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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2007
Wow ... finally a game for my PS3 that doesn't disappoint. Since getting my PS3 a couple of months ago there were 3 games that I was really looking forward to, Ratchet and Clank future, Uncharted and GTA IV, I enjoyed Ratchet but it was too short and too easy and I felt slightly disappointed upon completing it, GTA IV disappointed just because of the constant delays ... BUT Uncharted:Drake's fortune is absolutely fantastic, I probably finished the game in about 10-12 hours but these were the most enjoyable 10-12 hours yet on my PS3, the storyline, for a change in a videogame, is engrossing and has plenty of twists and turns so as much as you want to stop playing and go to bed you just can't put the controller down because you need to know what happens next. Parts of this game can be very difficult but never frustratingly so, it's more a case of you fail once so you try a different tactic until you eventually find something that works.
The first thing I did upon completing this game was start a new game straight away on the next difficulty setting and i'm now trying to find all the hidden treasure and earn all the medals to unlock some pretty cool rewards, of course there's your standard rewards such as concept art and macking of docs but then there's cool stuff like one shot kills and unlimited ammo to unlock, I can't wait to replay this game with them 2 active just to see how much easier it is to complete, I think i'll try it on the hardest difficulty setting then.
If there were more games like this on the PS3 then i'd urge everyone to go out and get a PS3 but for now I still think it's best to wait until next year when the great games really start coming and then get a PS3 with Uncharted as your first choice of game to play.
Very highly recommended.

P.S. I'm now playing this game for the third time on hard mode and hoo boy it is hard, there's more enemies and they're much more intelligent, i've found all the hidden treasure and now i'm trying for the medals and rewards, i've had this game for a week now and i'm still having fun playing it, this game was definitely well worth the money.
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2008
Despite reading solid reviews, the concept of Uncharted looked very stale (treasure hunting, pirates etc). In addition, every Sony release since Motorstorm has been a huge waste of time. Therefore, I was convinced I'd be disappointed with this. However, Uncharted turned out quite the opposite and is without doubt the best PS3 exclusive to date. The characters are very likeable (in particular Drake, far from the clichés they first appear as). Graphics are another high point, each section is incredibly detailed. Character animation falls just short of Assassins Creed, but not by much. However, Uncharted is a far superior game overall. Naughty Dog has done very well to provide variety to a game set on just one island; a Nazi U Boat encountered early on being a typical example.

Gears of War has obviously been an influence on this game. Even the way enemies spill blood is reminiscent of Gears. By far the best element borrowed is the cover system, which works incredibly well. As do the platforming sections, familiar to anyone who has played Prince of Persia. Other games that came to mind when playing Uncharted were Resident Evil 4, Tomb Raider and Far Cry.
Where Uncharted succeeds with this cheeky plagiarism is that it takes the finer elements from these titles and combines them to create an extremely enjoyable game. Although nothing feels particularly new, its mechanics are refined to the point where it's almost perfect.
One final point that made me admire Uncharted was how it played out. The ending doesnt finish on a cliff-hanger and neither does it set up a sequel. Uncharted actually has a conclusion, which may seem like a small point, but can be infuriating. Assassins Creed, Ratchet & Clank and countless others take note.
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on 20 December 2007
Listen, I never usually leave reviews but I just had to this time.
I have had my PS3 for several months now and own around 7 games. I have never been blown away by any of the games and to be quite honest I am a little disappointed as i felt they are not a million miles away from the PS2 games.
I ordered this game after reading the reviews, but was'nt that excited.
As soon as you load Uncharted it ouses quality, the cinematic scenes are movie quality and very believable. Then you start playing the game...WOW!!!
The graphics are just out of this world, I played the game with my mouth open as I could not believe how good it is. The sound track just adds to the atmosphere and before you know it, you are fully submerged in the game.
The controls are very responsive and make the game a pleasure to play. I defy anybody not to like this game. This game is what the PS3 was designed for. All PS3 owners must own it. ENJOY!!!!
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on 26 December 2007
I have been looking forward to this game for a long time and knew that it was going to be worth the wait. Well it definately was worth the wait. Put into a word i would describe it as Stunning.

The main character is Called Nathan Drake (Nate to people who know him) who believes he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake.

Elena Fisher is a reporter who is there to record what is potentially a great story. She comes in and out of the game as she splits away from Nathan in some parts of the game, otherwise she acts as a sidekick to Nathan.

Victor Sullivan 'Sully' is another main character but i wont go into to much detail incase i spoil something.

Nathan believes that Sir Francis Drake faked his death in order to search for the treasure of El Dorado. Nathan uses a dairy that was written by Francis in order to help him to recover the lost treasure. But Nathan, Elena and sully are not alone as they come into contact with someone else who also wants to find the treasure. The game has a very good plot and it keeps to the same plot all the way through the game making it a consistent story teller.

Well what can i say.The graphics are phenomenal. It tops anything that the PS3 has produced so far. Every little detail has gone into making you think you are actually there searching for the treasure of El Dorado. The vegetation reacts to your movements, the wind etc. The shadows are very clear and accurate, with shadows on virtually everything which adds a good sense of depth. The sun and glare effects are spot on, for example when you come from a dark tunnel into the light it seems that everything has a bright glare. This then changes back into normal light. The water effects are almost as good as Bioshock, however i think that Naughty Dog has created water that reacts to movement (ripples) and seems to have more depth to it. One thing I can say is that sometimes there are slight screen tearing scenes and streaming texture pop-up issues, but these occur rarely and are unnoticeable as long as you don't look for them.

First of all there are 4 difficulty settings:
Crushing (unlocked after completing on hard difficulty)
This game is HARD. I have nearly completed all of it on normal and some parts are quite tricky (and im used to playing gears of war as the duck and cover system is very similar). So for most people i would advise playing through the first time on normal, but if you want a real challenge, put it on HARD mode.
In terms of length it is not the longest of games. About 8-10 hours depending on the difficulty. There are 22 chapters in all of varying lengths. It took me 5 hours and 15 minutes to get to chapter 15 on normal difficulty.
The controls are easy to master but may take a bit of getting used to if you haven't played many 3rd person duck and cover games (gears of war for example). The game features blindfiring over and around cover, this is useful when you are low on health. The game also features some hand to hand combat ( I would not recommend this unless it is the last/only enemy due to the fact that you still get shot to bits. To aim your weapon press L1 to shoot press R1, simple. To roll/stick to cover press o. To jump/ jump across ledges press x while running. To change weapon you use the D-pad. R2 is reload. The game is dualshock 3 enabled. The sixaxis control is used for grenades and balancing across logs (only used twice in the game). There are several parts in the game that feature driving a jet ski and other vehicles.

Don't know all the specific names so this may not be too accurate:
Frag Grenades
2 types of shotgun
grenade launcher
Desert eagle 5 handgun
Uzi type 9mm firing machine gun
Sniper rifle
There are more weapons but i can't remember them all. You can only carry one small sidearm and one large gun. Also you can carry a maximum of 4 grenades. Overall a decent array of weapons.

Achievements/medal points:
Uncharted was really the first PS3 game to have real achievements. There are 1000 'medal points' to get. These can be achieved by doing specific things, such as getting 100 headshots. Also there are 60 hidden treasures scattered around. These help the replayability factor.

Overall verdict:
9.5 Out of 10.

This game may be short but i can see myself playing through this more times. The game puts you in a virtual paradise that will truly show off the PS3's true power (naughty dog say that they used 30-50% of the PS3's CPU power = lots more potential). The story is gripping and really seems to involve you in a way that i can't explain but you will just have to find out for yourself.

Are you ready for some treasure hunting, i know i am!

Thanks for reading,

P.S: congratulations for reading all of my review!
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2013
The globe-trotting adventurer is a familiar character, especially in video games. Lara Croft had her heyday between her first outing in 1996 and the last, terrible, game in 2008. The time was ripe was a new hero to take over and Nathan Drake certainly fits the bill. A descendant of Sir Francis Drake, Nathan has adventure in his blood and is determined to unravel the mystery of his ancestor's final resting place and discover the lost city of El Dorado. It's a well-worn plot, but the jovial Talespin-esque approach and likeable characters keep it fresh and exciting.

Uncharted combines run-and-gun, platforming, and puzzle-solving elements as Nathan navigates hot jungles, sunny coastlines, and dark ruins, killing and fighting all the way. You have to wonder about the morality of a hero character who kills hundreds in his quest for personal wealth, but Nathan Drake's scruffy appearance and sarcastic quips will probably distract you from that.

The game is relatively hard and is split in 21 chapters without a single loading screen. However, in order to unlock the Platinum trophy you will have to beat the game on 'Crushing' difficulty, which is virtually impossible. The targeting system and movement of the character can be quite clumsy, and precision shooting really comes down to chance for much of the journey.

It took me 4 years to unlock 91% of the 47 trophies, and thankfully none of them are based on online play. Uncharted has gone on to be the PS3s flagship franchise, and this now 6-year-old game may be getting on a bit, but it's still well worth playing.

Graphics A
Sound A
Gameplay A-
Lasting Appeal A
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on 9 December 2014
Okay I will write this against other reviews, some say the puzzles are not that challenging, you have to remember it can't assume everyone can solve the puzzle and it mustn't be boring for the less... smart for lack of a better word.

Anyway I now love the Uncharted games, they are not multi-player games (at least I've never tried, and I can't imagine they'd be very good) and this game is not a shooter, yes you shoot, but it's not a shooter. It's not a platform game either, it's made its own category.

The engine is brilliant, lighting is superb but I really like the characters, motion capture (before it was "cool") was used and most of the polygons in a scene belong to characters, giving them very natural looks, Drake's arm muscles actually flex as he jumps and stuff, it's brilliant. Also the voice acting is brilliant, the story is brilliant, it sort of plays like a film - it's superb truly.

HAVING SAID THAT, the first game of this series has aged in some areas (particularly the controls and sometimes the less-than-natural ways Drake moves from place to place) but you have to have played the second, third or The Last of Us to notice this ageing.

I recommend you play this game because the story is brilliant, I find it hard to like a game because I look at the technical aspects (developers make the worst testers) but I did, which is a big sign. You should also play it before any other games in the series.
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on 1 June 2008
Having completed Uncharted on both Easy and Medium, I felt it was only right to review it...and what a game it is!

From the moment the game started I was taken aback by the stunning level of detail imported in Uncharted (which is probably second only too Assassin's Creed) and the realism of the game. Every character has been detailed down to the last hair, and the location setting is tremoundous.

Where others fail (Army of Two please take note!) and Uncharted brings success, is that Naughty Dog have swapped all this running in guns blazing to a more realistic setting in the lush green environment where enemies are harder to kill and it isn't possible to carry 10 different weapons at a time! Much more realistic.

Okay, so i'll try not to note down too many negatives, but lets face it, there are barely any! No online is a minor flor as its fun enough just playing the story. Finding all the treasure boxes and getting all the medals and rewards IS NOT easy, but its more of a challenge them. Erm...struggling for any more here. Anybody want to help me out?

Overall, Uncharted Scores 10/10 because:

Graphics - Untouchable and so realistic.
Gameplay - Remarkable. Every level is different and nothing is repetitive (Assassin's Creed). It gets you hooked and addicted, and it's in 3rd person mode (a very nice touch).
Sound - Everything has been detailed down to a wire. You can even here the birds in the jungle and the enemies writhing in pain once shot.
Lifespan - Collecting all the treasure is similar the achievements on the Xbox 360, and its just a really fun game all round.

Without a doubt one of the greatest games on PS3 so far. If you haven't bought it yet, its a bargain for £20.
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on 1 July 2016
Going back to play some old games is always fun. I picked this up for a steal in a bargain bin as I missed it when it was released. You play as Nathan, a treasure hunter searching for his ancestors fortunes. This leads him deep into a jungle full of traps and enemies.

I'm trying to not be too critical of this game, we have to keep in mind the time it was made. It was revolutionary at the time! The game is a little linear. There isn't much room for exploration and the game heavily guides the player. The enemies are fairly easy to deal with but one thing I would have like to have seen was a power variation in the weapons. All of them seem to deal a very similar amount of damage.

I found the puzzles fun although they could have been a little more challenging. The story was engaging and I did have a vested interest in the characters so I'll certainly be playing the other games.

I would certainly give this a go if you like games like Tomb Raider.
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on 12 December 2007
Hands down, this is the best PS3 title around. If you have a Playstaion 3 then get this game. Seriously, if you don't then you're missing out on a great adventure. I just finished playing Uncharted right now - such an awesome treat. Loved every bit of it. The characters are so human it's scary at some point - they come alive before your eyes, you actually think you're right there next to them.

Thanks Naughty Dog. You guys rock!
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on 14 May 2008
I'd waited until the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray war had been decided before buying the PS3, and based on reviews here bought Drake's Fortune to go with it. Everyone who has described it as visually stunning is spot on; it justified buying the PS3.

The story line is good, character movement is excellent, water effects superb. When Nate emerges from water, his clothes are wet, branches move in the wind, rocks and walls are algae stained. The attention to detail is amazing.

Now why only 4 stars? Firstly, it is a linear game, along the lines of Tomb Raider. I do like the ability to go where I want whenever I want (like GTA). Also, as has been previously mentioned, the puzzles aren't exactly brain teasers, and in some way the game reminds me more of going for a weekend paintballing trip. The game consists of one skirmish after another, not that these aren't fun, but the balance of the game falls heavily on the fighting rather than puzzle solving.

... and there's the annoying trend encountered in all linear games of this ilk. Why is it that having finally opened the secret door that's remained hidden for countless centuries, do you get shot at 5 minutes later by a host of enemies who couldn't have got past you?

Now I work for a living and have a family, so don't have hours each day to spend gaming, so it has to be said that this game is ideal for someone in that position. If you don't want to spend hours getting your skill levels up a notch, but want something you can dive into for half an hour, then this is ideal. The auto save is mostly good (it usually, but not always returns you to a recent point when you get killed), meaning you don't have to play through 20 minutes of game simply because your finger slipped on a button. Note, usually, but not always.

There is however a downside to this. If you actually want to go back, sometimes you can't. For example if you move to a 'next' location, so long as you don't die you can go back to pick up ammo or weapons left by the last set of cannon fodder, however if you die, and return to the new location, everything has gone.

All this said, I'm glad I bought it.

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