release of the DVD contained a Proper Case for the DVD inside of the Digipack Fold and also contained a Bonus Disc which allowed the Episode to be Transferred to the Computer to put on your iPod.

Overall a Great Episode and A Must Have but Go For the Standard Edition, It's much Cheaper and is almost Exactly the Same as This.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2007
'The Blue Harvest' is the season 6 premiere of Family Guy and is a spoof of Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope. With each of the main characters taking the roles as the Star Wars characters, such as Chris as Luke Skywalker, Peter as Han Solo, Lois as Princess Leia, Stewie as Darth Vader, Brian as Chewbacca, Quagmire as C-3PO, Cleveland as R2-D2 and Herbert as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Creator Seth McFarlane is on top form with this one as it is easily the funniest episode of Family Guy ever. Obviously if you're a regular veiwer of Family Guy and a fan of Star Wars you'll appreciate this a lot more than if this is your first time watching Family Guy or never seen The New Hope. I think that he must have been planning this episode for a long long time as the quality and humour is some of the funniest I've seen out of all of the many episodes of Family Guy. From when the opening text comes up on the screen ("A long time ago, but strangely in the future...") you just know that this episode is going to be amazing. It's as if he's kept all of his best gags for this episode - it is that good! Highly recommended.
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on 6 August 2008
I have been waiting for this since November last year. I quickly bought the Special Edition, and when I got round to watching the episode I was disappointed.

This is supposed to be a spoof of Star Wars, when it's more of a homage. Scenes have been re-created wonderfully, but I wanted the FG team to make fun of Star Wars, and this rarely happens. Most of the humour is stale and predictable, and stretched out. I was watching the episode thinking "it'll get better", but it just doesn't.

The animation is wonderful, and like I mentioned before, A New Hope has been wonderfully recreated, so credit where credit's due. I don't know if it was just me, but I was expecting more.

The box itself is great... until you open the art cards and 3D glasses. They have a slot in which they're supposed to fit into, but they don't. Also, the box with the DVD inside keeps getting stuck on the outer cardboard box, creating a tear on the box which makes it harder to slot it back in.

Overall, a good episode. Not up to Family Guy's usual standards, but hopefully the next Star Wars "spoof" is better.
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