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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2017
A visit to the actors theatre , on acid . Bizarre and banal .
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on 6 September 2001
When a young, mentally challenged man finds himself torn in a world of greedy friends, manipulative acquaintances and the girl of his dreams, he finds his life in a compelling mix of freedom and consequence. After a young, talented artist apparently commits suicide, his roomate's paintings are confused for his own and he becomes an overnight artistic legend. However, his friends, all transients who have nary a penny to their name, plan to exploit their deceased friend's newly found fame for a taste of riches and fame. And they'll go to any length to make sure nothing comes between them and that dream, even if it means destroying the life of one of their own. Fabulously bizarre performances delivered by Mel Gibson, Jimmy Smitts and Milla Jojovich. Co-written by U2's Bono and directed by Wim Wenders.
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on 28 November 2007
it is the best film I have seen for a very long time and if I ever to make the list of the world best movies I may really consider this film as one.
It may seem a little too pretentious to start with especially for those who are not used to European cinema but trust the film: all your doubts about it will disappear. The twists of the plot, the exceptionally good shooting and absolutely great music will win you over.
It is definitely not a simple detective story. It is a very serious movie that explores human nature and raises the most basic questions of human life: love, friendship, money, ambition etc - the trivial questions. But the way the film raises them makes all these trivial things so meaningful and touching.
The actors are great. I think it is the best role of Mila Iovovich. The contrast of personalities of two main male characters creates the futuristic anti utopian world of the film in the beginning and later this very contrast proves how insufficient is the shape and the image as the new contrast getting built up: between them and the others.
There is only one thing that I can mention as a bit of frustrating in the film: the main character's mumbling. But perhaps we do not need to hear every word, anyway :)
Great film! Highly recommended to anyone who is not afraid of serious cinematography and want a wonderful visual and musical experience.
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on 10 April 2001
At first, when I watched this film, I thought that it was possibly the most boring thing I'd ever seen. The characters didn't fit with the background and the background didn't fit with the plot. I was confused as to the point. I thought that Mel Gibson had been cast fairly ludicrously and that Milla Jovovich's talent had been wasted.
However, as the film progressed, I found that it became unusually engrossing, something I rarely encounter in romance style films. After a while, the odd main character became more understandable, and the story of love between two social misfits, who are not quite as disreputable as they initialy appear, began to draw me in. I was engrossed. You should ignore what professional critics deplore as "Bad Acting". They often, in my estimation, confuse the boundery between the actors and the characters, though I don't think that applies much here, its just a friendly warning. Although Mel Gibsons role still doesn't quite slot in, its not really that much of an irritant, if at all. The sets are well concieved and the supporting cast... well, support the film.
I can safely say that I've never cried over a film, but this was one of the very few that nearly had the ducts at the back of my eyes going at the end. You should really watch it you know.
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on 5 December 2000
Amazing movie: Bringing out the Dead meets American Beauty, better than both. Jeremy Davies at his very best. Milla Jovovich is superb, Mel Gibson is charming and hilarious. A truly great love story immersed in intelligent themes such as the triumph of human contact, the conundrum of television and how art is percieved by the masses all set to Bono's wonderful music. As beautifull and moving as Wenders' Paris, Texas - as close to poetry as film gets.
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on 13 September 2000
I saw this film at the cinema. It had been slated on its release. The thing is, I'm a fan of director Wim Wenders. So I was expecting the worst.
But the worst did not materialise. Far from it. The story of FBI Agent Skinner's investigation into the death of "Izzy" (Tim Roth) takes many strange turns. The focus is not really on the investiagtion, but on the characters that inhabit the Million Dollar Hotel, a sort of safety net onto which fall all those who have slipped through the social security system. Wenders does make one mistake, and that is that the characters - all of whom are insane to greater or lesser degrees - are not varied enough. Everyone acts crazy so there is not enough variety in the performances. However, the relationship between Tom-Tom (Jeremy Davies) and Eloise (Milla Jovovich) is quite touching. Davies is convincing as the patsy half-wit Tom-Tom, and Jovovich has enough quirky energy for the part of airy bookworm Eloise. The soundtrack is absolutely awesome, with the songs being provided by Bono and the Million Dollar Hotel Band. "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" is a highlight. The cinematography is also stunning, and once again, Wenders shows himself as the master of his location - he manages to make downtown LA seem somehow beautiful. Also memorable are the Beatles references which are scattered throughout the film, and look at for a cameo by Bono in the party sequence towards the end. In fact, this film was Bono's idea : he had seen The Million Dollar Hotel when shooting a video with U2 in downtown LA, and that provided the spark for this film.
This may not be a film that will change your life, but it is nowhere near as bad as people made out. It may lack the lyricism that Bono may have been aiming at, but it is still a good stylish film. I was pleasantly surprised by this and would recommend it.
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on 27 April 2003
This film was Wonderful, Magnifient, Deeply Touching, need I say more?
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on 22 February 2001
I've seen the movie about 5 times and it was the most impressive movie I've EVER seen.You'll soon love the characters and their way of thinking and acting.You'll understand their problems and their dreams.Just get in touch with this overwhelming story,and you'll know what I mean.An experience that's really worth it.
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on 10 March 2008
Firstly i just want to say that i don't like U2 and woundn't know Bono if he smacked me in the face, normally anything to do with him I'd run a mile from. Because of this i feel i can give an independent view of the film without it coming thought Bono/U2 loving specs.

I caught this film on BBC2 the other night and really enjoyed it, i thought the acting was excellent and the story very good, the John Lennon bloke was a bit annoying but i thought the main cast members of Jeremy Davies & Milla Jovovich played there parts excellently.

The comments from other viewers of 1 star are totally unjust, I imagine these people the sort that gave "the Godfather 2" 1 star because it was "Boring".

It definetly a film i would watch again.
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on 4 January 2001
Brilliant. Makes me wonder why U2 had to produce such a ghastly album like the dreadful "All that you can't leave behind". Both the story and music of this are superb. The scene with possibly U2's best ever song, "Stateless" is worth the cost alone. Pretentious and self-indulgent but marvellously so. Just goes to show that if you want good cinema, you avoid America like the plague and embrace European art-house!
Buy this. Much better than the glorification of violence in crass dross like Fight Club.
The extra features on the DVD, with the interview with Wenders and Hewson is revealing
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